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NOVEMBER 12, 2008 8:05AM

Reversing Bush

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Many of the policies the new president wants to enact can't be accomplished by the wave of a wand. Which makes, for example, the run on guns for fear that, after he is sworn into office, President-elect Obama will eliminate purchases of assault rifles just a bit of a welcome overreaction to gun dealers who, unlike other retailers, are actually making money in this faltering economy.

But there are some things a president can do by executive order. What one president gives the nation in the form of an executive order, another can take away. Candidate Obama promised change. And change is on the horizon.

Among the executive orders enacted by the current Bush administration that could be wiped out by the stroke of a post-January 20 presidential pen are restrictions on embryonic stem cell research, the continued operation of the controversial Guantanamo Bay detention facility and the prohibition on funding family planning organizations that perform or advocate abortions overseas.

The latter was initially implemented by the the Reagan administration, rescinded by President Clinton but then re-established by President Bush.

Clearly, President Obama will, as promised, be making changes, setting a new tone and direction for the nation.

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