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MAY 7, 2012 9:07AM


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- an allegorical photo essay

Look carefully. What do you see? On each branch, trunk, and root there are stories waiting to be discovered, interpreted, told. Let your imagination take wing and come along on the journey. I've been encountering trees, listening to their stories, learning from their wisdom, and witnessing much that had escaped my eyes before.

See the two robed figures below facing each other, enshrined in the bark? Here's what the taller one revealed to me:

trunks tell many stories

Trunks have many stories.

some branches invite one to cradlein their arms

Some trees invite one to cradle and dream on their branches.

some trees hardly show the toils and burdens

Others hardly show their roots, hidden deeply in the earth.

there are rooots that grab on

There are roots that have strived long and hard for existence and survival.

good and evil have left their marks

Fair winds and storms have both left their indelible marks.

branches seek their on dreams before reaching out to light

Young branches sought their off-the-beaten-path fortunes . . .

light filters in victory

. . . before accepting and reaching up to straighter paths towards light.

generations carry on

Generations, despite all adversities, carry on.


Past wounds, in new hopes, are forgotten.

generations of changing textures

Time brings on change,




ideas and textures.


So long as the past and the roots are not forgotten. . .

life stories in lines and grooves

and stories are recorded in every cherished groove.

gashes and wounds are forgotten

Gashes and wounds will all heal in time.

when life forges on

Life, in its generations, will go on.

olive tree-Mediterrannean

olive tree


As long as mankind can learn from their past and maintain peace. 


Füsun Atalay ~ Copyright © Will of my Own - 2012


Words and photos are property of F. Atalay.

Location: Longwood Gardens, PA.

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Dedicated to Annecim whose birthday we just celebrated as well as to all my tree loving friends. ♥
Lovely and wonderfully wise. The tree (trees) of life indeed.
Kinda goin' out on a limb with this post, aren't ya?
This was absolutely touching and so creative! It actually gave me goosebumps! You are so inspiring.....
I love trees. I wish they could talk. Your photos of them almost seem able to tell us things. Thank you!!
Profoundly inspirational. Rated with great admiration.
What an interesting post. I printed all of these pictures so I can discuss them with my grandson. It will interesting to learn what he sees. Thanks. R
What a creative and inspiring pictorial allegory, Funsun. Gives new meaning to the words "only God can make a tree."
Lots-o-work here FusunA. Nicely done.
These photos remind me of the knotted and gnarled hands of an old woman who has seen a lot in life and worked her fingers lovingly for years - thanks for the beautiful imagery Fusun
There is nothing like sitting under your favorite tree to meditate. It makes you feel as if you are grounded like the roots. Lovely pictures. /r
This reminded me of The Giving Tree. Lovely.
Thank you for the walk about your images and words are wonderful
Wow, F.A., what an eye you have, sensitive, strong, lovely.

Thank you to each and everyone who have visited and commented. Annecim is awake now. I'll try returning later to read and rate your posts. ♥
Like the comments underneath each photo as much as I like the photos themselves.
Great pics after my own taste... dozens of shots of twisted trees in my portfolio.
Wonderful photographic essay. I too, am fascinated with trees.
How they endure while we rage on.
I am in constant awe of trees of all types
and enjoyed your images-thoughts
Seeing through your eyes is uplifting. Thank you.
Beautiful photos, Fusun. Thank you for sharing.
Love the metaphor of trees for humans. Some lovely photos. Is this in the Seattle green house near the Asian Museum of Art? Gorgeous work!
You have no idea how much pleasure this entry brought me, Fusun. I have spent my life finding solace among the giants of the forests and listening to the song of the wind blowing through their leaves.
Wow . . . Your sentiment . . . You write
dedicated to my tree loving friends.. .
My son worked at`National Bonsai Center.
Tree Forms
Earth Roots
Symbols and
Allegory and
Word . . . To
See and Calm
Deeply Rooted
I love this, thank you for sharing. Your words with these remarkable pictures are wonderful and inspirational.
Each tree is also unique, shaped by the events it's experienced in its life. Like us, the scars and wrinkles are badges of honor, of survival and memory. Stories to be passed on to others, to inspire and caution.
The beauty of trees lovingly shared.
please count me in as one of your tree loving friends. In my front yard there is the second oldest and largest oak in Northern IL. These are wonderful and story filled.
Inspiring and beautiful. I often think of the stories our 100+ year old oak tree could tell if it could speak. Instead, it continues to provide us with clean air, shade, cool breezes and lots of work to keep our backs strong.

