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JANUARY 9, 2012 5:37PM

View from my window

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My office window looks out the side of my house, at the neighbor's house. No great shakes as views go. Suburban cedar fence. Boring.

So I added some enticements to attract friends. This view is from a rainy day last winter.




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Love it, froggy. ~r
Neat!! Squirrels can be awesome friends!! Trust me!! :D

Thanks Joanie. They make me laugh, even on cold drippy days.

Tink, don't you just chase them???
Love it! Thanks for making me smile!
Thanks jane! It was funny to find this little guy IN the feeder, with his draggly wet tail hanging out.

Jennifer--glad it made you smile. It made me smile too.
It made me LAUGH! I had a guy today hanging upside down picking chunks of suet out of my little cage thing and then sitting on the shepherd's crook (or whatever that thing is to hang garden stuff on) chowing down. Also in the rain..
He looks guilty of something...awful.
Good Daughter--too funny. They are so hilarious with their crazy acrobatics. I have one who hangs upside down on one of my feeders.

Blue--it just made me laugh, him sitting there in the rain, chowing down.

Bellwether--doesn't he?
How cute! Best kind of company to look at. We have a few here too, and they drive my OSman crazy.
lschmoopie--great therapy for boring work days. I watch birds and squirrels. Sometimes the blue jays fight the squirrels.

Fusun--yes, the best company!
Maurene--I love that he's all bedraggled and wet, but still plopped with his furry behind right IN the feeder. He made me laugh.

Pauline--they're funny, and they brighten my very cloudy rainy days.
I kinda miss squirrels. I don't think they like the desert. They are fun to watch, and are free entertainment for the family dog.
Snippy--they drive my dog insane--they use the top of our fence like a highway and he just can't reach them. He's actually broken fence boards from running into it at top speed trying to catch them.
Thats just charming....
You improvised yourself some great company, froggy. :D

Thanks Lezlie--they are great company.
This made me smile and laugh out loud. A squirrel chair. What a lovely idea.
Maureen--it's supposed to be a feeder. This guy just got a little too gluttonous. Ultimate kid with hand in cookie jar... just sit in the damn thing! Glad it made you smile.
Thanks for the smiling chuckle. So enjoyed it! :-)
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