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November 12
Grannypower has raised her five kids and is now the proud granny of six. As such, she is dedicating her life to convincing the rest of the world to join her as she works to leave those who follow her a better and more just world.

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APRIL 2, 2012 8:57PM

Savoring Meditation #200: Dawn of a New Season

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The stage is set....

Just a brown one freckled with green.

It's the dawn of a new season,

A masterpiece like we've never seen.

Gray skies melt into soft peach,

Shivering weeds shed a frosty glaze.

Sprouts stretch in praise to their maker

While she bathes them in a sparkling glow.


A solo melody pierces

Through the silent winter wall...

Blending into a symphony,

Unwritten, spontaneous joy for all.


The earth's brown crust

Seems to swell, her heart's been warmed.

Living creatures know it's time

For new life ---a mystery --- to be formed..

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"A solo melody pierces through the silent winter wall..." What a lovely ode to Spring! It's dawning out here on the West Coast, too -- daffodils & peach blossoms!
well said, thanks. tg