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JANUARY 2, 2012 12:01AM

Few among thousands

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leaves in the moonlight

 This is a picture I took on my last trip to Wilmington, DE. last month - in fact, last year as of today. The moon was a half circle high up in the sky and my camera's flash lit up what is seen in the frame. I love it so much that I made it my desktop, and thought I'd start this brief photo journey of some of the highlights of 2011. I cannot call them my favorites, because they are all equally important to me. Besides, it's impossible to select favorites among so many.

I was working on this post yesterday when I noticed my fellow OS friend Barry Doyle put up his beautiful photos and even commented on his blog. I know he is looking forward to seeing mine, although I am not a professional like he is, and photography is only an avocation for me. Of the thousands on my files, it was a time consuming and difficult decision to select the ones I did, not necessarily on their merits, but for the memories of friendships and sights that filled my heart and eyes. I hope you also enjoy what you see.

Happy 2012 to all!


 Spring is in full bloom in Annecim's garden


Summer scenes in Old Montreal

 Fusun and Betty Boop

 a long-time friend and me


Met OS Friends and visited special exhibitions


Myriad and me 


Brassawe (Steve) and me

 Arizona-Montreal meet-up_31

 John, Oryoki, Byron, and Algis - I took the photo

an etude 

avian friends share a cup of coffee and crumbs


or quench their thirst 

Sherbrooke Street W 

Sherbrooke Avenue 


Port of Montréal hosted the Tall Ships in September


Autumn paints St Joseph's Oratory grounds

Glories of Autumn

What's autumn without its glory?

autumn pastels 

in pastels . . .

autumn passion

. . . or in blazing passions


Seasons do not affect the indoor collection of Botanical Gardens



Cast in metal


 Winter berries take over from leaves

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls, ON

bridge between neighbors

Bridge between two neighbors 

spinach yogurt 

First snow of December 2011 

snow crystals on branches 

all the branches are covered with it


A typical Montreal winter scene


 And onward we move into a new year!


All photographs (with the exception of those in which she does appear) are the works© of Füsun Atalay.


Füsun Atalay ~ Copyright © Will of my Own - 2012

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My first post of 2012 on 10.02.12.
Happy birthday GS ! This one's for you.♥
Grand phototgraphs and a fine way to begin the new year. Quite nice.
Your words and your photos reflect the kind and beautiful person you are through and through.
rated with love
So beautiful! Such amazing shots! Thanks for sharing!
FusunA- lovely pic selection. How cool to see all of you wonderful contributors having coffee. Wish I could have been there.
Oh this is a marvelous post and I dare say BD has rubbed off on you because your images are getting better and better. Thanks for the image of our afternoon together too.Best to you and yours...Cheers!
Happy New Year!!! So far, 2012 hasn't sucked so...;D

Very profession presentation and so much fun! I love you and Betty Boop. It just seems perfect. Thank you for a good start to 2012. Wonder what photos will come?!
All the photos are amazing and beautiful captures of worthy subjects, but I think the first is most remarkable, and my favorite! Those amazing golden leaves and that little fingernail of a half moon.
Happy New Year, Fusun! I hope you put your camera to equally wonderful work in 2012!

Oh my goodness what a treat! I loved them all Fusun, and the last one - perfect ending. Or rather beginning. Wonderful!
Hey look! There's Betty Boop!


Right there ..... beside Fusun! See her?

Oh yeah. I see her now. What's she doing there?

I dunno; maybe trying to soak up some of Fusun's charm, and beauty or her fame....!

Yeah. Ain't it awful how they do that?

I love your ability to find and capture beauty. The little birds having coffee is my favourite!
Beautiful Photos. I hope to one day have one of you and I. I'm buying!
A gorgeous first post for the new year, Fusun! Your photos are magnificent!

I'm intrigued about the significance of the Sherbrook Avenue photo. It's a beautiful photo but am wondering about the significance or story of the building.
I always enjoy your picture posts when you share them with us and this was no exception. Those flower pictures are simply stunning.
A lovely start to my day and year.
Wonderful, but a question: why did you snap Cranky drinking from a birdbath?


Fab pictures and neat to see OS writers hangin' out and about! I especially loved the Niagara Falls for that is the spray of my memories. It is here that I was 11 years old (on the other side- is there another fall, I just don't know!) on a ferry riding near enough to feel droplets of the spray. And begging and finally being allowed to walk the perimeter and I counted seven languages and attires. Here is where I fell in love with "others unlike me or mine" and dreamed of leaving GA.

I don't have a picture of NF, but that was nifty that you did!

Have to buy your book this year and see what that has to say. Do enjoy your posts and elegance of phrasing.

