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SEPTEMBER 18, 2011 8:58PM

Magnificent Six

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 tallship Pride of Baltimore


Canadian Wildlife Federation is a national charitable non-profit organization dedicated to the appreciation and promotion of our natural world and a lasting legacy of healthy wildlife in its habitat by spreading knowledge of the impacts of human behavior on the environment, and sponsoring research, promoting sustainable uses of natural resources, and recommending policy changes. This year CWF was one of the partners to bring six glorious tall ships to the Port of Montreal, and present various fun and educational activities including lectures by experienced sailors, concerts on stage in the Maritime Village, and tours of the tall ships for the public from September 14th to 18th.

I couldn't think of a better way for myself and my kindred-spirited company than spending the final weekend of a glorious summer, and capture some warm memories to last me through the imminent bone-chilling, subzero temperatures, with literally mountains of snow that are the fate of us, Montreal natives. In spite of the few rainy, single digit (centigrade) temperatures earlier in the week, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday shaped out to be just perfect. Sunny skies with puffs of occasional white clouds and friendly, moderate temperatures made it possible for us to enjoy most out of the visit of the Tall Ships at the quay in Old Montreal; and for me to take photographs as well as chat with some of the nicest crew and organizers.

Each vessel had its own history and its own tales of adventure to share, yet their apparent magic was more magnified each evening when they were illuminated at dusk while they swayed silently at the harbor to the city's slowed heartbeat. This magic reached new heights on Saturday and Sunday nights, when the skies of the Old Port of Montreal were lit up when fireworks cascaded a special glow over the magnificent tall ships.  

 HMCS Pathfinder

in her full sail glory PATHFINDER is Canadian

tallship Pathfinder 

public onboard the PATHFINDER

Pride of Baltimore-105ft-built1987     

U.S. Pride of Baltimore II


The Flagship Niagara is administered and operated by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission with the assistance of the Flagship Niagara League. It is used as a sailing school vessel for training and inspected by the U.S Coast Guard as a Sailing School Vessel - SSV.

 the bell

 The bell on the NIAGARA




various ropes 

Various lines

ropes 2 


the tiller 

 sleeping quaters-hammock

below deck sleeping quarters with a hammock on the NIAGARA.

John Gielfried-volunteer crew 

John Gielfried, crew ~ SSV NIAGARA


young pirates 

Local youth in spirit of the Tall Ships on their way to the harbor.




Füsun Atalay ~ Copyright © Will of my Own - 2011

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Ahoy, to my pirate maties! I heard yous had a wild night last night while I was out pirating too. :o)
I LOVE the tall ships. =o)

I have only to look at them and feel a rush of affection for history. They're so darn beautiful!

Beautiful. the Tall Ships come through here too but I've never gone to see them. I think I should! thanks for sharing.
What a wonderful tour. Thank you. I love all those ropes and bells.
You had a whole lot more fun, Fusun. Your photos are fantastic!
Thanks, Fusun! These ships are magnificent in port and to see them moving under full sail is thrilling.
I was abord the Pride of Baltimore on a perq/fam trip on Lake Michigan out of Chicago in an unusually strong wind and high waves. I loved it and stood in the bowsprit going up and down like an elevator. The Bride and the mayor of Baltimore were amidships puking their guts out. Poor things.

Nicely done Fusun, nice ships
What fun and beautiful pics. Looks like you had a lovely day. My boys would have been crazy for those ships. Thanks for sharing your late summer day.
Thanks to all who commented on the photos. I recently subscribed to Picnic and played around with some of these pictures in using its "text", "frame" and "matt finish" features, which I think add a bit more effect.
Thanks for this breath of fresh air. Tall ships still wow us. And your photographs are the next best thing to a visit.
Tall ships bring out the whimsical in me!
I love the lines,..and certainly love your post.
Great stuff these tall ships are made of and will endure all time. Loved this nautical tribute to both the amazing ships of the sea and to the pirate women of all times.
OS Pirate Wimmin Insurrection, International Pirate Day and now Tall Ships ... a lovely nautical mix.

Your photos are wonderful, Fusun. Great post!
Love this post as long as I don't have to walk the Plank!
The Pathfinder in full sail was magnificent. You have many varied and interesting experiences. What a surprising, wonderful post.
Oh, you salty wench! Too bad we didn't get to go to the port with you, or see these beauties. Guess we'll just have to come back another summer!.
I learn tons from reading you! r.
Tomorrow is talk like a pirate day.. you are just in time with this blog..:)
BTW that crew looks pretty cool
Lurve them tall ships. Been aboard some over the years. The thing that's always impressed me is how men could swarm up the rigging so many feet above the deck. Lotta guts. Sheesh. I get nosebleeds on tall bar stools.

