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JANUARY 4, 2012 3:41PM

Happy 80th Umberto Eco

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Just read an interview with Umberto Eco by Antonio Gnoli of the newspaper La Repubblica, the occasion being his 80th birthday on the 5th of this month.

To those not familiar with this fellow, let it suffice to say that he is an unsurpassed essayist, writer, medievalist, professor of semiotics (a general philosophical theory of signs and symbols)  at the University of Bologna (the oldest of them all), media guru and a flautist to boot.

Here he is, obviously not even close to eighty, but a face and an air about him that exemplifies a self-assured man of wit and love of life!


and one in later years more in keeping with the persona of the philosopher


 If you still has some doubt about this gentleman, then

the name of the rose

the above will tell you that he wrote the book that was made into that movie, which I saw a couple of times; I remember another interview about this book when it came out when he said that it, the book, was really a romanzo (a novel) and advised readers that they could skip chapter eight (I think it was that) as it was full of arcane philosophical discourse,  I tried a couple of pages,  followed the advice and went quickly onto number nine!

Just recently, in recognition of  his ouvre and his eclecticism, the americans (as he says) of The Library of Living Philosophers which has already published Dewey, Russel and others,  will produce a volume which will comprise a hundred or so autobiographic philosophical pages, essays written by twenty-five fellow philosophers  about his work (philosophy, but also novels) and the answers he will write to each one! And all will need to be done before passing away given the living philosophers clause..........

Happy birthday signor Eco and godspeed on that latest monumental task!


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Thank you, signor Luigi. A most informative and captivating post. I join you in your wishes to signor Eco.

The Name of the Rose was a book that affected me profoundly and so then I read Foucault's Pendulum which was also great. This is something I rarely admit to anyone but I am a very astute reader and the only book I could not understand despite my close attention was Eco's The Meaning of Meaning. It makes me laugh everytime I think of it. Happy birthday, Umberto!
I echo your sentiments, Roberto. Happy belated birthday to Signor Eco.
One of the very few who ask the reader to work and think in order to have access to his work. No need to mention his «immense« culture and intelligence.
Long life to this giant!