Thank you for sharing!
Oh, these are wonderful! What a great idea. Also, I've always wanted to visit Montreal. Now I do even more!
A wonderful pictorial. I had to study the birds taking a drink. They both look to be cast at first glance. Thank you for the views.
Thank you Fusun..
As you know, I love Montreal. First call of the new year is always from my friend of many years ago. How I loved NDG in the winter. Lovely photos...
Mighty mighty good all Fusun.
Wonderful tour.
The first is my fave...something about the water's surface .....
You have quite a talent for photography. Wonderful photos.
A pleasant way to begin 2012 Fusun. You did pretty well with the meet-ups too.
This is wonderful, and really does give a taste of Montreal's winter -and your warmth. So nice to see.
You have all kinds of friends there, Fusie: Avian, cartoon, and some beautiful looking Osers. I don't know how to judge photography in any professional way, but those photos look magnificent. Happy Happy New Year friend! I do believe this will be a great one for you.
LOVE, this is just gorgeous, as are you!!!!! Happy New year, to my new friend.
Fusun.. I am going to come back and rate as it took 8 minutes to turn this page. Perhaps the spam found their way in??:)
What made me smile was the door of Sherbrooke Avenue. I could see the whole street.
Happy New Year ma cher.
Forgot to say how very pretty you are Fusun. You look like a prettier Patsy Ramsey.
Thanks for this photo montage, Fusun, you are a talented photographer, live in such a lovely city, and you get out to check out what's going on!
I also love how many other OS friends you have met, it's great to see your faces together! although it is a strange juxtaposition to see Brassawe in a black leather jacket : )
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, Fusun! So good to see some bright shining OS faces too. R. xo
I love these, Fusun. You made some wonderful selections. -R-
How lovely that you can, in all honesty, call so many members of Open Salon "friend". Lovely to look at photographs.
Fusun, this is a lovely compilation...I know how difficult it is to cull some favorites from a large collection...and what means a lot to you (or me!) might not have much meaning for other viewers given our own context and affection for what is not shown in an image. Slices of time (photographs) are two dimensional, but the other dimensions--depth and time and things unseen--must be invoked in the viewers imagination.

My favorites are the winter berries and the bridge between two neighbors.

These are lovely Fusun, I enjoyed them all very much...and thank you for your very kind words. Have a great new year!
What a lovely idea - and what lovely pictures! Happy New Year, and may 2012 bring you lots of happiness, health, love, and inpsiration!
What a lovely set of recollections in words and pictures, Esteemed Colleague! I hope 2012 is a wonderful year for us all.
These photos are a wonderful reminder of the past year. And how lucky you are to have met so many OSers.
All the best for 2012.
Thanks for this lovely collection of images, and happy new year!
Wonderful pictures! Thank you.
Loved this and all of your photographs! Montreal looks wonderful!
Wow! It's so nice to see that many of you dropped by and enjoyed my selections. Thank you very much for your comments and good wishes.
Onward, indeed. What great photos of happy times.
Thanks for sharing so much beauty with us. Happy New Year!
Hey man. This is a really great photo journey of the year. I hope you don't mind if I post it on my facebook.
Wonderful photos - the basilica one is especially striking.
This made me smile! Rated with admiration...
With the exception of those where she DOES appear ...
Nice summation, fusun!
Thank you, Dianaani!
I've been making a few blunders today. At least this I can fix. Mucho grazie. ♥
What a beautiful life, Fusun! And what fun to see you communing with our OS friends.
That first shot takes my breath away and I am in love with the sculpture in the last shot. What a wonderful first post of the year. Happy New Year, Fusie!

oh wow! I love this post, I wish it was an Open Call & everyone on OS was putting on their photos of the year, it's such a great creative way to commemorate a year. These photos paint a full & colorful life!
Dear Fusun, Gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS! You are so lucky to live in Montreal! Thanksabunch for sharing with us!
So that's what Algis looks like. Womderful pictures, Fusie.
Love these photos! We were in Charleston, SC last month and the roses were still in bloom! Florida, here I come!

Happy New Year Fusun.
Gorgeous stuff, Fusun. Definitely a few prizewinners in this display.
Wonderful retrospective!
The energy of this post and all the comments could keep a small nation in lights at night for one year!

LOVE THIS! Oh, that first photo...the moon puts us all over the moon!
Beautiful images, thank you for sharing them. It makes me feel excitement for Montreal...
love these, especially the fall and the winter scenes.
Happy New Year, Fusun, you have always been a beautiful light on OS. R
Sigh. That was lovely. I think my favorite is the pumpkins.
Fusun, A gorgeous post. Nice one with Myriad and the other OS pals. The winters berries are striking and the blues in the 1st Niagara Falls photo looks like velvet. Very nice.
FusunA, I love them all, but I like the last the most. R
Love your images and words in your first of 2012.
When you’re next in Ontario it would be wonderful if we had a visit.
All beautiful photos that just begin to capture even more beautiful people and beautiful nature. It was a pleasure to meet you in the wilds of Montreal forests and the wilder streets of the city. Happy New Years, friend!
Stunning photos. The autumn colours blow me away. Happy New Year to you Fusun.
Fusun, thanks for presenting these great shots! You certainly have an artistic eye for composition and color.

A very Happy New Year to you and yours!
Wow! Great eye, awesome images!
Thank you so much for your beautiful photographs. Each one has it's own special beauty. It's nice to see your shining face with your friends, including Betty! Happy New Year Fusun!
Sigh...I loved this. Gorgeous photos.
This was amazing.. you have a gifted eye... amazing portraits.. they are postcards.. hermosas... hermosas...one can see your heart and soul here... kind eventhough there is snow around
Hugs and love and happy new year to you too
Rated with love
Your photos feel me with calm. So lovely. Happy New Year, FusunA. R
Truly lovely, from beginning to end! It is so good to see you and our OS colleagues! Happy New Year to you!
great photography & thx for the link!
Enjoyed your trip through 2011 pictures! I love to see your connections with OS and the earth.
What a gift these pictures are! My favorite is Niagara Falls, ON, and the half-moon. You have a good eye. Just beautiful.