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July 18
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Graham Sale's familiar artwork has appeared in newspapers, magazines, books, and on licensed products worldwide. His cartoons appear in the Commercial Appeal, Memphis, TN. men in Hats appear every Saturday. Graham is a writer, author, cartoonist, illustrator, and manufacturer of the character, Boneless Chuck. A NYer by way of Los Angeles and now Memphis, TN. Wow!


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FEBRUARY 4, 2010 9:08AM

John Edwards: Sham Wow.

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john Edwards,scandal,sham,wow,disappointment

  "Edwina Pokey" is a re-post; I post her whenever a woman is betrayed and publically humiliated by her husband in public...


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John Edwards is such a disappointment.
I love the additional cartoon!
I've disliked Edwards from the very beginning.
Yeah he is! He almost had my vote!
He is a narcissist like so many in the public eye. She probably is too, but at least she's not a cheat.
Nicely put! Edwards let everyone down.
If I were Mrs. Edwards' lawyer, I'd advise her to separate too in order to protect her assets from depletion if the grand jury investigation results in his having to pay back misused funds. And a couple of allegations of abuse in the mix wouldn't hurt either.
with so much "philandering" in the world, let alone amongst U.S. politicians, perhaps there is a greater problem...
I'm guessing that not even the second set FREE will help remove the shit.
Dodged a big bullet there.
Never liked him. Too slippery for my taste.
So sad! I wrote an article saying what I thought about Jon Edwards when he paraded Elizabeth and her cancer in front of the cameras. That was one time when I did not want to be right but I was. The poor woman was used from the get go.
Hah funny
@Graham Sale: If you lower your expectations of pols to some point beneath Edward's current state you'll never be disappointed. Well, almost never.
never liked him either. I didn't like Elizabeth either after that cheney's daughter is a lesbian ... dust up.
Yes, a disappointment. *sigh* moving on.....
I suppose it's too much to ask the accursed main stream media to refrain from trumpeting these stories to the world. Having some concern for the wife is trumped by the ratings and $$ these stories generate. The media is in no position to preach.
Whoopi Goldberg summed up my attitude to these stories by saying that she doesn't care to hear about who is doing who in Hollywood or politics. She said she is only concerned about " who is doing me".
Political cartoons can go either way... I just don't find comfort in POKING (excuse the pun) fun at Edward's shortcomings...YES, I admit he did a bad thing.....I enjoy your illustrations and humor. You never cease to amaze me with your wit and talent.....

I agree with COACH CAPTAIN's statement...and I love what Whoopie said...and I have said it all really isn't any of our business...especially when someone is just propels the situation...especially the person who will hurt the most...and that is his wife...who is already suffering.

May she have golden days.

I hope to see Edwina in a lighter light!
I was one of the naive fools who actually believed Edwards' "son of a mill worker" spiel and that he really wanted to help the working poor of America. (of which I've been a card carrying member since 1976--Ehrenreich nailed it in her book "Nickle and Dimed..." ) so I was kind of (naively) shocked and disappointed when I discovered the nasty truth. The person I feel the most for is his wife--in spite of the fact that she made public her unforgiving anger and hurt--she spoke aloud what many women in our country have experienced and felt. As for "Diana The Hunter Rielle"--oh what's new? Just goes to show the old adage is true: men think with their dicks. We need a multi level consciousness transplant!
I was not aware of this august organization. I will check into it. We need guest speakers at my gentlemen's club, and we're always glad to accomodate the "ladies." (HurumphHurumph) Amen.
JE looks as happy as a pig in caca. Nice work.
Edwards really scared me because I really liked him. This was a huge betrayal, and a lesson. But was the lesson that I shouldn't believe what I believe? It's really been painful. He is a total ass. I hope he marries his lover, because then he will know what it feels like to be cheated on when she starts doing what she does best.
This jerk..this asshole...if the phony bastard had won the nomination or would have been part of a ticket, knowing how close his cover was to being blown and still going ahead for his stupid-faced vanity...he just should go the fuck away.
I hate admitting I liked him back in 2004. I will give myself one thing; standing as the alternative to Dick Cheney, even a sleazy dirtbag looks better than he really is.
Guy was lucky. Another ten years and she'll plump up like a pumpkin takin' on water after a big ol' summer rainstorm. And who wants to be married to a fatty fat-fat? OK? OK.
John Edwards doesn't deserve ever even to have met Elizabeth. She married way, way beneath her, I suppose because charm is a dangerous and effective weapon that he wielded skillfully.

But I feel compelled to add that I once knew a pig socially (that's another story) and she was superbly superior to John Edwards and most other politicians.

I'm at a loss to understand the fuss about this Edwards thing. People reveal what incorrigible romantics and idealists they are, when they react this way. Did you really suppose that marriage is a freely made choice? People marry because they can't help themselves, in much the same way that most people are driven to have children, or to imitate or try to outdo their neighbors. They're driven by all the romantic nonsense they hear about all the institutions in our society. The fact is, that nearly all marriages end in failure, so it shouldn't upset you that some of these failures become public, especially when they involve celebrities, such as people that run for the presidency, or the world's best golfer. How many new businesses succeed? How many resolutions that we make, with the deepest gravity and seriousness, survive a week, before we return to our bad habits, and why should "marriage" be immune from these hard realities?
The difference here, is that you believe in "free will," and I don't.
In my view of the world, Edwards is as much a victim as his wife: she, because she has succumbed to a terminal and deadly disease, and he because he'll never live down the shame that he has incurred; though neither of these pathetic marital partners, deserves the fate that has knocked them down. Who knows, perhaps their marriage was lost years ago, and the infidelity, etc., is a later development. What do we "really" know about the Edwards' marriage? We know less than nothing, because we only know the gossip; which always distorts reality. What do we know about the intimate details of the breakdown of their union? How many marriages all around us, are filled with joy? How many marriages remain intact not because the partners care about each other, or are any longer romantically involved, but out of resignation, fear of change, fear that they would no longer be able to find a mate, if they broke their marriage off, financial insecurity, or a desperate terror of the lonliness they'd immediately feel if they suddenly became single? Do we really want people to remain in marriages that are that bereft of meaning, that spineless? Why?
Graham, you've got John Edwards' caricature down pat! The most expensive haircut yet for this breed of farm animal.

Thank you for adding a modicum of rational thought to the blizzard of vicious attacks by the sanctimonious masses. Is the Puritanical influence of our early settlers still so vividly branded in the minds of most Americans?

After all.... the man is human...and therefore subject to vulnerability and mistakes when it comes to marital fidelity.

If we as a nation are going to allow only perfect people to seek office...D.C. will be a ghost town.

P.S. Ever made any mistakes Graham ?
I agree, johncp! If we disallow a man with good ideas just because he cheats on his wife, well, there won't be many folks left to run this country.

Personal failings aside, JE is the only reason health care is even still talked about at this late stage. He did inject some much-needed populist feel into the American political machine and then Obama took it and spun into some twisted fairy tale that never made any sense. And now we're stuck with the Republicrats yet again.

Our machine has made it impossible for anyone without a fake halo to win an election. Edwards handled the whole thing badly but there were good qualities there and now it's all tainted. Kennedy would never have made these days, nor Roosevelt for that matter.