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Gianni Falcone

Gianni Falcone
Verona, Italy
January 08
I'm an Italian cartoonist (my hobby), mostly commenting on Italy's govt & politicians at www.gianfalco.it Here you'll find my more int'l posts. Please be patient: my English is making slow progress (I hope...)


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MAY 21, 2010 3:15PM

The discovery of the artificial life

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artificial life

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American politicians live in an 'artificial life'.

Now senators (GOP) want to bail out BP for running a reckless oil rig in the Gulf and having it blow up and destroy the ecology of the area.

Yeah, we need to 'bail them out'. Send them a bunch of buckets and set them to work 'bailing out' the oil their callous and heinous pursuit of profit caused!
I love the way the colours of the tubes and equipment contrast with the patiest's grey skin. Just lovely, Gianni!
poor fellow drives no hope the news, tz tz tz
And artificial life was the first to respond here! I like your work, Gianni, but the artificial life spammers seem to like it more. So far they outnumber the real life responses.