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November 11
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FEBRUARY 27, 2012 10:56PM

Loving Myself as Much As Others: Day 2

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Today was cold, cloudy, everyone around me seemed out of sorts. Some days I wish I had started this blog anonymously. I’m always hedging, censoring myself to protect others, then wondering whether any of my loved ones think that seriously about what I say and write. Last night, I had an argument with a family member, then stopped myself  because I didn’t feel up to a big fight even though I have lots to say. Falling into sleep was slow and fitful.

This evening when I got home I brewed myself a perfect cup of pear and ginger tea.  The fragrance filled my bedroom. I opened my book, while listening to the sound of my towel and bathing suit tumbling in the dryer. No matter what I’m going to go swimming tomorrow, rain or shine, cold or not. I need it, it makes me happy, and I’m just going to stick to my resolution of taking care of my health. . I’m also going to find a wonderful hair salon to get a great haircut. I’m sick of $14 haircuts. I can’t afford it, Lord knows, but I really need it. These are my first steps in learning to care about myself as much as I do others. I think it might just work out.

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Good for you. We handle everyone's needs but out own sometimes. Be nice to yourself. I recently had 7 in taken off my hair and now have a short do. I watched youtube and learned how to cut my own, It is not perfect, it is edgy, like me and I love it.(I don't care for hair salons, unlike most women,lol.)
I used to cut my own hair, haven't done it for years. I just want something stylish, new looking I guess. This whole taking care of myself is new.
I love that perfect moment. I want to get back to waking before dawn so I can enjoy coffee and words first thing on waking.
I hope you quit smoking too. I know you try. Gosh, that is all any of us can do. Just be honest and do what we can to stem the tide of decay. Ha. I think your hair looks just fine in the photo. I always want long hair but then end up chopping it off myself. I don't like hair salons either. I am too darn controling. The older I get the easier it is to take care of ME because the consequences of not doing that are getting more serious. Nice to see you writing here.
Hey Zanelle-
I did quit last year, in April I think, can't remember. I miss it every day but haven't picked it up again. Nope, this is my ongoing attempt to take at least some of the care I've put into others and turn it on myself. Glad to hear from you again.
Not sure why, but I also find ways of getting out of taking care of myself first.
Would love to know why, but I guess content to go on and struggle with it.
Enjoy your swim, sounds lovely.
Rita- I'm pretty sure that most women, at least my generation, just turned all their love and attention on their kids and families. I'm just want to try to see how it feels.
Sounds great to me. I'm at the hairdressers today and swim on most Thursdays, so am with you on the attempts to improve health and image.

Leaving family and debates behind is necessary at times when we need to boost just ourselves.
Enjoy your swim; I hope writing about good things helps turn your swim and other activities into pleasant experiences.

Also I vaguely remember a couple of people talking about quitting smoking; glad to hear you stuck with it.
Hooray! May you have many, many more days of fragrant tea, peaceful dryer sounds, fresh warm towels, and the best haircuts ever! R and hugs.
Hi Janice,
That is refreshing to hear, someone else whos looking to get a hair cut, I laugh at that actually. I have two daughters who both do hair, what am I waiting for? I don't know, but they are always busy, the one who still lives home works and needs space and time to first grow and then be ready to leave her domain and accomplish what she accomplishes at work. The other dosen't live home and is not in the mood to give mom the once around with a pair of sissors. Could you imangine? But yes, and then theres the endless stream of bills, and a grandson and many pets in the picture. So where does the money go? I don't need to explain, your pain is my pain except I kill it with orange soda you are enjoying pear and ginger tea, good for you. I enjoyed your lively account and am glad to hear it's not only me.
Thank you, Linda. I do really need to boost myself.
zulalicious-still looking for a hairdresser. I'm trying for Saturday again.
Momsacomic-I love orange soda. I've got so many bad habits. Thanks for commenting. It makes me really happy.