BTW, there's supposed to be at least one coming here next year to celebrate the War of 1812-14. Should be interesting.
I love sailing and these ships are magnificent.
All you need is a shanty to sing while looking at the photos.
rated with love
I'd say you experienced something a heck of a lot closer to "Pirate Wimmen" than anything found on OS or anywhere else online. I would have loved to be there and feel all that history around me.
Magnificent looking ships Fusun. And Montreal would be a great place to see them. It's been too many years since I've been there. Terrific tourist city.
They are magnificent. Can't imagine what they looked like at night.
Wonderful. I can hear the bells!
Thank you, thank you for sharing these photos and this information! I, too, love tall ships and saw one in Northern Michigan in late August; perhaps one of the same ones you saw in Montreal. I must look up the name… It was interesting to see your photo of the hammock; I felt a bit sea-sick and claustrophobic though considering what that must have been like. Recently, I learned that 48 of my ancestors came across the Atlantic between 1590 and 1640. To think of them sleeping on hammocks or cots in such close quarters is pretty incredible. I found a photo of the model of the Lyon, one of the ships involved, online and that was so interesting as well. (rated and shared on FB)
Fitting post, mate-y! Mr. Gielfried looks a bit like Anthony Hopkins (without the menace).
Sometimes we see the tall ships in Chicago. Glad you enjoyed these and shared them with us! r Thank you Fusun!
There is something elementally beautiful about a sailing ship. It's not just the romantic past, it's also the form and your photos show that well. It sounds like you've had a magical time.
I've seen them too...and agreeably there is something thrilling about them. They are like castles, evoking the spirit of adventure. I am a pirate fan. Love J. Depp...I'm not a young woman, but he can make me sweat up a bit.
How wonderful! I am going to show this to the boyfriend - he's a HUGE fan of tall ships! And I love the pirates and ahoy to the pirate wimmin!
I thought it said the magnificent sex!! My eyes are still focusing! Hahaha!
What a wonderful photo journey you have taken us on!
Any post with ships is my place to be.
My father woke me many Saturdays to go to the docks in Ke nosha and watch the billowin g sails of the merchant ships. He must have known then what you know now.
Any post with ships is my place to be.
My father woke me many Saturdays to go to the docks in Kenosha and watch the billowing sails of the merchant ships. He must have known then what you know now.
One of our tasks while I was in the Navy was to attend the tall ships in Boston if we weren't deployed. Probably because my airwing was aboard the U.S.S. John F. Kennedy. Still I was fascinated by the majesty of ships that traveled the world with nothing but the wind to drive them.
Wonderful!!! This is one event I would have loved to attend too.
Looks like you had a marvelous time, Fusun!
I too love the tall ships!! I so enjoyed your pictures and the story that went with them.
I’ve visited aboard both the Pathfinder and the Playfair when they were in Toronto Harbour some years ago. Lovely ships indeed!

Good photos!

Testaments to man’s ability to build beautiful yet useful works of art.
What a post, Fusun, simply fantastic; great pics. R
Excellent writing. Enjoyed the photographs, especially the young pirates.

When I was in Vermont at college, we used to go up to Montreal to party, no matter the weather. Gorgeous city!

What a beautiful entry. Thank you for the wonderful pictures.
I think I'm moving to Canada. This was lovely, Fusun.
It is my dream to one day sail on such a ship. Thanks for posting this, Fusie.
We hosted a tall ships crew for dinner years ago when they were in Newport, RI. I agree it's a great experience to see them up close.
Wonderful post.
These photos can't help but arouse wanderlust in me! They stir the imagination. The wind in their sails seems like a metaphor for vital energy, motivation, pneuma...wonderful photos, thanks FusunA!
Great post! And wonderful, informative photos, too. Of course, boats and ships are a big part of my daily life here on the coast. We have three family members who graduated from Maine Maritime Academy! Rated with RRR
Being landlocked does have its disadvantages. But with your sunny reporting, I feel like I went along in spirit!
Lovely photography, cheering ideals.
We have a few historical ships around here as well -- none as grand as these! -- but it's always a thrill to see them at full sail. It's a glimpse into the past, and they're so much more attractive than the huge motorboats, high-tech fishing boats and jet skis.
What a fascinating piece, Fusun. The photos are magnificent.

I missed the pirate shin dig as well, but this is a lovely replacement. I could hear the waves, smell the salty sea, and, imagine adventures undertaken by the captains and crews of these ships. Thanks for this! R
I love this! Those big ships are so stunning, sorry I missed this for so long...
I would just love to go on a voyage on one of those multi-sailed giant things. We toured the Constitution in Boston awhile ago, it did not sound so fun for the real crew, though.
I also now want to visit Montreal! One of the only Canadian cities I have not gone to...thanks for this, Fusun!
Lovely pics! I've always wanted to see one of our own legendary wooden sailing vessels, the U.S.S. Constitution. Never had the chance.
Great fun though, thank you for sharing.
A collective and ernest "Thank you!" to everyone who dropped by and left a comment here. I'm glad you enjoyed the photos and the post. ♥
Great post.

Growing up in the Baltimore area I've always been fascinated with the Baltimore Clipper ships.

I just started reading the biography of John Paul Jones "John Paul Jones: A Sailor's Biography" by Samuel Morison (1959). Incredible look into the early history of the American Navy.

Another great book worth reading on a cold winter night. "The Republic of Pirates: Being the True and Surprising Story of the Caribbean Pirates and the Man Who Brought Them Down," by Colin Woodard (2008).
you really have an eye for photos and how to put them with a story!
A lovely way to enjoy the waning days of warm weather. Thanks for the tour of these gorgeous ships. R
Somehow I missed this beautiful post earlier, Fusun! Today I was home sick, and remembered your Turkish Well-Mannered Soup...it was the perfect remedy & made me feel much better! Thank you again... :)
Those ships are GORGEOUS! I love those kids too, all fancied-up in the garb. Ha, that's great. All hail the Canadian Wildlife Federation!
Sorry so late, FusunA. I had a bad headache the day you messaged me and I kind of missed the boat on this one. Still, I always enjoy anything that has tall ships, piratical looking lads and lasses and pictures of same.

Loved the descriptive bits of the day as well as the experience.