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Thorium Plasma Battery Technology - Wrongly Top Secret?

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  Tesla's Old Ideas Are Now New Again!

Why disruptive new Thorium Plasma Battery Technology is deliberately being hidden from the public by Uncle Sam...

Prepare to be a little curious and then very angry. And after the next 10 minutes you will no longer ask "Why". Here are the facts as best as we can learn on our own...

While most of you are focused on oil supply and demand, be advised that there are an estimated 1.5 trillion barrels of heavy crude oil still sitting below our feet and left as "last resort reservoirs" that are already becoming economically viable despite higher extraction and refining costs. However, a new technology may make all of our peak oil arguments a moot subject of little importance...

Mit Professor Eugene Mallove - Murder Victim


Since 2006, five different inventors have designed, three have created, and two have demonstrated self-contained safe and green nuclear "plasma" batteries that can put out reliable and stable power for 5-10 years - without a single recharge. These inventors include Americans Aries M. DeGeus, MIT Professor Eugene Mallove, a former U.S. Air Force Reservist we only know as "Danny", and a Russian name Dimitri Petronov. The fifth inventor still works for Uncle Sam and is not allowed to give us his name or details, but he vows to write a tell-all book when he retires and expatriates himself in 2 years. He too is very angry. Now if you Google the above names, along with the key words of "Inventor, plasma battery, energy, technology" you will find that two of these inventors have been murdered and the other two have simply vanished over a year ago. Why?

First you should know that Thorium is the only safe and green nuclear fuel that can even be handled by humans. It yields 200 more times energy than Uranium at half the cost, and is impossible to have a melt-down or any other catastrophic failure. Thorium creates less than one-tenth the nuclear waste of uranium. It cannot be used to make nuclear weapons, and is found in very abundant supply in America, India, Turkey, Australia, and six other countries. The batteries they power, give off the same radiation level as a cell phone. They can be regulated to provide AC or DC power as an independent and portable energy source without connection to a grid. In fact India, China, and Norway are now spurning dangerous and toxic Uranium in favor of safe Thorium in their reactors following the Chernobyl and Fukishima fiascos,  According to the EPA and CDC reports, coal is 30 times more dangerous and unhealthy to human beings than Thorium. This is a photo of Thorium as taken from the Earth. 


Thorium - The Oil Killer

Secondly, you should know that Dimitri Petronov powered his two bedroom home and every appliance in it for over a year with one of his batteries the size of a shoebox, and "Danny" made several models that could power anything from a mobile telephone to an 18 wheeler, and certainly a car. He even claimed that larger batteries the size of single family home could be plugged into the grid and power a city of 2 million people, and one the size of a refrigerator could power a 300 room hotel or hospital. He took one of his batteries to show investors in China in 2009, and when he arrived back in America he was greeted by four FBI agents which interrogated him for 4 days. Before he was released however, he was served a court order obtained by the Pentagon advising him that the U.S. government now owns all the rights to his invention, and he was ordered by the court under threat of imprisonment not to even discuss his invention, since it was being used by both NASA the U.S. military in top-secret applications. (i.e. long range torpedoes, sattelites, electric tanks & drones, underwater robotic missile launchers, etc.)

Below are the links that will give you more background on these two inventors, but now we must address the issue of why such disruptive green energy is not made immediately available to the auto industry for EVs, or homeowners around the globe...

1. The U.S. government collects over $1 Billion every day in fuel taxes and these monies account for over 35% of the American government's operating capital. About 43% of the cost of gasoline at our pumps goes to pay taxes. Our already strained economy would go belly-up within a month if these fuel-tax revenues were lost. Imagine if American and global consumers buy an EV powered with one of these Thorium plasma batteries and do not have to buy a gallon of gas for the next 5 years?

2. This brings us to an even bigger problem of technology suppression - the $600 Billion dollar oil industry which would lose about 85% of its gross revenues if these nifty batteries were made available to the public. So rather than forfeit billions in profits, they can spend a few million dollars to kill off, threaten, or discredit the inventors.

3. The most shameful obstruction to progress are own leaders on Capitol Hill, of which over 90% of them receive substantial campaign contributions from big oil and Saudi Arabian lobbyists, who hope and pray every day that the world will remain addicted to oil for yet another decade as they continue to drive up oil prices with one fabricated crisis after another. (ie. Iraq, Lbya, etc.) And of course they don't want to lose those fuel tax monies either which are used to fund many of their favorite pork barrel projects.

4. Last but certainly not least, the Pentagon has first priority in grabbing any commercially-valuable, or environmentally-friendly technology if it can help them kill more people, faster and cheaper in some future far away war. The DoD already gets over 15% of every tax dollar paid in America that is published, and perhaps another 10% of black covert ops money that is never publicly disclosed. Apparently already having enough firepower to obliterate Russia and every key Asian city within 10 hours, is still not enough technology for our generals, Boeing, Lockheed, Northrup, and their military industrial complex siblings who benefit quite generously from our tax dollars and the politicians they corrupt . Now those links...

www.prlog.org/11404351-new-plasma-battery-technology-can-power- electric-cars-for-years-so-why-is-the-inventor-now-missing.html







Hopefully after reading all of the above, you now realize that the energy "crisis" is one that is deliberately fabricated and manipulated to milk consumers of every possible penny. Our environment is not even a concern for the few hundred elite that are making billions at our expense and from our misery. If they had as much intelligence as they have money they would be asking themselves, how can they possibly spend all this money if they have no clean air to breath or the ambient temperature soon becomes 40 degrees centigrade on a daily basis within a decade? To these greedy bastards, ignorance is indeed bliss, and we will continue to pay the price for their ignorance. Only a global uprising against the elite profiteers can stop this criminal obstruction of technology, but realistically, it is more likely to snow in hell. Was it Ayn Rand who said "People get the government they allow and tolerate"? Sadly, "We the people" have become a nation of indifferent sheeple.


Thorium = Clean Green Nuclear Energy


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eeerrrr... have I told you hoe much I love our government today?