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DECEMBER 27, 2011 12:27AM

Winter Scenes

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We call it "ispanakli yogurt" - spinach with yogurt - that first, light sprinkling of the season's snow. One can still see the sharp spikes of green grass sticking out of the lacey white layer - a prelude to a lot more, in store, to descend when it wills.

When I woke up on Christmas morning, I found my world blanketed in spinach with yogurt snow.

 spades of grass

The English ivy, that starts its climb anew every spring, was sprinkled with it. 

spinach yogurt 

The ground was covered in green and white.

ispanakli yogurt  

 The branches of the mock orange blossom, abandoned by their leaves and blooms long ago, were adorned with sparkling ice crystals - blending into the misty December morning.

snow crystals on branches 

 Rooftops and shrubs were  dusted, supporting it as if it were cotton candy.

a winter scene

 The balm for upheaved spirits - plenty of peace and beauty ~

a touch of snow 

 Pine branches were mapped with it.

not an all white Christmas

Solitary berries stood out proudly~

snow on berry bushes

~ while finer brances supported intricate labyrinths~

a bleakDecember morning 

~ and furry friends left their paw marks in it.

view from my window

 Lights sparkled, reflecting the peace and subdued beauty of the season.

season of lights

First snow of the year is always special for me. 

a lit-up tree

 Photo Credits: F. Atalay ©2011


Füsun Atalay ~ Copyright © Will of my Own - 2011

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Such beautiful photos. I love thinking of it as spinach-yogurt snow.
We had a brown christmas here in the land of winter.
rated with love
Pictures of snow are wonderful. May you not get shovelfuls.
Fusun, perfect timing...12/27 times two! Beautiful photos and message! I was beginning to forget what snow looks like due to lack of it here, it looks like you have just enough for the effect without it being too deep!
I remember how my brothers and sister used to talk about the winter snows in Minnesota where my family lived before my father got his job at Stanford U. and I would look out at the sunny skies and bare green and brown landscape of California.... and feel COMPLETELY gypped! =o) My rotten family had obviously conspired to deprive me of snowy Christmases.

The pictures were lovely Fusun, and for a person who grew up in a faith that does not observe Christmas, your pictures could hardly do a better job of evoking the beauty of the season for me.

Lovely photos Fusun but all that white stuff just shivered me timbers. It reminds me of the week before I got married. A few future nieces and nephews from Argentina came up for the wedding and we'd just had a snowfall the night before. From the airport I took a roundabout route through some leafy neighborhoods and they, the N&Ns, were just enchanted.
Shared snow is sacred snow!
I see it as a romantic mood. Beautiful pics, Fusun. R
Postcards perfect for a December closing.
Oh so beautiful!

I'll keep wishing to see scenes like this for real one day.
What a coincidence, I woke up to a similar view this morning. I doubt if it will last beyond first light but still I am fascinated by the huge white flakes.
ironically, this warms me! r.
Oh Wow, I miss that first snow. Thank you for the beautiful photos and words. Spinach yogurt is such a funny name for it! But it fits.
What lovely photos, Fusun. You're such a fine photographer. We had a warm Christmas, windows even open, so it was special to see. We are to get our first snowfall tonight, here in central Ohio. Merry to you, and Happy New Year!
Beautiful. I love the loud silence that follows a snowfall.

After a lifetime of shoveling it....I don't really miss it all. But I do miss autumn! Hope you had a great Christmas.
I loved the snow as a kid. Now, living in the south, I don't see it much, which is OK with me.
Nice pix but . . . spinach and yogurt?

As they say in Kentucky, "whiskey and water spoils two good things."
So pretty! Still waiting for our first snow here....
Such beauty in your image
I agree the first snow is special with a touch of magic to it
We've had no snow in Toronto it's rather dull out there
What a lovely essay! How I miss the snow.
Lovely to look at, lovely to hold in your eyes, your first snowfall made me cry
That's about the amount of snow I like and I can handle myself. Wish it would stay like that all winter, but alas! This is winterland and what you see is only a prelude to much, much more - and not as serene and pretty.

Thanks, for all your appreciative, kind comments.
Esteemed Colleague:

Nowadays one must go very far north to experience a real winter, it appears. I am glad you had enough snow for holiday scenery--and enough to take those wonderful pictures.
Haven't gotten any "ispanakli yogurt" yet in my area; unless you count Halloween which brought a surprisingly early snow. But we're expecting it to come soon it usually does.

