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FEBRUARY 21, 2012 3:36AM

Sojourner Truth asks Repubs in Congress, "Is you a woman?"

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Sojourner Truth made her famous "Ain't I a Woman?" speech in defense of women's rights. I think she would make the following speech to Republicans in Congress now:

I's wonderin' why all these here men tellin' wimmin folk 'bout havin' ch'ren.
Is you a woman?
You can't carry no baby in that there belly o' yo's and you sho' can't squeeze one out that tiny hole.
Is you a woman?
So why you tryin' to make women stop takin' birth control?
I tell you what. Women stop using they birth control when ya'll stop using yo' Viagra! Runnin' round here like a bunch horny goats jumpin' on females like tics on a dog and don't want them takin' nothin' to keep from havin' babies!
Is you a woman?
I keep askin' cause ya'll act like you know what's bes' fo' us. Well I got news fo' you! I give birth to fo'teen babies an' my back, my hips, and my bladder want you to know that aint good for nobody.
You keep tryin' to control wimminfolk but it was wimmin that give you life. We has babies when we want to and we nurse 'em and teach 'em to walk and talk. Everything you is you owe to a woman. So, until you is a woman put that thang back in yo' pants and stop pissin' on our rights!

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Thanks, sisters! I often do "Aint I a Woman?" and even wrote a musical chorus for it and the whole thing was recorded by a women's group I used to sing with. I also wrote a monologue speculating her feelings on the eve of the signing of the Emancipatiion Proclsmation that was performed in Toledo at First Night celebrations and at the Chicago Drmatist Workshop. I'd love to go to Congress and give this speech!
This is brilliant. Bless you for this.

"Ain't I a woman" comes to mind often when I feel I'm being disrespected or not taken seriously by some guy.

Also, sounds perfect for a one woman performance. Two tickets here if you do. ~R
Speaking Truth to those who hear and showing the Fool with the filtered ear
Yeeeeha! Great to see you back, Diva.
Thanks, Jonathan! Just visiting, Matt. Busy with school! Let you, Willett:
Rated with a capital R!
Thanks, SpirtManSF and Froggy!
Excellent. Posting to FB and rating a million times!
OK, Diva. My fondness for literature (and taste for astute parody) makes this post particularly resonant. Consider me a new fan (and yourself a new favorite).
How did I miss this before, and why does it have only 7 rates (now 8)? I love it!