JUNE 15, 2009 7:33PM

Agent Orange declared "not a chemical weapon"

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Dow and Monsanto agree. Not a chemical weapon. Why, just look at these normal, healthy Vietnamese children:


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Sad. I have been to the "American War Crimes Museum in Hanoi. It's much worse than these photos.
It's ironic too that Admiral Zumwalt, from the Navy, okayed the Monsanto/Dow ETC dumping of ??? ranch-hand toxic DEATH.
Zumwalts son doed prematurely from dioxins? No forget the McNamara "spider" bombs that floated into rice paddy fields.
How many children? Those who tended the plow-oxen-water buffalo lost a leg/life years after the invader American went home were blown to smithereens? Go stroll the peasant villages and see for yourself?
American veterans?
cancers. a limb sawed,
and then another limb,
a finger blackens, toes,
and endocrine network,
all goes haywire. Why?
Wall Street like lucre!
filthy mullah? GI? . gov.
mints. O greed cahoots!
and Plutocrats - karma!
on and on/a could barf!
a same-same today kill!
The creeps kill-greed!
'Um murders - profit!
They know thee facts.