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APRIL 29, 2012 11:21PM

Rebecca's Earth Day Quiz: Pass It On!

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Casually, I said to Rebecca, now 7, “Most people are good, I think.”  . She answered with a knowing smile, “Yes, Grandma, except for the rain forest stuff.”   Well, okay...

 Coming home from school on Monday, she was really excited. She went on a field trip with her first grade class to see, “Chimp,” she was in a good mood, but also had learned some hard facts in her class and from the film.  She started quizzing me. I didn’t know any of the answers. She was appalled. I told her most adults don’t know this stuff. I told her I’d pass it on in my blog. So here goes. I hope you know the answers better than I.did.

Pass it on!

1.     How long does a plastic bottle take to break down?

a.     50 years

b.     200 years

c.     450 years

2.     How long does a plastic bag take to break down?

a.     10-20 years

b.     450 years

c.     3 months

3.     Which takes the longest to break down?

a.     Plastic bottle

b.     Milk carton

c.     Glass bottle

4.     Which takes the least amount of time to break down?

a.     Plastic bag

b.     Plastic bottle

c.     Milk carton

Answers: 1. 450 2. 10-20 3. Glass 4. Milk carton

Out of the mouths of babes. Pass it on.

*Info from Scholastic News

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Great quiz. There needs to be more awareness of plastic and how long it takes to break down.

I would love to see much more plastic recycling opportunities...with street bins, at shopping centers and at arenas..It would also be great to see less plastic packaging! My God, I use cake lids as my dishpan and still hate to throw them out.
R and cheers!
Thanks, Z. We have a lot more work to do. She thought I would forget to post it, but she'll be surprized in the morning when I show it to her.
I think Rebecca is lucky to have a such a loving Grandma, who, of course, will teach her about the rest of the bad people! I would start with Republicans! Relevant quiz. R
How long does a plastic bottle take to break down?

Longer than it takes to clean the cup that some people use to get water out of the tap.

How long does a plastic bag take to break down?

Longer than it takes for the dog crap that some people pick up to turn into fertilizer if it already in the bushes anyway.

I'm just not very good at these pop quizzes.

Sorry, but that is the best I can come up with.
Zachary-I think the point is just to think seriously about our plastic stuff we use too much of.
Warm regards.
I missed on #3 and feel ashamed. Great and important post. Adults should know this stuff. No wonder Mother Earth weeps.

MarkinJapan-I didn't know any of them for sure.
Terrible statement. Glad to hear from you.
Saludos Janice!

1. too darn long
2.way more than #1!
3.a bag of chips
4. me trying to open a bag of chips!
Greetings, i i

I hadn't heard those figures before so I told her I should share it and she agreed. Aren't these so sad?

Hope all is well with you. I hope I will have some time off to start writing and painting again.
Warm regards,