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Observations From the Swamp Many folks think we live in the nether regions of the earth here in Toledo, Ohio. However, Toledo is the birthplace of jazz great, Art Tatum, not to mention many other distinguished and accomplished AfrAms (African-Americans) who often remain unheralded and unrecognized in their home town. This swamp is a petrie dish swarming with undiscovered talent that the world may never know because there are too many slimey creatures down here in the swamp pulling down anyone who tries to climb out and come out into the warmth of the sun. This diva climbed into the swamp with one purpose - to rid the world of slime!

MAY 21, 2012 8:44AM

If this is "magical thinking" the "magic" works!

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Christians are accused of "magical thinking" in today's technological world where science performs the miracles and far too many people of faith seem to have none. People claiming to be Christians speak hate and far too often disobey Jesus' new commandment to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. This failure of some Christians to follow Christ's teaching and the lack of faith of others has created what I call "disillusional thinking" in people that forsake religion, God, and spirituality.
Spiritual warfare between those of us who've been labeled "magical thinkers" and those I've labeled "disillusional thinkers" will continue to divide believers from non-believers. So what battle strategy should we use in this war for the souls of humankind? Prayer and peace. We must pray without ceasing for our neighbors and treat them with love, no matter how disillusional their thinking, as Jesus commanded. That's easy enough for Christians to do.
Now comes the hard part.
We must also lay down our weapons and refuse to respond to attacks with counterattacks. Jesus commands us to turn the other cheek. How much do you love humanity and want to see all receive salvation? Beating people over the head with the Bible and condemning them rather than embracing them only pushes people farther into disillusion. Wouldn't you be if those that claim to emulate Jesus who showed no bias in whom He loved spewed hate and venom at those they judge to be sinners?
It's not easy loving people that do terrible things to other people, lie, steal, neglect their children, or practice evil as their religion. But Christians are obligated to do so. I have a dear friend that is an Evangelical Christian who is my role model. Regardless of lifestyle, behavior, or attitude, when we worked together, she never condemned, criticized, or showed hatred toward anyone.
She is so committed to loving others, she went into a crack house in the inner city in the middle of the night when one of the people we served called her pleading for help.
Can you imagine a little white lady with a bun driving up to a crack house in the hood without fear or hesitation because someone needed her help? Why wasn't she afraid? Because she has faith in God and knew He wouldn't allow any harm to come to her. If that's "magical thinking," then the magic worked!
But my friend's faith has nothing to do with magic and everything to do with belief. Belief in "the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen." My friend knew no one in that crack house or that neighborhood could harm her and she was right. Her faith was her armor and the only protection she needed.
This friend that lives her Christianity is the kind of believer we all need to be. She is one of several women that are role models for me as I struggle to be Christ-like. Many are ministers, others are friends, some or mentors. But the greatest of all is my mother as she literally walks with God and talks to the angels.
Magical thinking? No, spiritual knowing.

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It wasn't easy. For years I was an agnostic and wanted spirituality but wanted no part of the faith I was brought up with. The beginning of my conversion was an encounter with evil after meeting someone who said he was possessed. His brother was a friend and I only saw the gentlemaan once, but I could literally feel the evil that had taken up residence in him. I kept moving away from him, but he kept following me. The next day my friend told me his demons were quite when he stood near me. About a dozen years later, after I moved to Ohio, I met a deeply spiritual minister that had that same ower over demons and I figuratively sat at her feet to learn all I could. I re-claimed my Christianity and I've never had any regrets. Nothing I've faced since then has been unbearable bcause of my faith. I fast and pray regularly and have never had more peace. I'm not saying I'm some pious little, old lady now. I curse like a sailor when I'm upset, still dress like the sensual being I am as you can see from my profile photo. But I think those thinks that make us human, our emotions, our sexuality, are not sinful. I'm a very liberal Christian, but I'm definitely a Christian.
I guess I believe that if you don't have faith you have nothing , but sometimes faith in mankind gets tough.
I agree, faith is not really magical thinking...Sometimes it seems a path or a better way is right in front of us, we just can't see it clearly yet, that's all, and that little flashlight of faith is all we need to keep going forward. I guess people draw their faith from all different sources...thanks for sharing yours, Diva!
I enjoyed reading this today -- nice to read of faith.
Thanks, Linda, Clay, and Just Thinking. Had to write this for some reason.