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MAY 16, 2012 10:56AM

Beating up bullies - my dirty little secret

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Teachers' kids automatically become bully bait. And my grandmother, Mrs. Jefferson, was the dreaded sixth grade teacher at W. D. Spigner. 

So, when we were in fifth grade I decided it was time to take care of my main bully, Sylvia Portis, before we got to  sixth grade. One day I picked up the tiny but sturdy girl and threw her into the bathroom wall. She never bullied me again and actually came to the rescue when I was attacked three years later. Guess I gained her respect.

My other bully was a boy, Louis Cummings, also small, that I dispatched when we got to seventh grade. One day I just lost it and threw him down on the sidewalk and started banging his head on the cement. I had to be pulled off of him. I don't recall getting in trouble either time.

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A lot goes on which neither parents nor teachers will ever find out.

I shake my head on that one. Beat the stuffing out of the sucker, show them who's boss!!!! Back when I was a lad, bullies didn't listen, tried talking to them ala reason with them, they'd just laugh as they beat the tar out of ya!!!

Course times are different I guess, bring a tank to a knife fight!! ~nodding~ Make sure they don't come up for air!! :D

(To some kids who find this by searching for BULLIES, HOW TO DEAL WITH THEM, I'm just kidding, go tell your principal you're being bullied, they need a good laugh too!! ~:D)
Good examples of letting the kids police themselves.
That was probably the last time ever anyone dared bully you, ha?
Wow... not only tough in mind but tough in spirit..:)
Actually, my violent streak scared the hell out of me! But in came in handy during attempted date rapes. Stabbed one guy with a pen and drew blood, knocked another one unconscious when he brought me back to my dorm, and gave a third a concussion then gave him directions on how to get me back to my friends' apartment in a city I hadn't lived in for ovver a dozen years.
All I can say is Wow!
Never mess with a real diva! If we can't beat you up, we'll hit a high note that will burst your ear drum!
Been there done that... only thing that ever pisses me off more than a bully was when two people I care about go after each other. Don't know why that is but that's the way my brain works.
i too was a teacher's kid, and tho i fantasized this stuff,
never did it...i would get in TROUBLE, which is
what Dad reigned over in his highschool fiefdom;
the "troublemakers"...he was a scolder bring back respect
no matter how antiqated it is..
Amazes me how many people went through thus! I would not allow any bullying in my classes when I was a teacher. I'm presently working on a curriculum about bullying for children K-3. What we teach early tends to make the biggest impact.
Amazes me how many people went through thus! I would not allow any bullying in my classes when I was a teacher. I'm presently working on a curriculum about bullying for children K-3. What we teach early tends to make the biggest impact.
**Nods**. Kinda, sorta like my two growing up the kids of a couple of lesbians.

Mine won't tolerate a DAMN thing, but they never start anything either. Between the two of them they can out think, out snark and just plain brow beat most bullies. So far nobody's laid hands on them which is good cuz they have instructions to BOTH beat the hell out of who ever tries. (them I'll prolly go a few rounds with the kids parents).

But like I said, that prolly won't happen because they have no qualms what so ever being proactive and telling somebody they are being a punk or a bully.
Good for them, SBA!
Whatever others may think of what you've done, I say right on, sister. There are aspiring criminal sociopaths out there who need to be taught a swift and decisive lesson, real bad. Good on you.

By the way, did you ever hear of an anti-bullying movement prior to the Columbine massacre? (Why did it take a major catastrophe for someone to finally stop saying "kids will be kids" and actually do something?)
Bullies understand nothing but threats. Believe it or not, I was bullied by a little blonde girl in Kindergarten. It continued for months. Finally one day, I punched her in the nose (they said she had a broken nose). She never bothered me again. It was soooo worth the suspension!
Good for you, Brokenwing!