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DECEMBER 29, 2008 10:24AM

When The Law Is As Nutty As A Fruitcake

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At a time when the economy is causing for all of us to struggle and when California officials are talking about releasing prisoners early from overcrowded prisons, authorities in that state's Shasta County are busy cracking down on an 86-year-old disabled World War II veteran who is trying to make ends meet by selling fruitcakes.

It seems Jack Melton ran afoul of the law by making the fruitcakes in his home and selling them. The authorities want him to make the fruitcakes in a commercial kitchen that gets visits from health inspectors.

Melton has been circumventing the law for more than 10 years now to supplement his Social Security check to get by.

Well, at least if they charge him and toss him in the slammer Melton won't have to worry about making ends meet.

So much for encouraging good old Yankee ingenuity in a time of financial crisis.


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I hope he asks for a jury trial, and the prosecuter is an elected official. What do you think his chances for re-election would be?
As Mr. Bumble said, "The law is a ass!"
In Virginia, a farmer made and sold bio-diesel to his neighbors and got arrested. It was a great thing he was doing but the state wanted those taxes.
I don't like fruitcakes.
"What are you in for?"

"Selling drugs to children. Third conviction."

"What are you in for?"

"Murder. But they're letting me out early."

"What are you in for?"

"Selling fruitcake."

This is just begging for a fruitcake-in. Lots and lots of illegal fruitcake selling on the steps of city hall. Or lots of ATTEMPTS at fruitcake selling...
I guess you missed this update:

SHASTA COUNTY (UP) -- A 24 year old Shasta County woman was admitted to Mercy Medical Center where she is being treated for food poisoning. The woman spontaneously aborted in her second tri-mester due to complications associated with high fever and uncontrollable vomiting after eating tainted fruit cake.

"Gee, he was such a nice old man. I buy one of his fruit cakes every year," said the woman.

It was determined that the 86 year old man had used left-over dried fruit from the previous Christmas. "It looked fine to me," he said. "I'm on fixed income and can't be wasting leftover fruit."

Mr.______made 10-14 fruitcakes every year for sell. After expenses, he makes around $28.00


There's a reason for these kinds of regulations. Letting an 86 year old man make food in his home to sell to the public is just crazy. Besides, it's not a criminal violation. It's a Health Dept cease and desist order. Nobody is going to jail; as your post implies.

When I followed the link and saw it was a FOX news story I wasn't surprised.
Hmm... perspective...

Thanks Roy!
Cops are such wimps! How easy to go after an old man trying to eat, kids smoking a joint, and other such "criminals"! Gosh, I'd feel liked a damned fool if my police career entailed saving the nation from the likes of Jack Melton and 16 year old pot smokers!
I guess there are two sides to things. It still reminds me of an arrest of a homeless 'Nam Vet at the local grocery, while I lived in the Keys.
His Crime? Stealing two ten cent oranges. He got a week in jail which cost the county Like eight hundred dollars or something like that. Had I been the officer, I would like to think I would have bought him a bag of oranges and told him not to come back to the store or he would be arrested. The common sense of law inforcement has dwindled in my life time. I read about abuse of power all the time. Accountability seems to be all but nonexistent.