Gary Justis

Gary Justis
Bloomington, Illinois, US
April 04
Gary Justis has worked primarily in the area of kinetic sculpture for the last 34 years. He lived and worked in Chicago from 1977 to 1999. He currently resides in Bloomington Illinois, where he teaches and writes stories about his actual experiences. (please take a look at his "Sculpture" link for more info)


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OCTOBER 31, 2011 12:41AM

Capturing Halloween

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Phone lines

 Dimmitt’s Grove, Bloomington, IL    October 2011


My camera is protection against the agents of the unseen worlds, an instrument held snugly between my eye and images that startle the imagination.

At this time of year, in the month of October, when the pitch of the Earth changes bringing longer shadows, spirits slide into the fissures between our waning comfort and physical uncertainty. They make themselves known with visual evidence, and with voices and sounds from hidden places…


The real

 Dimmitt’s Grove, Bloomington, IL    October 2011


Others offer light in slow explosions, with expectations of falling debris and thunder.They startle by calling attention to striking similarities in things that hang in the ancient sky, and those manufactured entities hovering low…


apparition c
Gridley Mansion, 1846, Dimmitt’s Grove, Bloomington, IL    October 2011

 Some of the agents of the unreal are benevolent...

moon on twig pano b

Dimmitt’s Grove, Bloomington, IL, composite photo  October 2011 (larger)


... rendering a soothing mood, causing the moon to do a slow dance, suspended in the indigo sky. They encourage the mind to find agreement between the familiar and the invisible realms.


front and moon a

Dimmitt’s Grove, Bloomington, IL    October 2011


   Warehouse II

Warehouse, Founder’s Grove, Bloomington, IL    October 2011



  Then there is an indeterminate glow that skulks up from behind...


Apparition 1  (larger)

 Apparition 2 (larger)

all photos and videos copyright © 2011 by Gary Justis

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light aimed just right and suddenly you can see :)
Hi Julie! Yes, and all aims are good as long as you can move your point of view
You captured Halloween perfectly. It is in the light in the dark. woo
Magical and spooky, the one photo looks like a Victorian postcard, your street is so lovely.
Gary, great looking photos and videos very appropriate for Halloween! How did you create that interesting effect in video #2?
Especially the globe chandeliere! Spooky!
Perfectly Halloweenesque piece. Really. You capture the netherworld so well.
These shots and videos certainly make one wonder.
Gorgeous and ethereal images, Gary.
I love it! The prose is as beautifully composed as the photographs. A triple-media Halloween home run. Thanks Gary!
I think I'll go put some creepy music on the stereo and come back to this post!
these are just wonderful!
GARY GARY GARY... I have another'job' on another site and submit photos.. OMG these are to die for.
Cover piece for sure..
Spot on . . . that's what Halloween really looks like . . .
Thank you everyone!!! I'm getting ready for an exhibition, and I will catch up with all of you this aft/evening...Happy Halloween! And thanks for visiting!
Gary, I usually have time for one post on my lunch break. Oh, did I ever pick the right one! Exquisite. ~r
I love the fourth image. How long did it take you to get the composite to look just right? R
i've been waiting and watching for late day or moonlit clouds like those in the first photographs, but they were in illinois instead of california, apparently. :) absolutely top-notch capture of the light/dark natural/unnatural manmade/moon. gorgeous, gary. again.
One word Gary - excellent ! And congratulations on EP !
Poetry skulks here. Nice images, imaginatively presented. (r)
Beautiful and eerie - I love these images. Happy Halloween!
Incredible. Just perfect. Thank you for a great Halloween journey.
these are phenomenal. (excuse the pun)
OOH, scary! My favorite kind of pictures.
Zanelle, In all places…at once! Thanks!

Rita, It is a lovely street and I am grateful every waking moment to be here. Thanks for the visit!

John, Hello, thank you….the effect is created by projecting an image of a sculpture onto a spinning wire (we used a drill), then a strobe light isolates the wire in space.

Linnn, the globe was photographed w a tripod…in every shot there is strange movement and light being emitted…strange indeed.

Seer, I will take Spooktacular! Thanks

Hello Beth, I am glad you think so. My favorite is the lead photo. The “x” of the phone lines happened to cross in the face of the moon. Thanks for coming around Beth.


Miguela…they still make me wonder…..Hmmm.

Scarlett, thanks for your sweet comment.

Hello Kelly! I would setle for a triple, but a Homerun is much nicer…thanks!

Steve, I am so glad you came by and enjoy the music w images!

Hello Nikki! I hope things are better with the storm damage over by you. Glad you’re OK and thanks for the visit and comment!

Linda, Great to see you again dear Lady! Huggggs to you!

Owl, It does…at least around here, for most of the mid-late fall. Thanks for the visit….Great to see you always!

Hello Joan, glad it was there when you took a break! All the best to you.

Trudge, thanks…the composite didn’t take long, I sized them, cropped and copied the right one and laid it over the left one. All digital.

Thanks Jeanette! Great to see you.

Also, I’ll say!...

Candace, I’ll send you some in a large box…..OK? thank you for looking at the photos with such depth.

Thanks Jim….I hope you were able to file your fangs a little! The blue was scary….

Hello Stacey, It does skulk around here more than it sings….I’ll try harder…thanks for your great comment.

Chiller, thank you and the same to you!

Alysa, Loved your piece today and thanks for coming around. I am glad you liked this wishes.

Hello FLW! That’s a good one nonetheless! Thanks for the visit, and you had an excellent piece today!

Cranky…..Mine too…I’m glad to scare (see) you!!
Spooky but very cool ~R~
Love the Dimmit's Grove composite, it reminds me of Maxfield Parrish with that inner glow. I also really love the softness of the one below it, didn't seem spooky as much as gentle and luminescent. I'm ignoring all things scary (except candy) so I didn't look too closely at the rest.
Fantastic photos, Gary. Thank you -R-
Glad I didn't see these last nite. I might have been afraid to go to sleep. You've really captured an atmosphere with these shots, Gary. And what a perfect name for the location: Dimmit's Grove. Just saying it threatens to provoke some restless spirits to rise...