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APRIL 4, 2012 10:05PM

Manifesto of a Christian Woman 32 years ago: Was that me?

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I almost shudder to share the following piece I wrote at the height of my involvement with the Charismatic Renewal/Pentecostalism back in the 1980's.  I don't criticize the women who today feel the way I did then, but many of my positions have changed tremendously in the last three decades. Yet I still hold some values I describe below that continue to be very important in my life today..

I am a woman of God...a Christian woman, equipped with power from the Most High.  He has given me wisdom and strength to bear witness... to bear fruit, fruit that will last.


And as woman, he has given me a distinctive ability to bear human fruit (children), as well as spiritual.


I am a child of God, and a very special child.  I am under the authority of my Father in heaven, who loves me and showers me with gifts. 


He has given me me, and all I can give back is myself.


He gives me his word, his will, through scripture, through others and through glimpses of himself in our daily time alone.


He is my master, and as master, he leads me to proclaim my beliefs to a world of unbelievers. 


Yes, I am equal to man.  I am loved as much as man, but I am not man.  I am a God-crafted woman, different from man, with many different gifts.  I love man and am his companion.  I do not feel threatened by him.


I am proud of my womanliness.  I do not make it something it is not, but see it as an innate beauty that is most attractive when adorned simply.  I am proud of all the features the Lord has blessed me with, regardless of the world's views.  Fashions change, but God's masterpieces are always beautiful.


As woman and co-creator with God, I pass my simplicity on to others.  Simplicity is not greedy.  It uses only what is necessary and leaves an abundance of God's other gifts for my brothers and sisters around the world.


I pass on a simple lifestyle to my family.  We learn to share, to conserve, to respect the environment around us.  We do not own God's gifts, but are his trusted stewards.


I love--- hopefully others ahead of myself.  I find that when I concentrate on the needs of my brothers and sisters, and help to relieve those needs, I come to love myself more.


I listen.  And when I talk, I try to say something positive --- to build, not destroy.


I am submissive to husband, parents, to legal authorities.  They do not make me submissive.  God wills it.  It is only when they are headed away from God's law that I reconsider my submission.


As a woman, I have a special calling from God.  I must be open at all times to see where he is leading.  I am the traditional woman, yet as God calls, I must be willing to leave tradition and follow the Lord through sheer faith.


I value my husband and children second only to God himself.  All ministries and talents must be directed first to the awesome gift and responsibility of family.


My husband is my best friend.  He is my protector.  I listen to him and love him more each day.  I pray for his imperfections, as he does for mine.  We create a mighty force in the world --- as two molded into one by God himself.


I know the best educator for my children is my example.  I try to make it good.  When I sin against them I seek their forgiveness, as I forgive their sins when they are wrong.


I am prayerful.  As instructed by Paul, my whole life is a constant prayer.  God is my every-faithful companion and my closest adviser.


A world in turmoil saddens me.  I pray for my leaders that they may be led by God.  I am aware of the powerful forces of evil all around us.  Only God himself has the power to be victorious over evil.


I realize that the world cannot be made perfect --- even with all the good intentions in its midst.  Without God, good works are dead.  They may bring about temporary good, but God alone is the author of permanent healing of social ills.


I am joyful, even in a world of worry because God reigns in my heart --- and he is coming back!


Yes, I believe that there is some of God's Spirit in all of us, and that he can work in the unbeliever as well as in the believer.


I thank God for my Christian faith.  He knows my unworthiness, but he is a gracious Father, and I praise him daily for it.


I believe, because I am a Christian woman.


Thank you, Lord!

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