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Frank Michels

Frank Michels
Nashville, Tennessee, USA
March 29
Frank Michels is a songwriter, musician, and producer in Nashville, Tennessee. He likes to dig in the dirt and plant flowers, cook tasty things, walk his dog, and play really fast riffs on a telecaster guitar.


             cat and ice cream

I’ve had cats in my life for about 15 years now. We’ve had as many as three at one time, but right now we just have one primary cat and one auxiliary cat named Murdock. We rescued Murdock from the Humane Soci… Read full post »

               hillbilly songwriter


I know what you’re thinking.


“But Frank! I can barely play 4 chords on that old guitar with 2 missing strings that my girlfriend left in the double-wide when she was arrested for met… Read full post »

MAY 10, 2013 11:48AM

Cat Sale


A few years ago my wife and I had three cats plus Sam, our aging Black Labrador. In the space of a couple of years, two cats died of old age and one just disappeared, possibly due to becoming an entr&ea… Read full post »

MAY 6, 2013 3:24PM

Sleeping With a Hose on My Nose

                                 man wearing cpap mask 

model wearing CPAP mask

I’ve been a traveling musician for the last 30 years. This invol… Read full post »

                              The Beatles 

On February ninth, 1964, I was eleven years old, about to turn twelve. On the front cover of the Washington Post… Read full post »

                               yard signs 

As my dog Sam and I stroll around this affluent Nashville neighborhood for our nightly walk, one thing is… Read full post »

     man in pumpkin 

As a proud American who loves pumpkins, I was distressed to hear today that Canada is stomping our butts when it comes to Giant Pumpkin Boat technology. Yes, while we are busy carving Jack-O-lanterns out of our pitifully small, basketball-sized orange gourds, th… Read full post »

AUGUST 2, 2012 7:37AM

My Sordid Criminal Past

         kids in jail 

When I was about 7 years old, we drove up from our home in Arlington, Virginia to a suburb of Chicago called Homewood, Illinois. My parents had lived there when I was born, and we were visiting some old friends of theirs, a Catholic Irish… Read full post »
JULY 26, 2012 10:44AM


      blue crab 

My wife and I are staying at her brother’s lovely home on the water near Solomons Island, Maryland. Yesterday, his wife Steph said, “Would you like to have crabs tonight?” Although we have often eaten crab cakes when we come here to visit… Read full post »

JULY 25, 2012 6:43AM

Back to my Old Stomping Grounds

     on the boardwalk 

My wife and I are going to Annapolis to attend her fortieth high school class reunion next weekend, so we thought we’d take a side trip down to Ocean City, Maryland. Although I spent a lot of time there in my youth, I haven’t been for quite a while,… Read full post »

JULY 13, 2012 10:41AM

It's a Wild Life at My House


I’ve written before about those pesky chipmunks that infest my yard. Sure, they are cute as can be, but they have dug holes and burrows all over the front lawn, so much so that the yard has sunk several inches in places. We used to hRead full post »

JULY 11, 2012 7:53AM

Listening to Voices From the Past

             tape deck 

 A friend of mine gave me a classic reel-to-reel tape deck the other day. It’s a very nice Sansui, and back in the day it was probably an expensive, top of the line stereo deck. It’s a big, bulky mRead full post »


The Fourth of July has always been a big holiday for me. As a kid I remember going to my dad’s office picnic on the fourth, held in a Washington, D.C. park. You could have all the hamburgersRead full post »

Editor’s Pick
JULY 2, 2012 8:10AM

The Despair of the Gardener

                              dry zinnia 

It’s hot. Really hot. Just like in most of the country, the temperatures here in Nashville have been breakRead full post »

JUNE 29, 2012 7:53AM

A Pessimist Looks at the Future

              the future 

(Warning! Reading this post may cause unhappiness, blue lung, craw-sticking, sad kidney, and uncontrollable sobbing. Persons at risk for depression should not read it.)


It’s pretty hard not to be… Read full post »


I have no qualifications to be any kind of arbiter of language.Read full post »

JUNE 25, 2012 7:38AM

A Dog That Hates Baths

             unhappy dog 

The other day, my wife said, “Sam’s getting a little stinky,” so I told her I would give him a bath. Sam is our 11-year old black Lab, and he hates to get washed, although once I manage to grab hi… Read full post »
Editor’s Pick
JUNE 22, 2012 7:57AM

We're Number 1! ...(in fatness)

                              fat man 

Americans and Canadians have the highest average body mass in the world, according to a new study by the LondonRead full post »

Editor’s Pick
JUNE 18, 2012 7:47AM

The Cool, Retro Appeal of Rock City

        barn ad 

Anyone that has ever traveled through the south, especially along the I-24 corridor through Georgia and Tennessee, has seen the signs painted on barn roofs and sides along the way. See Rock City! the ads proclaim in large white block letteRead full post »

Editor’s Pick
JUNE 15, 2012 8:05AM

Camping With Kids

 camping at the beach 

I grew up in a camping family. There were five of us kids, and on my dad’s modest salary, motels were not really an option. When I was very small, my parents started taking a yearly drive from Arlington, Virginia to visit my mother’s parents in Marquette, up in northerRead full post »

                             Steve Martin's underwear 

 Things must really be bad in North Korea. Already, two-thirds of the population is said to be malnourished, so m… Read full post »
JUNE 11, 2012 7:41AM

Pakistan as a Monty Python Skit

            Zardari's office 


Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta enters the office of Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari...   

Mr. Panetta: 'Ello, I wish to register a complaint.    

Mr. Zardari: We're cloRead full post »

         stack of magazines 

I love reading, and I love to find out new things. As a result, I find that I have subscribed to way more magazines than I can possibly consume. The New Yorker magazine takes me at least an hour to finish if I read all of the articles, an… Read full post »


A couple of years ago, I was in France to play at a country music festival. To get to the small town where the festival was being held, we had to drive through mile after mile of fields of bright yellow sunflowers, and I was mesmerized by their beauty. 

SoRead full post »

JUNE 4, 2012 7:51AM

My Crazy-Ass "TV of the Future!"

                            portable tv 

These days, technology moves at a speed that confounds older folks, but seems normal to kids growing up. I’ve seen peoRead full post »