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MAY 7, 2012 1:45PM

Weight Loss Journal: Estimating and Honesty

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These are my new best friends.


What this weight loss journey is teaching me is:

1. I can't estimate.

2. I lie to myself all the time.

I can't estimate to save my soul. I have no idea how much a portion is if I don't measure it ahead of time. I pile it on the plate, if I like it, I'll have more. "That looks like about a cup." Yet when I measure it for real, what I thought was a cup is really one and a half. Or two. Or something. Who knows?

So I measure.


Every day.

Because if I guess, I know I'm always wrong.

I lie to myself, early, often, and all the time. I can so easily tell myself, "It's just one," or "It's not very big," or "You get a treat, just have one," or "You exercised today, you deserve this." One, whatever it is, turns into two, or three, or half a container, and I don't even know how much it was.

If I weigh it, measure it, look it up, and write it down, and be honest about what I'm doing, then I'm not lying any more.

If I weigh it, or measure it, I can't lie. Numbers are numbers. Half a cup is really truly what fits in the measuring cup. An ounce on the scale is an ounce. If I want more, I have to write it down. And in that act of weighing or measuring a second helping, I'll usually discover I didn't want it anyway.

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I admire your fortitude, froggy. I am not much on measuring things.
I'm not really much either, Erica. But this is the only thing I've ever done that's had any results. Sometimes I think it's the same psychology as spending money--if I don't track it, I don't know where it goes. And all of a sudden it's gone and I don't know where it went.

I'm very, very good at lying to myself!
I wish ya the best Froggy. I have worn any size in between 0-1 to 24W or 2x. Or course, some of it I can blame on the steroids I used to take. See, I used to lie to myself too...

Honesty works the best on getting a handle of any problem though.
and just like money as you state, you gotta know what the problem is before ya can fix it.

Now I walk everywhere or ride a bicycle. I can eat anything I want and never gain a pound. It melts right off here in almost paradise...

I wish you the best dear....hope this works...
Good point. I think we probably eat twice as much volume as I think.
Mission and Lea--thanks for reading!

It's so hard for me to just be honest. It's easier to just eat. And I get paid for sitting still in front of my computer.
Brilliant approach, Froggy. That last sentence is the clincher.
Thanks Chicken Maaan. And yes, you're right. It's all part of being honest with myself... making myself write it down, acknowledge it, measure it, own it, face it, pay attention to it. Not just eat it.
It will get easier. Really. Numbers are your friend but soon you'll be like Rachael Ray and will be able to estimate without consequence. Best of success to you.
Oh i so get this weight will always get you. We went to one of tnose frozen yogurt places where it is self serve and then they weigh your cups weboth put way more in tnan wwe thought we had it was embarassing but you are right our brainswant morethan we should have excellent post
You are hardcore. Respect!
Mary--I would like to be able to estimate. It would make restaurants a lot easier!

Amy--those yogurt places are the worst! It just comes out of the machine, and the cups are enormous.

Alysa--not hardcore. Maybe just realistic for the first time in my life. It's no wonder I got this way. I like food! Good food, too much food... if I can focus on the "good" and not the "too much" maybe I'll get somewhere.
Inspiring. Thank you. I can't enjoy measuring but I can see that it is all so valuable. If I just ate half of what I eat I would be half as big. Right?
Zanelle--I can't say I enjoy measuring but I like the results. I'm trying to make it easy. I went to the dollar store and bought several extra sets of cups and spoons, so they're not always in the dishwasher. No excuses of "I can't find a measuring cup." I even put some in the pantry... I keep one in the cereal box, and a big basket of them out on the counter.

On the good side, I've lost 10 pounds since April 1. Many more to go...