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FrogTown Diva

FrogTown Diva
Toledo, Ohio, USA
September 23
Editor/eBook Publisher
Observations From the Swamp Many folks think we live in the nether regions of the earth here in Toledo, Ohio. However, Toledo is the birthplace of jazz great, Art Tatum, not to mention many other distinguished and accomplished AfrAms (African-Americans) who often remain unheralded and unrecognized in their home town. This swamp is a petrie dish swarming with undiscovered talent that the world may never know because there are too many slimey creatures down here in the swamp pulling down anyone who tries to climb out and come out into the warmth of the sun. This diva climbed into the swamp with one purpose - to rid the world of slime!

JANUARY 17, 2012 12:23AM

Call me "doctor" diva, no not that kind of doctor!

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I finally decided to get a Ph.D. and despite a poor performance on the GRE, especially in math I was accepted into a doctoral program at The University of Toledo where I'll be a graduate assistant.I was asked during the interview process if I want to be a college professor and quickly answered "no!" I want as many letters behind my name as I can get to sell my curriculum guides. That's what I'm studying. Curriculum and Instruction. So, my absences here will be even longer now. Just finished my first assignment, a reflective paper on three articles. Have lots more work to do!

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Thanks! I agree about the one book situation. Since I'm going to be writiing lots of the,m, I'll gladly promote multiple texts or ebooks! Actually, the way things ar headed in my new relationship, it may be Doctor Lucero. Think I finally met my soul mate at the age of sixty!