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November 12
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JUNE 8, 2011 11:59PM

Savoring Meditation #108: The Lake at Sunrise

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I open my eyes just when the dawning of morning awakens.

Quietly I get out of bed and dress to go outdoors.

A calm lake stretches out down the hill.  I take the path towards it and seat myself on the dock protruding out in the resting lake.

The gray of early morning is turning a pastel pink where the horizon meets the sky.  The few whispers of clouds in turn also take on the pinkening of sunrise.

I take out my Bible and read a verse from Psalms where the writer describes all of nature praising its creator.

I look up and notice that the time has come!

A luminous orange light emerges upon the hill on the east side of the lake.  In a few seconds the lake is ablaze in the orange sunrise.

And once again earth praises its creator.


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