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JANUARY 20, 2012 7:30PM

New Friends Visited Today

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Last week, I posted the view from my window for Emily's open call.

Today, I had more friends come to visit, and I thought I'd share them with you.

It's still raining here. Cold, wet, and dark. But these guys make me laugh all day. I waded out into the back yard to fill the feeder.


Happy winter from the rainy side of Oregon.


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Ah those squirrels! Their antics are endless! Isn't it wonderful to have such funny company when you work?

Adorable!! And making me hungry!! ~runs off for some walnut cake~ ~:D
He looks pretty comfortable. Why not build him a tent for that little ledge? With a quilted Star Wars sleeping bag? That would make for some cute pics!

We did have some kind of Squirrel Uprising on our front lawn last week. A whole passel of them up in two trees screeching at one another. I told my husband it was the squirrel equivalent of the Republican debate, buncha nonsense.
Mine have taken up residence on my picnic table - they seem to like to have a bit of a view, when they're eating. And they do NOT clean up after themselves.
If it weren't that they constantly invade my attic, I'd agree that squirrels are cute.

Okay...your squirrels are far away...and indisputably cute...
Cute stuff, Froggy. ~r
Fusun--yes, it's endless. I love it when they start to fight over peanuts with the blue jays.

Lunchlady, they're adorable. Even when they're wet.

Tink, you can't have my squirrels. They're off limits to weird orange cats.

Bell, yeah I'll get right on that Star Wars sleeping bag. And I'm right there with you on the Republicans.

Bard, mine are a mess too, and they leave peanut shells everywhere.

Myriad--so far they haven't invaded my attic, so I still think they're cute.

Sheila--yes, they're fun and they make me laugh.

Joan--it's part of my morning on work days, coffee and squirrels.
Froggy, I love these photos! We enjoy our squirrels, too. One day, several years ago, a squirrel suddenly started showing up at our back door. It was very curious, since we don't feed our backyard friends. But there she was (we called her a "she", not sure why), peeking in our screen at us, as though to say, "Well, here I am; shall we become acquainted?" We started leaving a few peanuts by the back door for her, and she visited every day, eating the small pile of food, then making her way back across the yard, sipping some water from a birdbath, and then jumping over the fence and disappearing. My son named her "Pesky", even though she was definitely not pesky; she very sweet and polite. She was strangely tame; we could sit in a patio chair right next to her while she ate and she wasn't afraid. Her visits continued for about three years (when we were on vacation we asked our pet sitter to leave peanuts by the back door for her), but during the final year we could see she was becoming old and frail. She would stretch out in the sun on our fence for an hour at a time, resting her old bones. One day she didn't show up, and we never saw her again. We have photos of Pesky in our photo album, and we'll always remember our special squirrel friend.