ha, Druidism is making a comeback , finally.
trees? always been my friends. i like leaning on good solid wood
a century old
i get insecure.

i see what u see in these trees...

the cool thing about trees is that they reflect themselfs,
airy branches yearning & collaborating for the sunshine,
a root system of thirsty branches competing for space
in the
way beneath. the solid ground...........
Just lovely, Fusun. So many people focus on the leaves and branches of the tree. It is nice to see a series of tree trunks. Thank you so much!
As a boy, I had a favorite tree I'd climb, settle in and dream of the future.

A wonderful photo essay.
A wonderful and thoughtful dedication, Fusun; simply beautiful. R
The top one looks like a pieta. Trees are truly inspirational. We bought our home in large part because of the mature, moss-draped oaks in the neighborhood. Every time a hurricane threatens us, I worry more about those trees than I do about our home or our possessions. I can buy a new tea kettle. I cannot replace the beauty or the shade of a 100-year-old oak.
I enjoyed this so much Fusun!
I love all these in-depth photos. You have a great eye.
Loved this. My fav is the Weeping Willow. Rated with an Ila smile of course. :-)
Yes, each tree a story within a forest of stories. - Duke
Excellent photos and an excellent post!
Lovely. And the first one does really make me think of Druids!
I like how the same tree looks so different depending on the shot. Lovely.

What beautiful photographs!

"Past wounds, in new hopes, are forgotten." This made me smile.
Count me as a tree lover - green is my name. Very perceptive post
When I was 8, I wanted to live in my tree house forever. Trees are one of God's greatest works of art. Beautiful, Fusuna.
Very clever, and nicely put together, Fusun. If only people would heed your final thought ...
You found some amazing BEAUTIES!!!
You know that book/movie "The Secret Life of Bees"? This post is "The Secret Life of Trees"! Thanks for your lovely photos and musings.
Glad to see your branching out in such an unusual way. I love trees too but I am also afraid of the Bark! Keep on keeping on FusunA!
FusunA, I started to bang out a response and fourteen paragraphs later, full of metaphor, analogy, allusion, alliteration and poesy, I realized I might as well turn it into an OS post of my own.

Suffice to say that you have opened in me the floodgates of expository power such as have not been since since Noah was told to make an ark. So thanks for that and for bringing this to my attention. What I post next in my blog is all due to you and I hope that everyone who reads it recognizes that it is as much my own feelings on the subject of trees (and living things in general) as it is an homage to your post here that inspired it and forced it to well up from me unbidden, fast, but not hurried.

Yes, I LOVED it!
A beautiful essay, thank you Fusun.
This is just gorgeous! I love the idea that trees are telling you stories. I'm listening. R~
Lovely this ... all ... of this ...
You sent me to someone else's essay about your photo essay...and I came right back here to see what you'd done. It's absolutely beautiful--I have a thing about trees. They cradled me lovingly as I read books, did homework or just daydreamed as a kid--we had, somehow, some big old ones in our Chicago back yard that were the best baby sitters, ever. And I recently visited a private school here in Tucson where the little geniuses love to lounge in the ancient trees that stand in their "quad" in much the same way.

They do have lessons to teach, if you sit still enough to listen.

This is just more proof--delightful!
What we see in the world around us is only limited by our experience and imagination. R
Great photo essay, and commentary.
I think I've been" out on a few of those limbs" myself!
Excellent photo essay. I once took a photography class and one of our assignments was to photograph trees. At first, I thought what a dumb assignment, but when I got into it I realized how fascinating trees really are. R
I was on that walk with you, but I had no idea how you'd synthesize all like this. It's beautiful!
Trees are as unique and diverse as humans. Each has a life story etched into them, hidden or revealed. I never appreciated the individuality of trees until I sat down and drew them, one after another. Their shapes were as unique as individual faces are. Thanks for a lovely journey in words and photos. [r]
You are wonderful! You go to places with a mind and eye that educates and enlightens us! Cheer and hugs! R
A beautiful meditation on trees and life.
Fusie, I absolutely loved this. I'm just sorry I was away from here when you first had it up. Wonderful work!