FEBRUARY 16, 2012 6:01PM

February? Really?

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So... it's been about four months since I sold my vehicle. Been walking to and from the market and bank two or three times a week.

Bought some new walking shoes. Two pairs, actually. One pair was wide enough but the toes narrowed something fierce. Pinched toes equals ow. So in my OTHER new pair of walking shoes I installed a new pair of insoles,  a pair of "heel cups" which are made of sex-toy soft latex and keep your heels from wiggling around too much... I also have some nice new Thorlo tennis socks PLUS pairs of very short socks to put on OVER the tennis socks. More cushioning and less wiggle.

It's about a three-mile round trip depending on whether or not I extend the trip to include the local health food place (good fruit and vegetables) and/or the Post Office. Very few other people are walking. 

I replaced my old Motorola V365 flip phone with an iPhone, which is a lot of fun. And I don't carry my iPod or my small digital camera with me any more. 

I have a couple of black mesh bags which I've had since an epic trip to Baja California years ago, they hold all I can carry and then some. I had a strap made up that has hooks on each end to carry the bags, takes stress off my forearms.

The first walking trip I overdid it and  carried 36 pounds of groceries home. Ow. Felt that. 

Since then I've learned to not buy too much at once. I've also found that amazon.com offers a "subscribe and save" feature for most of the staples we use. AND I've signed up with our local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm and get a nice delivery of vegetables and fruit and even a bouquet of flowers each Thursday. And a couple dozen fresh organic eggs.

The bottom line being... I don't particularly miss having a vehicle, though it is odd, especially in this area, to be a pedestrian. I've rented a car just about every month for one medical appointment or another. I'll rent a car again next Friday to take Kid #2 to her orthodontic appointment, at which time I'll lay in a supply of groceries... four gallons of milk, cases of wine, stuff I can store in our chest freezer like frozen vegetables and fish and chicken, et cetera. Stuff I'm not in a huge hurry to tote home on foot.

I've considered other vehicles. The only one that actually interested me was a mid-60s Toyota FJ45, their early Land Cruiser. VERY COOL. But, wait, that's not what I *need* for the kids.

  Toyota FJ45 short bed

I'll pass from the scene eventually, and buying something boring and basic like a Corolla or Camry makes sense. But I just can't bring myself to buy a sedan... deadly boring. 

The truck was fun to drive, and I'd always wanted a full-size V8 truck. It came with a 6" lift installed. I added a cold-air intake (CAI) and dual-tip rear-facing exhaust. And improved coil-over shocks designed for the particular lift kit the truck had. It was fun to roar around town.

I looked at the Nissan Leaf, the electric car. Seems interesting but, again, non-standard. I had a Toyota Prius before I bought the truck. There was something about the Prius I didn't particularly care for... still trying to figure out what that was.

Anyway. Life goes on. 

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