Gary Justis

Gary Justis
Bloomington, Illinois, US
April 04
Gary Justis has worked primarily in the area of kinetic sculpture for the last 34 years. He lived and worked in Chicago from 1977 to 1999. He currently resides in Bloomington Illinois, where he teaches and writes stories about his actual experiences. (please take a look at his "Sculpture" link for more info)


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APRIL 5, 2012 8:39AM

Veiled Nature: the drawings of Larry Miller

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10 miller

Modern Movement, 2009, marker on paper, 24 x 18 inches


Author's Note: These drawngs are true to their actual appearance. They are airy and subtle, and in some cases, might give the impression that the documentation is is not.


  The work of Chicago based artist Larry Miller comes out of an attitude towards the “sensations” he experiences in the creative act. This is probably most obvious in understanding his painstaking drawing technique where he amasses thousands of applied dots of diverse intensity and color to make an image.


For Miller, the paper surface he confronts, even as he begins with its unadulterated whiteness, implies a vastness of space that gives an ample field onto which the imagination might project a visual indication of pure consciousness. This is the “applied wreck” of reality and fiction that most serious artists confront in the search for the elusive border between the recognizable and untried image.


Magnetic Attraction, 2011, marker on paper, 11 x 14 inches

Miller talks about his process:


 "For me, each dot is a gestural action. Space is altered in each instance that a new dot is put down. I respond intuitively to the unexpected play of dots as they accumulate to help create my forms."


Artists continually make assumptions about the inner characteristics of all matter and hidden spaces in the world. They speculate on qualities of the unseen, while celebrating the mind’s theoretical images of things kept from their gaze in the natural world. With these delicate drawings, Miller opens the elusive door of Nature for our gaze, manufacturing both care and impulse in the infusion of light and color upon the page. He is a master of a type of temporal space that is understated as we look at the actual work, but with careful and purposeful skill, he manufactures images that remain in our memory; indelible, meaningful, and beautiful.


Semi-Private Conversation, 2011, marker on paper, 11 x 14 inches

The exploration of beauty in our age is important. This is critical amongst the formidable challenges of our social systems, and the malleable structures of our very culture. A masterful respite for the collective mind occurs with an emersion in beauty. This is a weighty enterprise…one that re-connects us with an affable version of our humanity.


Staghorn, 2011, marker on paper, 11 x 14 inches


Magnetic Attraction #2, 2011, marker on paper, 11 x 14 inches






Chilkat, 2010, marker on paper, 18 x 24 inches



Hook Line and Sinker

Hook, Line and Sinker, 2010, marker on paper, 18x 24 inches




Interactive 2010, marker on paper, 18 x 24 inches 





Sounding, 2009, marker on paper, 23 x 14 inches



Pollination, 2009, marker on paper, 24 x 18 inches




See more work by Larry Miller


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Thanks, Gary; it's true, each dot alters space--and reality. That also happens when a dot is removed. This has given me a new way of looking at my world.
Gary,what an excellent artist,Larry Miller,never knew his work.
Almost a magical,dremalike,fragile,ρure work.As you wrote artists.."They speculate on qualities of the unseen...on nature" .It is true ...they make us see in other eyes,from different thoughts..It is a visual ρoetry this work,a study in colour and the absence of it...Rated..And thank you..for sharing.Best regards
Very fluid and very organic looking to three dimensions from two... Mobius strips come to mind.
thanks John. these are really striking in person, yet they still seem to blend with the white ground

Hello Stathi, thank you. I feel his work has a lyrical quality, and evokes certain dream images....

jmac, yes the mobius strip comes to my mind as well, thanks for coming over....
I have no idea what to say without sounding either ignorant, hackneyed or pretentious, but I will offer that the images fascinate and stimulate my imagination.
Chicken M, that's just fine, well said!
These have an airy feel to them Gary, and one loses sense of space.
Love them all and the link will be clicked.
Thanks for sharing such great art. Made my afternoon a nice one and brought a big smile to my face...
Thanks for sharing Gary ! And congratulations on another EP !
Gary, wow. These are amazing, it's strange how much I see when there is really very little there. Yes, light and airy but there is still so much there so my eyes want to keep moving over the colors and shapes.

When I first scrolled down to Sounding it immediately reminded me of how I feel sometimes when I dance. They really are lovely, it's almost like they should be moving. I might otherwise not have seen them, it's very kind of you to share them with us here. Thank you.
Cool. Very ethereal. And the fact that they are done in marker, such a fugitive medium, they will literally disappear.
I can imagine each dot with a corresponding goosebump on the artist's scalp. The enjoyment in the creation seems to have melded with the things created. The forms are at once other-worldly yet familiar. I hadn't known that the medium was less indelible than the words "permanent marker" might suggest. Great!
Thanks Gary. You never fail to provoke! I may not get here much these days but I always find something in your blog worth my time. If I were in Chicago now, are there galleries that show Miller's work?
Hello Mission, the lyrical quality of these works is very uplifting. I would like to see Larry make very large drawings that fill one’s field of vision. Thanks.

Hello Jim, thanks for the visit! I am glad for Larry about the EP.

Bleue, yes, they almost seem to vanish into the background. I think I know the ones that suggest dance movement. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment.

Greenheron, Yes, that’s a worry of mine. I do not know if the inks are archival. I would imagine Larry has thought about that, and taken steps to preserve these.

Stacey, I like the scalp analogy! I understand Larry does get a great deal of joy from making these, and he is continuing to make more interesting work.

Tim4change….Hello! good to see you come around. I appreciate your comments always. I think he recently left his gallery, but I provided a link to his website…see above.
These make me want to pick up a pen and try the technique. Lovely stuff.
A very different approach but reminiscent of Escher. And the patterns one encounters in the graphics of fractals.
Gary, thanks for presenting the work of the very talented Larry Miller! It takes a lot of patience and skill to produce artwork like this as compared with a broad brush approach to painting. I can't even begin to imagine how many days go into one of his pieces!

These drawings appear to be delicate and yet are so substantial as well. Thank you for posting such beautiful art. It really is inspiring.

Congratulations on the EP and the cover placement. It is well deserved.
To be honest, pointillism was never one of my favorite styles. While I do love abstract art, I'm not to so much drawn to the cerebral. Abstract isn't always cerebral; it can be lush, it can evoke nature, as some of these do. I like those of these paintings that approach lushness and depth, and go beyond being a study of shape and movement. I like the aggression of "chilkat" and the seashell layers of "interaction." I imagine the dynamism of the ones I find too flat and geometrical is more apparent when you're looking at the actual painting and not some pixels.
Interesting work, reminiscent of the Transcendental Painting Group or William Baziotes
Interesting work, reminiscent of the Transcendental Painting Group or William Baziotes
Interesting work, reminiscent of the Transcendental Painting Group or William Baziotes
Interesting work, reminiscent of the Transcendental Painting Group or William Baziotes