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November 12
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MAY 6, 2012 10:51PM

Savoring Meditation #213: Love is Like a Plant

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(I wrote this poem about 32 years ago, when I was all wrapped up in the wonders of Love and of God.  They both are still important in my life, but I hope my thoughts have matured somewhat in the last three decades.)

This little plant,

Let it be a symbol 

Of your life together.


It sets its roots 

Down in the richness

Of God's lifegiving soil.


You set your roots

Into the richness

Of God's love...

And your love

For one another.


This plant reaches

For the sun.

And husband and wife

Reach for the Son.


Water feeds this plant;

Keeps its leaves 

Glistening and succulent.

God through the Spirit

Feeds your love for one another.

The Spirit, sympolized by water

Refreshes, cleanses and heals.



The plant adds life-giving

Elements to a home.

Your love adds

A meaning for life itself.


Your plant adds color

To a home of manmade items;

Just as your love

Adds color to

Your eyes, your faces, your life.


Finally, with proper care and pampering

This fragile plant grows.

It reaches up;

Its roots anchor deeper, sturdier.


Your plant becomes full.

It bears fruit, 

Glorifyinng its creator.


Care for it, pamper it.

Your love --- may it grow!

May it reach the heights!

May it be anchored in deep feelings.


May it bring you

A fullness of joy,

Peace, understanding.


And may it bear fruit,

Bringing happiness and service

To Others....

And especially your creator.


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