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APRIL 28, 2012 2:03PM


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I was in the City to see the arrival of Enterprise; which came piggyback on a 747.


I did my viewing from the upper deck of the Frying favorite Big Apple watering hole...a pier jutting out into the Hudson.


Here are some pictures I took.


You can bearly see the plane in this first shot, but it is directly above the two center poles. They were coming up the river from the Statue of Liberty, which can be seen in the background. Lots of people on the Chelsea Piers Park.



100_1542 1


This shot is of Enterprise heading up river. It will pass Intrepid, the WWII aircraft carrier that is a aviation and space museum docked at the Hell's Kitchen waterfront. Sometime in June, Enterprise, which is now on the tarmac at JFK, will be loaded onto a barge and delivered to Intrepid, which will be its permanent home.


100_1545 2


 Here is a shot of the birds coming back down river. They had flown up to the Tappan Zee Bridge (perhaps as far up river to West Point)...and were coming back to the Statue of Liberty.


In the bottom picture, you can see the chase plane in the background. 

100_1546 3 100_1547 4


This was a once-in-a-life time event. I was thrilled to have been there to see it. 

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Frank, those are some great shots of the Shuttle! Absolutely a once-in-a-lifetime event and it's nice to see you had an excellent view of the flyover. How great it will be to have that as part of the collection at the Intrepid. It sounds like that part of the museum will open to the public sometime in July after everything is finished in the way of the structure around the spacecraft.
Wow, Frank, how exciting. Great shots!
Thanks for sharing, Frank. Wish I could have been there but your photos are almost as good.
Beautiful shots - I missed it because I was at Grant's Tomb celebrating US Grant's 190th birthday. So much to do in the Big Apple, so little time.