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November 12
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MAY 27, 2011 9:41AM

Savoring Meditation #97: Old Age and Neil

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We all know such a person -- one like the EverReady battery that just keeps going and going and going -- into their 70s, 80s and even 90s.  

That's a person like Neil.

So often I have tried to find their secrets and apply their successful habits to my life.

But their secrets are so different.  In a way they aren't secrets at all.

Most would call attaining long life a matter of sheer luck  Most say it's good luck.  A few claim it's bad luck.  But that's not Neil.

Neil brings hope and joy to all who see her.  She's still completely self-sufficient and as sharp as a pin.

For such a long life of 91 years, she has little materially to show for it.  She lives in a government-subsidized tiny apartment which is simply furnished.  

Many years ago, she realized that a simple life is an easier one to manage.

One thing Neil hasn't disposed of is her faith.  She loves to attend church as often as possible, and that's how she has touched many of our lives.  

We give her transportation, but she gives us so much more, like knowing that long life can be possible, even enjoyable, if we put our trust in someone beyond ourselves --- like a Higher Power.


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Neil is a lovely person and they look beautiful together and you have a lovely mind Granma. Stay well and you take care too. A hug to you and health and happiness to Neil.
Sorry, that picture is of another older couple, much like Neil, however. I wrote about Neil a dozen years ago in my Savoring Medications journal.