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SEPTEMBER 22, 2008 7:58AM

McCain Shows Willingness To Reach Across Party Lines

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Last night's 60 Minutes featured extensive interviews with both presidential candidates.



Two things that John McCain said jumped out.



First, that he would remove the political arm of the Republican Party from the White House and re-locate it at the Republican National Committee.



Second, that he'd name Andrew Cuomo chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission to help guide the nation out of the current financial mess.



An interesting thought, coming from a Republican candidate for president. Because Cuomo, the New York state attorney general and former Housing and Urban Development secretary in the Clinton administration is a Democrat.



It shows that, perhaps, the GOP campaign theme country first may have been more than a slogan, and that McCain still shows his bipartisan maverick tendencies. A quality that may politically heal this nation should he become the next president of the United States.


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Thanks for the recap, Gary - I missed 60 minutes last night.

I do wish, however, that people would stop referring to McCain as a "Maverick." Those days are long gone, and it's evident to me that at this point in his life McCain will do anything and say anything that he thinks will get him elected.

If McCain was truly interested in putting his country first, he would have chosen a better Vice Presidential candidate. Palin, when asked why she said 'yes' to being asked to run for VP, said clearly that she did it for "her party" - not for the country.

Neither one of these individuals is interested in putting country first.
Nope. Not buying it. He's voted with 90% of Bush's policies. He has no intention of doing anything differently. This is something to get moderate Republicans and moderate independents vote for him. Then, it's business as usual.
The problem with John McCain is that he talks a good game, but most of his talk has everything to do with getting elected, and nothing to do with how he'll really run a McCain administration.

Inherent in his declaration that he'd relocate the "political arm" of the GOP from the White House is (a) the acknowledgement that it is there now in the first place and (b) an assumption that the political arm would continue to run it's dirty tricks and its lies and its warping of civil institutions for party gain. Changing the location is an empty promise if he doesn't mean to change their tactics.

Also, saying he'd name Cuomo is assuming Cuomo would serve a McCain administration, and assuming that his Wall Street backers would be comfortable with that. I don't think either are a shoo-in. It's easy to make a promise that will be practically impossible to keep.

McCain may have been a "maverick" at one time. But now he is a whore -- someone who will sell out all his principles, exploit anyone he can, and promise whatever he has to just to get you into bed. And afterwards, you will pay a price.
Liz just said everything I was going to say, but better.
I might believe McCain about removing the political arm of the Republican National Party from the White House if he would move the McCain campaign out of Juneau. All questions by journalists to any employee of the state are now automatically refered to the McCain campaign office which also has effectively shut down the bipartisan investigation into the abuse of power allegations against Palin. McCain is not interested in either bipartisan cooperation in Alaska or the truth if it will cost him the election.
More telling is that McCain the alleged "maverick", reformer, couldn't answer Meredith Viera's question about Carly Fiorina's 45K million buy out from HP. He also opined that she did a good job at HP, even tho Viera kept saying thousands were laid off....He said he didn't know the details....and that's the problem. Is this a legitimate defense? He's running for President & she was/is? is top advisor and surrogate.
It shows that, perhaps, the GOP campaign theme country first may have been more than a slogan, and that McCain still shows his bipartisan maverick tendencies.

Perhaps. But I'll remind people who believe this about the last bipartisan maverick who appointed a member of the opposition party to his cabinet: George W. Bush, who made Norm Mineta the Secretary of Transportation. How'd that GOP country-first bipartisanship work out for us?

Talk is cheap. Coming out of McCain's mouth, it's worthless, in my opinion.
Nicely posited post, however I do disagree. Too small a promise on prime time in among a great deal of evidence to the contrary as stated admirably by the above writers.
Maverick? No. Loose cannon? Yes.
I see him as impulsive, stubborn, having a serious anger management problem, and erratic thoughts which are highlighted by his uneven performance during the past week on the meltdown.
And I do believe that Obama will win and by an unassailable majority. The voter who was so vitally interested in what you are doing with your uterus is now focused on his wallet, and I think the initial polls are already reflecting that.
so what?

I saw your headline McCain Shows Willingness To Reach Across Party Lines and thought, okay, let's see what bold move he's made now (that might actually mean something).

talk is cheap, especially from McCain. An empty-or-not promise to appoint Cuomo to head the SEC just gives McCain cover to keep blaming the head of the SEC for all of this mess and not focus on the ideological "fundamentals" that caused it or his own understanding or lack thereof of the economic reality.

and removing the RNC from the White House. Guess what, it's not at the White House now, it's at the Old Exec building next door.
I see the move more cynically. I expect that sometime soon the Republicans will ask why Barack isn't promising to put one of their guys in charge of the SEC, as if there were symmetry there.

I suspect the reason he wants to put a democrat in charge of the situation is that he knows it's going to go badly no matter what happens and he wants a scapegoat not of his own party. Very compromising of him.

Sorry, he's done too much lately to throw away any shred of decency in the interaction between the parties for me to any longer be able to look at this as innocent and well-meaning acts of the kind of guy he once had a reputation for being.
Where have I heard this sort of promise before?

"I'm a uniter, not a divider," from the most divisive president in our country's history.

"Compassionate conservative," from the captain of the good ship Katrina.

No thanks. I'm not buying it, either. He tipped his hand by choosing Palin.
Gary, as an award-winning journalist, did you also come around on Bill Clinton when he looked into the big CBS eye and said, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman?"

McCain offering to 're-locate' the political arm of the Republican Party outside the White House is akin to the Chef saying he's going to re-locate the shitter from next to the prep-station.

As far as the Coumo gambit, what Liz said.

We the people need you award-winning journalists to call BS on these f*ckers, not find mealy-mouthed reasons to believe they are anything less than egotistical greed-heads bent on serving the whims of their corporate benefactors.

I, of course, could never be an award-winning journalist myself, as I obviously have a subjective opinion about this kinda stuff, but you, well... what about you?
I really do not mean to sound rude, but do any of you really Listen to what Obama says: he sounds intellegent, he sounds sincere, but he really says nothing but what any other liberal has ever said, he just sounds better saying it. Basically bigger goverment means less trouble for you. Just thing about what he says about healthcare, he will cover EVERYONE, make companies cover pre exsisting conditions, and it will cost less. Will anyone with Economics 101 tell me how in the world that could ever happen. Do the math.
Both parties are guilty of saying what they think will get them elected, Obama is no different. I think I will bank on someone that doesn't believe that the gov. is our savior. And as a matter of record, look it up in the congressional record. John McCain has really voted across Partly lines, Obama has never voted across party lines, unless it was a unanimous vote, that way he is safe. Don't get me wrong, I think Washington is corrupt , I'd like to get rid of everybody and start over and have term limits, so we don't get in the mess of excessive power like we have now.