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November 12
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APRIL 24, 2012 10:13PM

Savoring Meditation #210: Listen, do you hear the knock?

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Do you hear it?

Listen --- not with your ears, but with your heart.

There's someone knocking right now.  Will you let it in?

Don't go to the closest door.  This power is knocking at your door, the door no one can open but you.  It's knocking on your heart's door.

You laugh.  "I don't have a door on my heart," you say.

Oh, but you do!  That door's in your spiritual heart.

Your body's physical heart opens to let in new blood.  It then pumps it out to give life to your whole body.

And that's just what your spiritual heart does, too.  It can be an active heart, like your body's;  or it can be a dead one, one that you just don't know how to use.

That's why your Higher Power is knocking on your spiritual heart now.  It can teach you how to use your spiritual heart.  It will show you how to open it up to others and how to pump new life into the world.

Don't worry about what your spiritual heart looks like inside.  Your Higher Power doesn't care.  It will clean it up if you give it permission.

Your Higher Power likes to live in hearts, whether they're big, little, messy, clean, black or white, old or young, rich or poor.  It doesn't charge anything for its services.  It just wants to be close to you.

Your Higher Power is knocking.  Will you let it in?

Listen it its voice.  It's speaking to you.  You can't hear it with your ears there on the side of your head.  But you can hear it if you're quiet.  It will speak to you in your thoughts.   Listen!

It knocks.  It talks to you.  Will you let it in?

Your Higher Power wants to come in.  It wants you to have dinner with it.  It brings with itself the fruits of the Spirit, like love, joy, peace. You can't eat them with your mouth, but these fruits make you feel very special, much like you feel when you're at your best friend's birthday party.

Will you eat with your Higher Power?  Will you let it move into your spiritual heart?  Will you share with it the Spirit's luscious fruits?

Think about it.  Your Higher Power won't rush you.

But it will keep knocking --- if you'll just listen.

Will you unlock the door to your heart?  You lose nothing.  You gain everything!

Will you let it in?

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