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September 23
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Observations From the Swamp Many folks think we live in the nether regions of the earth here in Toledo, Ohio. However, Toledo is the birthplace of jazz great, Art Tatum, not to mention many other distinguished and accomplished AfrAms (African-Americans) who often remain unheralded and unrecognized in their home town. This swamp is a petrie dish swarming with undiscovered talent that the world may never know because there are too many slimey creatures down here in the swamp pulling down anyone who tries to climb out and come out into the warmth of the sun. This diva climbed into the swamp with one purpose - to rid the world of slime!

JANUARY 25, 2011 7:52AM

Insects, the Nouveau Cuisine of the Future?

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Actually, wouldn't eating insects be great revenge on these little pests for creeping and crawling around our lives and making nuisances of themselves? I think this year's offering should be Bed Bug Stew.  With mosquito-eating bats going the way of the bees maybe we should figure out how to pack this little buggers into a meat grinder to make a nice pate.  And there should be a way to sterilize flies and roaches so we can combine the two to create a facsimile of bug bacon, crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle.  A creative chef with an entrepreneurial spirit could corner this market early on by figuring out how to make bugs palatable. All I ask is please leave spiders alone. They're not insects! They're arachnids and they can help us harvest our new food news. Give spiders jobs spinning webs to catch our new source of protein and supplying us with one of the strongest substances on the planet.  I would speak in defense of my other favorite critter in the wild, frogs. But they're already dying off with the birds, fishes, bees, and the bats. About the only creatures that will survive man's holocaust against nature it seems are the infinite hordes of insects.  Start crunching those exoskeletons. 

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I don't even like to eat bugs of the sea such as shrimp and lobster. So cute how you got the spiders working for the people's supply of new cuisine.
Not too far fetched. We already eat honey which is basically bug secretions...

I've heard that fire-roasted ants are spicy . . .
I can attest to the crunchy goodness of fried earthworms and the sweet crunchiness of chocolate covered ants. But I don't recommend fried grasshopper. Tastes like tobacco. I did it on a dare from the students in my gifted class thirty years ago. Oh, I hear humans taste like pork roast, which explains why there are so many cannibals. Don't laugh! There was a food shortage in the former Soviet Union there was a scarcity of food when the USSR first dissolved. Many people resorted to eating children and other people who died due to the cold, the famine, and disease. Hope it never comes to us eating each other, but I do enjoy a good pork long as no one tells me it's not from a pig (well, maybe a male chauvinist one!).