Freaky Troll

Freaky Troll
Bottom of Purse, Washington,
November 11
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JULY 7, 2010 10:38AM

It can only be contained for so long...

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I'm gonna hit the button
Vanity release

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Oooh! Do it! Wahahahahahhh!!!
Nice to see you again, cutie polymer thing. You look like you're flying first class I hope.
hehehe, too funny!! :D it's so good to see you.
that's either an airplane (like greenheron thinks) or a hospital. either, way, mash it.
The apes need love. And maybe humor. Hit the button.
Darlin, you go ahead and push that button!
(So good to see your little pink head!)
Set it free sistah!
Hit it, Freaky! But get out of there, and take the ape!
No, don't release the Vanity!
Noooooo! Don't do it! It's like that damn box Pandora opened.
Are you sure you didn't already hit that button? Go for it!
If you're going to press one, go for HI!!!
Pifffft! Like you have any vanity left after that picture of you and Blevins, from yesterday, doing the Funky Foothole!
Oh Freaky, I am pushing the "I feel sorry for you" button!
As much sorry as you can stand, and then more. And a raft, to float away on it when it all gets to be too much, my little dear.
Make the ape push the button, too. She needs a little pampering. Or a lot of pampering. You should go for ape and troll mani-pedis.
Two words before you touch that button:

Well, I can't think of them, so go ahead and touch it.
You need CAKE!

Laughter is the best medicine. All best to you and the apes.
I tremble to think how much more vanity one troll could possibly release...
You go, girl-troll!
"You', you probably think this comment is about you...."

Let the vanity out, I say.
Considering some of the things they do to you in there, I think you sign away your vanity as soon as you're admitted.
xo, Freaky. Fill the room with vanity.

Oh, wait. Forgot where I was. Plenty here already.
well I'm sure if you were gonna do it, you've already done it by now, but food tray would have been a good choice too. You've already released a bunch of vanity around here but we haven't seen cake in quite a little while. HiLo!
The klieg lights are waiting.
Will Warren Beatty appear if you do?
What's that Hi-Lo thing?????
Hell yes, push the button!!!!
Push it! But then be really nice to the apes. They deserve it. Plus cake.
Welcome back and be careful that you don't melt in out record heat!
Looks like a hospital tray table
Push it. Push it real good.;)
oh Honey.

May cake rain down.
Vanity, vanity . . . all is vanity . . . which I guess means you should push the button - or hit it, or punch it, or kick it . . . whatever is most dramatic.

Hit the button! Let the ME ME ME MEs fly!
You do and you'll clean it up, young lady!
At least she freed you from the bottom of her purse.

Now... hit it!
Take care of yourself. My heart goes out to (the other) you and yours....
Tell the apes I'm so sorry.