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OCTOBER 6, 2010 10:06AM

Places That Belong To You

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 Angels work at the most basic level, healing the deepest anguish of the human heart; the feeling that we are ultimately alone in the world. 
--Eileen Elias Freedom


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but let's not rush november.
Sometimes I think you're a romantic
or a publicist for a movie company
or just corny.
This time I think you're all three
but sweet as well.
Which is a weird combination
I reckon.
Angels in America!!! What a great play and film!!!!
and you're right, angels can heal a heart that has been too heavy laden.
Rated for the beauty and a reminder.

@Kim: LOL!!! A nice combination after all, then!
"The time you wait substracts from joy,
Beheads the angels you destroy;
Angels fight, angels cry;
Angels dance and angels die "
Fe-You did it again. I bow to you. Never been a better time for remebering our angels - past and present and let's not forget the LOVE. Rated
BrianB- NO we don't to rush time. Time goes by too fast anyway.
So why RUSH when we can take our time and enjoy it.
Thank you

Faith- Thank you very much- Glad you liked it.
Hi Darlin'
Love your pictures and you.
(Kim's remark is so sweet. Our OS guys are the good guys.)
I admire you FE your sense of faith in God...
Hope to have that type of faith in something someday..
Kim- SMILES!!! LOL!!! You crack me up!!!
Thank you for the laugh-I needed it. ;)

Romantic- I won't deny it at all.
I won't even seek help for it..
I see no better way.
It gives life a little Hope.

Publicist for a movie company-
Thank you so much,
I never thought that for career.
I will look into that field.
Find out what it takes.
I know movies and have the collection
I have my resume right here on OS.
I let ya know.. ;)

Corny- OMG! Come on!
Now you sound like my oldest daughter.
She is far from

Sweet- You no that is right. SMILES!!
Don't let that get around.
Can't have anyone thinking that of me.

Weird combination???-- Now what is so weird about it?
I have to agree with PW on this one.

Better watch it I'll start treating like Tink.
(shsshsshhh don't tell him I said that okay)
Thank you!
PW- Angels in America- Very great play.
The film "Sweet November" is an wonder movie to watch.
Going to have to get more practice for that publicist job for the movie company up.. LOL I still giggling over his sweet comment. Oh thank you for the help.

"No matter what happens in life, or how heavy the cross gets to bare, just know that an angel will soon appear to help you carry the load."-- That my Darlin' is an all FE quote- just wrote this very minute and first noting on my reply to you..
Thank you
Kate- Thank you

Jack- I love that quote.. Thank you for sharing it.
My favorite of all times is:
"Only fools rush in where Angels fear to tread." I have no idea who wrote but I have kept in my mind for many years.
Eyes - why does the picture and the beautiful song remind me of you?
Jali- Yes it is no better time than now to remember our Angels. Thank you for that reminder, it slip my mind today anyway, it had been on my mind all month so far. oopss.
"Angels comfort us and give us the strength to peacefully continue on." --FE Quote (the tag is for PW- wrote just now.. giggles)
Thank you !!
Ostepanie- Lots of love and huge hugs too. Love ya Darlin'
Oh YES! Aren't out OS men just dandy.. Makes me want to take-some of them home- Not--maybe--no-- who knows..
Kim is a character always gets me to smile, and he said he would even read a book to me, once. Got my heart there.. giggles. running to hide now.
Gotta LUV them all.
Thank you !
Thank you for the rate for Angels.
SN?? No she wasn't selfish, I don't think so anyway. It would have selfish of her to stay and let him fall deeper in love with her, too only lose her again in the end. She gave him the chance to heal and to be able to love again. She went away to die alone without him to be there for her. Only taking and leaving the memories to hold in the heart forever.
That is how I see it. Does it work in all situations? No it doesn't, when they have been together for a long time. Or in other situations, I guess it just depends.
I know myself, I would have done what she did. To walk away leaving only the memories of happy moments for him to remember for life. Giving him the chance to heal from the broken heart to be able to love again. Instead of staying and hoping that he is able to forgive her for leaving in the end. That he will only remember the good things and not the bad. Or maybe he won't be able to heal from losing her that way, and in return never loves again.

Like said that is how I feel and think, and what I would do if it were me. As they say one never what they will do in any situation if something happens to them, until it really happens to them.

Thank you very much..
Rated for Pacino ---- I know what it means..You don't have to tell us that you love Barbara.. grins..
I love the Angels, but admit to loving the Archangels most. I'm always yapping at them poor things, I'm hoping they can shut out noise.

Jack Heart, oh my. What an awful sounding song it makes my ears ring. Of course the angels cry, God help them too.

What would we do without the angels? Like you fireeyes, I would be alone and lost. I would probably be dead long ago.
Rita- I Love You!! You are such a sweetheart. What would I do without you..
To have faith in something that you can't see with your eyes, can't touch with your hands, you can't smell it, but you always know that it there no matter what. Never stop believing in it, no matter how rough the road gets.

I gained my faith in God many years ago, when I figured out that he never left me, still loved me, and would always forgive me. I know that I would not be here today if I didn't have Him and my huge Guardian Angel by my side.
It is that peaceful serenity that touches your soul for a lifetime, never leaves you behind, all you have to do is believe.

I hope one day you will have that kind of faith in something, also. I also hope that you don't have to ever walk any part of the path that I have taken in life, too gain the strong faith in God that I have.
I know that there are a lot of easier ways to gain that kind of strong faith in something.

I love you honey
Thank you very much
BOOMER- AWWWWW Thank you so much. You are such sweetheart. I was going to say some sarcastic but I figure it might not be appropriate for this post. You will have get a rain-check for another post for that kind of comment.. HUGE HUGS..
A rain check will be fine :-)
Bleue, OH What would we do without the Angels, and the Archangels?
They help guide us through our weakest moments, when we can't do it alone. You are such a sweetie. One day it will all be OK. Remember that you are never alone, they are always with you.
Lots of love and HUGS too you.
Thank you
Boomer OH MAN! I am so happy to hear that you are willing to take a rain check. I was so so so worried about you saying, NO!
I have actually lost so much sleep over it.. Who Loves Ya!!

Tink- Many {{{{HUGS}}}} to you. You are my favorite. So don't listen to what Kim tells ya. Okay! Because You are THE MAN!!
(sssshhhhsssshhhh - come closer because I don't want him to hear, so don't tell me. Okay? It might hurt his feelings, and we sure don't need anymore of that on OS.)
I have met a couple of angels along the way. I still believe. That movie is one of my favorites, but it breaks my heart she won't let him love her to the end.
Nice. I love me some Babs...:D