Gary Justis

Gary Justis
Bloomington, Illinois, US
April 04
Gary Justis has worked primarily in the area of kinetic sculpture for the last 34 years. He lived and worked in Chicago from 1977 to 1999. He currently resides in Bloomington Illinois, where he teaches and writes stories about his actual experiences. (please take a look at his "Sculpture" link for more info)


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APRIL 10, 2009 5:48PM

Hares of Easter

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funny bunny clsup


When the Easter season rolls around, our friend Jim White, at Asahel Gridley Antiques lets his Bunnies out to play.


funny bunny 1


wax bunn


compo bunny


Bunn clsup 1


cls up 2


bunn and friend


dark bunnies


bunny basket


paper bunn





happy bunny


Brooding Bunny


Bunny group




sphinx bunny


cute bunny


cute bunny 2


Jim and bunny


Jim is satisfied with the way the Hares of Easter keep watch over his clients and the fascinating objects that fill the store.....


And what Easter Season would be complete without the traditional Easter Egg Tree?.........


Egg tree


Or a bunny wondering ............

Bunny Butt 2


If Easter makes her butt look big..... 

Bunny Butt 1



funny bunny clsup 4

It's getting to be 'bout supper time......

Thanks for comin' around!


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Asahel Gridley Antiques in Bloomington, Il
In admiration of our Friend, Jim White..........
Thanks so much for posting this!
I love the variety of all the historic easter bunnies!
I live in central Illinois and know the glories of Jim's Easter egg tree and the accompanying bunnies.
Wonderful collection of bunnies and the Easter Egg Tree was the icing on the bunny cake!
Thanks for gathering up these critters for us!
Happy Easter and may all your eggs be found.
Gary, love all the different pictures of the different bunnies. I spent a morning finishing up taxes. The most redeeming part of my morning was looking outside my window to our field and watching bunnies romping around all morning. It kind of makes up for the fact that there are still no leaves on any of the trees. I love anything spring. Happy Happy.
Janie,the bunny in the dark is Dickensesque perhaps......

Thanks Bunn!

Hi were taken this afternoon a regular Bunny Roundup!

Hi is great watching rabbits romping w each other.
thanks for coming by!
Those are lovely! I wish I still had my bunny topiary. It was such a charming addition to my garden, and I always made sure to decorate it with flowers and eggs for Easter. Well, actually for Ostara, the pagan holiday from which Easter gets its egg and bunny association, but same idea.
That is one fascinating collection of bunnies. One or two of them look like they could hold off a wolf or even a bear.
A-G is one of the best antiques stores in downstate Illinois even without the bunnies. If you live nearby or are passing through (on a Saturday which I think is the surest time to find them open) stop in.
An Ostara Garden is GOOD!.......
thanks little!

Martin, yes, a few of them are a bit dour......

Tijo.....absolutely! they have a table discussion Friday all day, then Saturday is the busy time. the rest of the week Jim is doing his magic w display!!
Great collection. It rivals that of the Snowman expert.
Rated for hare-iness.
I think the snowman collection is much better....more comprehensive, but just as much fun!!
Those are all great, except for the first (and last one) which is terrifying! That thing is straight from the twilight zone and I hope it returns there soon.
This is AMAZIN.G Just love your work! Thanks for the add.
No, the first and last is actually reincarnated Rod Serling!
thank you Poet, and thank you Stacey!!!!
I love your Jim White posts, Gary. Christmas, Easter, Lincoln's Birthday(?), ... very nice.
Tell your friend that is a FINE collection of bunnies. Thank you for sharing them with us!
You know, some of these are a bit...creepy. Like that top one, fer instance. On the other hand, the one in the shadows doesn't look creepy to me at all, he just looks like a Puca.

Thanks for sharing, and happy Ēostre-month to everyone.
Great variety of bunnies! Most of them are sweet, but that grinning one seems a bit maniacal.
I'm with hatchetface regarding the creepy rabbit...
Nice collection! Thanks for sharing.
I love these holiday displays. You and Mr. White make a great team. That does look like Donnie Darko's scary friend at the top, though.
Makes me want to camp out there at night and watch what happens with those little critters in the moonlight . . . Thanks for the imagery, Gary.
Gary, what a hare-raising post, if you'll forgive the bad pun. What a great variety of bunnies there are in Jim White's antique shop and thanks for posting it just prior to Easter. I think this post should form the basis for an informal open call to show your bunnies! I have a small sculpture that was at my wife's grandparents' house in Vermont and I'll take a photo of that and post it today as my contribution.
Vintage 'out of the hat' display, Gary.
A cheerful preservation of disappearing
mainstreet---I'm nostalgic for those department
store collections: the sidewalk shoppers, the little children
too small to see themselves in the window, pointing, "The Easter
Gary, you are amazing. A bright smile on this holiday weekend, so thanks so much.
Some of these were a little creepy. Or maybe that's just me. One reminded me strongly of the Velveteen Rabbit. Another of Uncle Wiggly - do you remember Uncle Wiggly cartoon books?
Hi Tom…good to see you!

Rob, Jim has an amazing life as much more than an antiques dealer!

Susan..hello! he has many fine collections of seldom seen things….

Merwoman, I think the top one s a hoot1. He has grand designs.

Suzn…he’s an OK guy ……really!

Bluesurly, you are welcome….but hey, give the Li’l guy a chance!

Mumbletypeg, Well , he may have fooled some of us………not!

Coyote, I would love3 to spend a night in the shop!

Designanator, the informal open call is a good idea, and I see you posted a picture of a fine sculpture! Thank you for the mention as well!

J Hart, The nostalgia never stops at Gridley’s

Thank you again Barry…….always a delight to see you!

Hi Sandra! I do not know Uncle Wiggly, but I will look him up.
Happy Easter Gary!
Don't look up Uncle Wiggly he is very wrong and not good for children or adults, ewww!
Lauren......have a fulfilling, bountiful, and egg-friendly Easter!

Ashley, thanks for the tip. I will look it up, but insulate the little ones!
Great bunnies!

Today is the first holiday after 23 years of kids that my husband and I (and my mother of course) will be sans children. We are going out to dinner at a restaurant, also a first because I cook, always and for everything. After seeing the antique bunny pics, I realized that we don't even have Easter decorations displayed. So, I went and dug them out. Much better.

My favorite is the old bunny that holds a metal book and after winding he turns the pages with his little magnet laced front feet. His head looks like it might fall off, but he still works, and he always makes me happy.

Thanks for the post and Happy Easter!

Those first couple of bunnies look too much like me Gary!
Rated ;-)
No do're not made of it!!
yay! (not my pictures, btw, but it was the cutest bunny i could find!)
ok, forget the previous comment - i had a cute bunny pic to post for you but it didn;t come though in my comment. i will try to post it to my journal late.

and yay for bunnies!
Hi Gary! Longtimenosee

Great pix, and somehow disturbing, I must agree with merwoman. But that what makes them so compelling.
What a delight. And these are really wonderful hares. I had a women's boutique for a few years a while back. Each Christmas time I dis a holiday window inclusive of all the winter holidays ... but always with wonderful Teddy Bears.