Great pictures, enjoy the snow.
Heavenly pics, elegant words. Thanks.
Lovely. I am with palm trees and flowers. Thanks for the memories!
Gorgeous photos! No snow in the tristate area. Hope we get some soon. xo
How beautiful, Fusun, a nice end of the year treat for you all.
Thanks for sharing these shots, I love how snow piles up on branches...
: )
This was just what I needed...we had a snowless Christmas this year and I miss it! Great photos!
Have had only one day of this so far...I can't believe I'm missing snow, but I really am. Though I KNOW it will be coming our way, if it doesn't something has gone whackier than usual...which may be a sign of something incredible, like the Chicago Cubs winning the world series.hmmmm
Dreamy and romantic I say. Loved it. Rated with a Jali Smile of course. -:)
Now I really miss the snow!
Stunning, Fusun. It's a funny thing about snow: shovelling it can be exhausting and uncomfortable, and it can cause cars, to the dismay of their drivers, to abandon travelling in straight lines, but, at least as you render it, it can be breathtakingly beautiful too.
There is something special about the first snowfall, especially at Christmas. Beautiful shots, I especially loved the berries and the little paw prints :).
How lovely to awaken to such wonder. R
Love your photos! First sign of snow I've seen anywhere, least of all here...in the Sierra's, where there should be dozens of inches of snow by now! Sad for the ski resorts up here and very odd not to have a white Christmas. It is going to be in the 50's for most of the coming week! Lovely, Fusun!
finer brances supported intricate labyrinths............

well still, intricacy is simple when u say how it is.
The balm for upheaved spirits - plenty of peace and beauty ~

how it is, this art thing. of nature or of humankind.
"The balm for upheaved spirits." Love that line. Lovely pics. Thanks for sharing your snow! We didn't get a white Christmas this year.
Spinach with snow..I love that description. Can I admit that I've never seen snow? Just a few flakes that melted as soon as they hit the ground. I like to live my White Christmas via posts like this!
I love snow pics. Beautiful.
So pretty! Thank you.
"Spinach with yogurt snow"! Perfection. Thank you so much for sharing these thoughts and images, Fusun.
Beautiful pictures and words that capture the silent beauty of the first snowfall of the winter.

Here's a little poem about snow that I posted a few days ago:


late in December of
my sixty-third year on earth,
I stood alone beneath the ironwood tree,
near the southern shore of Lake Superior.
in that awful silence
and the clean, crystalline cold
I heard the sound of snowflakes
arranging their warm, intricate patterns
on the withered, shivering oak leaves of autumn.

Preparing for angels.

John A. Bayerl, December, 2000
Beautiful Pictures. Looks like Paradise.
The weather forecast for Montreal is for a lot of rain overnight before 1o cms of snowfall tomorrow. Thus all that's in the above photos will be washed out before a new thicker layer covers the land.

@John Bayerl: Thank you for that very nice poem.
@Toritto: Wool sweater and socks here - brrr !
Very pretty! I like the berry picture the best, such a lovely red against the snow -- (I wish we'd get some of that white stuff here, it is way too warm for December!)
Oh my it is now a white Christmas just past for me too. Love the ones with the red berries. may your NEW YEAR be Golden. Hugs LS style
xxx algis
So gorgeous! We're still waiting for ours, despite our early storm at Halloween!
Wonderful! From a guy who lived in Wisconsin and Upstate New York and now down in Mississippi it's nice to see snow but not have to shovel it!
Beautiful photographs, Fusun. I loved seeing them and now I know the proper name for spinach-yogurt snow! I'm glad to know that you, at least, had snow on Christmas. We did not. Bryce and I drove around looking at lights and we threw our coats into the backseat.

Happy New Year!
Awwwww! I expected to see deer or rabbit tracks and was not disappointed! Wonderful offering. R
Loved it. No snow, here in mid-west Germany. Loved the berries. Beautiful pictures and the words were like an ode to snow. Thanks!
brrrrrr... God! I don´t think I can take that much cold---- it is beautiful though.... great photos Fusun....
I am here wishing you the best for the coming year 2012. Thanks for the cards. They are amazing... thank you very very much for being such a loving soul....
Hugs and love from Colombia .....
Happy New Year
Fantastically beautiful!!
There's just something about snow at Christmas! Thanks for sharing your lovely photos.
NEAT!! We haven't had but two spits this year!! WAAAA!! Rained like forever, some rivers are out of their banks!!
Everything is so brown and dead where I live. These were wonderful to see.
love the spinach yogurt snow phrase. thank you for bringing the sacred beauty of a new fallen snow into our awareness.
Beautiful! My kind of snow accumulation.
One of the most common examples of linguistic relativity, the idea that language shapes our perception of the world, is the (innaccurate) claims that Eskimos have more words for snow than anyone else, and no one else can appreciate more than two or three types of snow. Tell that to anyone who has grown up in snow country and we laugh! Your lovely photos and poetic descriptions demonstrate why. Very nice piece, thank you. (and now you've made me hungry for spanokopita, which will now forever remind me of yogurt and spinach snow . . .)
I love the snow, especially the color contrasts with other parts of nature such as the berries. I live in a wooded area and love the fact that the snow seems to blanket the sounds of a nearby highway. It is very soothing to me. Thank you for sharing. ;-)
Snow in winter is your reason to hibernate in Montréal, Québec.
Meilleurs Voeux et Bonne Année en 2012! Merci beaucoup FusunA.
oh it does look like spinach and snow! Your photos are moving, and gorgeous! Happy New Year, Fusun!
Thanks for this lovely visual essay and for all your fine posts all year long. .(and I appreciated as well being referred to that exceptional essay about appreciating what we have!) Happy 2012!