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MAY 9, 2009 8:16AM

Iyengar Yoga vs Gym Yoga

I continue to be astounded at the difference my body feels after an Iyengar Yoga class. When I took gym yoga, I felt like I'd stretched, and maybe toned a few muscles, but it was just exercise.
After an Iyengar class, I know my body better. I have a better sense of… Read full post »
That electric connection when gaze meets gaze and a deeper understanding connects -- that's family.  Oddly, it happened first in an unexpected place -- my physical therapist decided to show me how to balance on my knees on top of an exercise ball, like a circus bear. Yes! Yes! This is…

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I'm feeling gloomy this morning. It's rainy. My hip hurts. And it occurs to me that in many ways I'm in worse shape now than before I went for microcurrent physical therapy.  I have paid in every possible way for my mistake in seeking this therapy: Pain, Time, Money, Emotional Freakouts,… Read full post »
MAY 5, 2009 7:48AM

Mental Looping

I used to think the three worst things on planet Earth were Space, Time and Gravity. Space is why my dog can run away, or why I can be stuck in traffic (on my bike), or why I can't be with the people I want to be with at any given…

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MAY 1, 2009 4:39PM

Waterboarding and Neti Pots

Last night after my yoga class, one of the other students mentioned that a local man has offered to be waterboarded for charity -- at $1000 a minute.  And he's looking for other volunteers. After the initial shock wore off, I asked, "Does anybody know if waterboarding is very different from…

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APRIL 30, 2009 6:58AM

A Letter from my Grand Daughter

I just received a letter -- a real physical hand-written letter -- from my 7-year-old grand daughter. She sent it from her school as a class project. She told me planted grass seeds in a cup and they sprouted. And she sent me a drawing of a hexagon.  When she was…

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APRIL 26, 2009 7:23AM

Saving 30 Cents at Staples

Staples emailed me coupon to get a free cloth shopping bag with any purchase. I was low on paperclips, so the coupon served as a reminder to go to Staples (probably the whole point of sending me that coupon -- but I expect they thought I'd spend more than a couple…

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APRIL 24, 2009 11:39AM

Yoga for Hip Joints

I discovered something odd about my hip joints at last night's yoga.  When I started out in triangle pose, I could barely get my feet 2 feet apart. But as soon as we started turning our feet this way and that, and leaning to the side, my hip joints become moreRead full post »
APRIL 23, 2009 2:32PM

Why Pledge the Flag?

Would you begin public gatherings by reciting an old advertising jingle?
How about a poem written by a socialist Baptist minister?
Or maybe a poem edited by the United States Congress?

These ideas sound preposterous.  But that’s exactly what we’re doing when we say the pledge of allegia… Read full post »

I went to the morning Pilates class at my gym. The attendees were mostly women, mostly over age 60. And most of us are or have recently been in rehab. We started trying to top each other -- my Physical Therapist is weirder than yours kind of thing.  Mine has me…

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APRIL 21, 2009 9:29PM

Trying to Figure out Twitter

I've spent the day trying to figure out Twitter. I signed up for so I can automatically follow back anybody who follows me. I set up a keyword search so I can follow anybody who writes tweets with my key words. And I posted a tweet -- a message with…

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APRIL 19, 2009 3:19PM

Yoga on the Rope Wall

My Iyengar Yoga class has a rope wall. Loops of rope hang from supports along the wall. Today the teacher showed me how to cross two of the loops, put my legs into them and do a supported version of Downward Dog.  It's wonderful! The ropes hold about half my weight…

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APRIL 19, 2009 7:18AM

Safety and Ideals

I entered my local Toastmaster's International Speech Competition yesterday with this talk.  I got 3rd place.  I may have persuaded some listeners to stick up for their rights and oppose government monitoring of email.  Here's the talk:

Have you ever wondered: what is it that makes th
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APRIL 18, 2009 2:31PM

Didn't Win the Toastmasters Division

I got 3rd place at my Toastmasters Division competition. It's okay. The guy who got 1st place danced. He jumped. He made silly faces. His voice was confident. His performance skills outshown mine in every way possible.  Now I have more time to work on the screenplays I'm writing, and the…

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When my girls were young, I agreed to babsit a neighbor Chris's daughter Eden for the day because her regular sitter was ill.  My neighbor hadn't returned by dinner time, so I made an extra pizza sandwich for Eden. A pizza sandwich is a slice of bread painted with tomato paste,… Read full post »
APRIL 15, 2009 4:59PM

Thoughts on Moving *Again*

I'm just back from accompanying my husband on a job interview. While his potential colleagues interviewed him, the chancellor's wife took me on a tour of the town and grilled me. I enjoy Philadelphia. I'm not eager to move. I told her that.  She told me she didn't want to move…

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APRIL 15, 2009 8:28AM

Trying to Stay Forever Young

I really thought I was going to escape.  Everybody grouches about getting old.. But I was fine – biking around the city, swimming at the pool, running to catch the bus.  Then I turned 60. For the first time, I was in pain. I couldn’t lift my leg over the backRead full post »
APRIL 11, 2009 6:32AM

Iyengar Yoga from a Lineage Teacher

When I took yoga in college as my gym class, I had no idea I was learning most of the asanas incorrectly. Tree pose looks so simple. But I didn't know that the pelvis must face forward and the hips remain level. It doesn't matter how high your foot goes on…

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When my girls were young, I agreed to babsit a neighbor Chris's daughter Eden for the day because her regular sitter was ill.  My neighbor hadn't returned by dinner time, so I made an extra pizza sandwich for Eden. A pizza sandwich is a slice of bread painted with tomato paste…

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APRIL 5, 2009 7:27AM

Teaching Children not to Peek

I'm just back from a visit to my younger daughter's home where I did some magic tricks with her children.  The key to my magic shows is that the children do the magic and make the discoveries. I'm just the storyteller. They are the actors. They wave the magic wands, say…

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I'm helping Valerie Melville with a book she's writing on how to live more ecologically. In one section she suggested bringing a paper bag to the restaurant for your leftovers.  Gooey city! I wrote her back that it makes more sense to bring a re-usable plastic box that can go in…

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APRIL 1, 2009 3:55PM

Pilates and Kegels

I took another Pilates class today. Afterwards several other students and I asked the teacher more about the pelvic squeeze that is part of the core stablity in Pilates.  We all said that kegel squeezes do nothing for our sneeze and leak problems.  Maybe we're doing them wrong?? The teacher keeps…

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My husband is going to be interviewing for a job in California. Since our older daughter, her twins, my mother, father, brother and sister all live in CA, I'm coming with him. We'll arrive several days early to visit family.  He asked what I'd like to do while he spends the…

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MARCH 24, 2009 5:56PM

Getting the Bum's Rush

I am now officially out of P.T. My physical therapist noticed that my rehab doc had neglected to send him a copy of my prescription. I don't need him to tell me to exercise. I just needed his guidance as to which exercises would help me. Going to P.T. was getting…

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MARCH 23, 2009 6:34AM

Pre-Emptive Bandages

I must be wearing a sign that says "Give this woman more exercise!"
I bragged to my chiropractor about all the exercise I'm doing, imagining an enthusiasatic response. My chiropractor runs marathons-- he's another exercise junkie. But NO! Not a word about what a great program I'm doing. Instead, he ga… Read full post »