If I haven't dissed it--it ain't worth dissing!

Frank Apisa

Frank Apisa
Piscataway, New Jersey, USA
August 09
On a political continuum with Extreme Liberal at 1 and Extreme Conservative at 10, I can be found at position “P.” I get a chuckle at much of what passes for liberal thought, but don’t much chuckle at anything conservative. Quite frankly, I consider American conservatism to be one of the most dangerous pieces of garbage ever to pollute the planet Earth. A major problem with this mindset is occasioned by the fact that I am a 72 year old, white male who works at a county golf course in one of the richest, most conservative counties in the United States. Since I get free golf (at five county courses) as part of my compensation package, I play 4 – 5 times a week. Bottom line: Goddam near everyone I work with or play golf with, almost all of whom are 70+ year old white, males, is a die-hard conservative. I love each and every one of ‘em—love every bone in their heads. Truly! Sure is a tough haul, though—‘cause I am not given to holding my tongue. Just think of all the fun I have at work and play! Don’tcha envy me?

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FEBRUARY 16, 2012 4:42PM


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So anyway…the Pope decided he wants to check Church doctrine back to the original sources documents in order to see if any mistakes had been made during translations over the years…and he assigns a pious monk to do the job.


Years of research later, the Pope encounters the monk roaming the halls of a Vatican palace moaning, “Oh, Lord, we left out the “r.”


Seeking to ease the pain of the obviously distressed man, the Pope asks the monk what it was that he had discovered that was bothering him so.


"Holiness," the monk replies, “we left out the ‘r’, and that is why we have been having all these problems. We left out the 'r'.”


“Father,” says the Pope kindly to the monk, “its just a letter…just an “r”…it cannot be all that important. One word with an “r” missing cannot be the source of any problems. What was the word?”


The monk responds, “The word is ‘celebrate’, Holiness.”

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