Graham Sale

Graham Sale
Memphis, Tennessee, USA
July 18
Chief of Everything
Me, Myself & I
Graham Sale's familiar artwork has appeared in newspapers, magazines, books, and on licensed products worldwide. His cartoons appear in the Commercial Appeal, Memphis, TN. men in Hats appear every Saturday. Graham is a writer, author, cartoonist, illustrator, and manufacturer of the character, Boneless Chuck. A NYer by way of Los Angeles and now Memphis, TN. Wow!


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JUNE 30, 2010 10:29AM

Gardening Gone Wild (literally)

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gardening,gardens,free-range,free,range,graham sale,cartoons,humor

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Graham, great and humorous point you make here! Gardeners don't need to be tied down . . . they can move their gardens around!
Alrighty then, Gardeners can go wild! R-
That's almost 'absurdist'... and probably why I like it so much, Mane.
Love this. I find myself wanting to pull thistle in the field next to my house all the time...
I hear they taste better!
I love this, up here a lion could be perched, about to pounce, the gardener becomes the gardened. Maybe you should check it out. If you like dirt and other good stuff.
Hilarious! Love this!
Hilarious. Our free-range chickens would just love gardens like this.
Isn't that how everyone gardens? I once tried to plant a few seeds on a hillside by an apartment complex I lived in, but before I could harvest my not so secret garden, some other woman did.
I guess you unflounced.
I love this idea. Great one!
I've hot some weeds they could pull...
Gardeners need movement to be happy. You coop them up and they just won't weed anything. =o)