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Graham Sale
Memphis, Tennessee, USA
July 18
Chief of Everything
Me, Myself & I
Graham Sale's familiar artwork has appeared in newspapers, magazines, books, and on licensed products worldwide. His cartoons appear in the Commercial Appeal, Memphis, TN. men in Hats appear every Saturday. Graham is a writer, author, cartoonist, illustrator, and manufacturer of the character, Boneless Chuck. A NYer by way of Los Angeles and now Memphis, TN. Wow!


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AUGUST 19, 2010 9:09AM

When in Roam. Where I've been the last few weeks.

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Hi everyone,

I haven't posted because I moved.  In 5 days I sold all my belongings, including my car (Jeep) and left Lost Angeles and moved to Mississippi.  Yes, that's right, this New Yorker- Angelino is now in Mississippi...thanks to Boneless Chuck, it's true.   I snuck out of LA last Thurs at 1:30am on a 40 hour bus ride across the country. I'll tell you all about it in a few days.  I have some work and feel like a new man.  

This cartoon coincidentally mirrors my attempt to fit in - it isn't easy. I used to wash,  now I "worsh." It feels good to post again, and be back in contact with my friends and demented colleagues in self-expression.  

Your friend, Graham

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Everybody talks about doing it but you have the guts to go though with it. Good luck!
Good luck to you and Chuck. We missed your satire and comedy. R-
That bus ride...selling everything...this is auspicious. This means you will prosper in Mississippi...I just know it...that kind of courage puts you in the high country...aoxo moaxo
Expect major onset of culture shock! Everything moves s-l-o-o-o-w here. But the South could use your wit and talent. Good luck!!!
All the best to you; I'm sure you will fit in anywhere...welcome to the deep south.

Good luck in your new home and may you be free to roam, roam, roam!
I hope you didn't get sacked by any roaming charges. I am very impressed with a 40 hour bus trip. Same driver the whole way? How do busses even work on trips like that? Is it like a train stopping at a station?
Cheers to a great new beginning. Your "When in Roam. . . " cartoon is witty. ~R
Sounds like may have something going on.. I wish you all the best and good luck to you..
Congrats my man!!! I'm glad you got a job. I hope it's a good one, but any port in a storm, right. Let us know how you're doing!
Graham, You can't put anything in a "bag" any its a "sack"
All the best to you. I hope it goes well for you financially, intelectually and emotionally!
Enjoyed this! And the cartoon too! lol! :)
um, i might have missed something. who's boneless chuck?
never mind. i just figured it out. duh.
Graham, wonderful cartoon and it's great to read about your move to Mississippi and new work that you found there! Looking forward to hearing more!

Will wonders ever cease. Lordy lordy lordy.

Congrats on the move and say hello to Boneless Chuck.
Good luck and welcome back.
Now don't you go raising the level of discourse over there! We South Carolinians count on Mississippi... as in "Yeah, we're a mess and we're in the news for all the wrong things, but at least we're not Mississippi." :-)
Good luck. Here's another phrase to practice, with the pronunciation factored in: Whhhaar y'awlll frumm?
Say it slowly 10 times and then slow it down. Best wishes in your new home!
Mississippi--wow. You should have plenty of material
I knew this move would enable you to feel alive again. It is a brave move, and per many discussions...change is a wonderful avenue to enlightenment.
Once you discover the true graciousness of the south...I'm certain
you will realize how fortunate you are with this new and courageous experience.
Wow, Graham, what a change! So happy to hear it feels as good as it does and that there is work there for your creativity, a new home for Boneless Chuck and that you have already grasped the local jargon. Got your roots started nicely and you sound genuinely happy. Hurray for new beginnings, new experiences and staying in touch with your old OS buddies here! Looking forward to hearing more of your adventures moving across the country and your new digs.
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