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AUGUST 17, 2010 7:43PM

The Man In The Moon

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 Had myself a really great time with a very nice young gentleman. We already knew each other.  We had dated back in last of 2007 until beginning of 2008. He is a “REAL” Cowboy... giggles.. He is in the PBR, which is the Professional Bull Riding circuit. The PBR was in town the weekend before last, for one night only performance.

When we met, he had been home for a few years, because he had been injured, when a horse fell on his legs, from the knees down. He was staying out at his parent's ranch, during the time that he was getting treatment for his legs done.
He was helping his mom with training horses; she trains them for the rodeos and the PBR. He also went to other ranches, to help work the horses, and breaks a couple high spirited horses.

He is what my friends, and myself, would call "Totally fucking preferred stock.".. Country girl talk, we have the habit of, comparing men to animals that they really are, anyway. Not to mention he had one hell of a handsome and beautiful face to go right along with that preferred stock body of his. Giggles.. DIMPLES TOO and a smile that would melt you like butter all over the floor.. Lighting up his face, and making his eyes sparkle like diamonds.

OMG!! He can dance.. Damn!! I have never met a man that could dance like he does. He can not only country style dance, but also ball room dance.. He took me to a high class uppity restaurant once, back when we were dating, and we were doing the ball room dancing. It was breath taking.

HOLLY CRAP!! I haven't done that dancing since right out of high school.. Maybe?.. It didn't matter because he could lead. I think even if I had two left feet he would still be able to make me look like a great dancer too..

He left to go back to the PBR in Jan 08, the same month I got my DUI and started life from ground zero.

OMG!!! I could just go on and on... He was trying to talk me into going with him..I wish I could, but I can't live that life style (Like a Rock Star) anymore..
It is only fun while it lasts.

He wanted to come over and stay the night, but I didn't let him... I knew he would be leaving Sunday morning. So only being friends, long distance, and visiting when he come to town, is all there is for a while. That is all I can handle right now. I knew I would fall in love with him all over again. And I would then get hurt when he had to leave again..
He is 12 years younger than me, and 12 years older than my oldest daughter. He had no children of his own, but wanted some. He could handle me being a mother of older daughters, all raised and out of the house. He couldn’t handle the fact that I was a grandma. So that put a huge damper on things before he left to go back to the PBR.

You have no idea how badly I wanted to let him stay.

I am still smiling from ear to ear.

He left to go back on the road early this morning. He came by my 4-plex, really early this morning. The sun and the birds weren't even up yet.

We sat on his tail gate, of his truck. Then we laid down in the bed of the truck watching the stars, the sun rise and just talked.  Sitting in my driveway... Giggling.

I didn't want him to go, hadn't seen him since Dec 07. NO !! Wait ! It was after New Years of 08. He had stopped by the farm house, to tell me good bye, and that he was going back to the PBR rodeo circuit.
He was shocked to see that most of my things were packed up. I told him what had happened..
So he went back to the PBR, and I went to rehab.
Never seen or talked to each other, until Saturday night.

Then he had to leave and go catch up with the crew and all the buses.
DAMN IT!!! Anyway..
Sometimes life just doesn't work out like we want it to..
Following the circuit isn't a way of life that I want to live. So I will stay home, and let the thoughts of him cross my mind, and make me smile, every now and then.

“Then we will stay in touch, stay home, and stable, and look up for the hook up. Sometimes, you have to settle for something that works in different ways!”- Quote by a friend... Hi Zuma..

Telling Zuma and writing this just gave me Goosebumps, and tears to the surface.
I know he will be back around some day; his parents live in the area. He is in the PBR, around here where I live, they are so into the rodeos, everyone goes. PBR is here more than once, a year.
They were here the weekend before last, in the town where my dad lives, which is 15-20 minutes from me...
I went out of town hoping that I would miss him while he was here.
It didn't work... He took extra time to spend a little time with his parents and then they told him where I lived. They had run into me, couple times around town.

But when we were lying there, in the bed of the truck, looking at the stars, the moon, and watching the sunrise. He looked right into my eyes, with those sky blue eyes, that always melted me like butter.
He says... "When you miss me... Look up at the stars, and the moon... I am right there beside you...”
I wanted to cry...

Life sometimes doesn’t work out the way that you want it to.  You just have to work thing out in different ways...


 © 2010 Fireeyes24




The Man in the Moon


As the night slowly creeps up on the sunshine

Look up to the sky, you will see me there

The brightest star in the North

Directing you home

Rain shimmering down

Making a crystallized haze

Hypnotizing glow from 

The Man in the moon

                                                                                     © 2010 Fireeyes24   



Thank you Zuma for the much needed conversations, I think on both our sides. Most of all Thank you for the inspiration, to do this post.. Love and hugs.. 

This is story is nonfiction

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Oh lovely! Sometimes that longing can feel so good.
This is good. Very good. R-
DAMN IT!!! Anyway...


I feel so sad, maybe someday, when the rodeo mistress stops calling his name, then you can be together forever. R
Some are lucky in this game and then there are people like us. Oh, well, you got one darn good memory or two out of it which is something. Fine poem.
fireeyes you are incredible when you wanna be.
12 years younger !

i knew you were a couger.
Ask for what you want, and the Universe will bring you what you need. Trust that everything... everything happens because it is supposed to....

By writing this.. you asked for what you want.
"directing you home", yeah keep that close.. by the way if you didn't miss him by staying away than you weren't supposed to. No matter how long or short. r
Antoinette- Yes you are so right the longing can feel so good. It is the longing, that keeps us smiling, when they cross our minds. Great to see you around here.. Thank you very much.

Dave- Thank you very much, glad you thought it was very good.

David- DAMN IT Anyway... Life just loves to play it games on us doesn't it.. Thank you very much for coming by and for your comment..
Tink- Stop whining!!! Come to Missouri. I will take you to find a "Preferred Stock Cowboy." I can even find one for wifey too.. giggles..

That saying started when the cologne came out, and they had this really HOT cowboy on one of the adds. I cut it out and hung it on my refrigerator.
My friends would ask me, "Why do you have this on your frig?"
I would say, "Look at him, Why not have him on my frig? Even if he would be better in my bed."
So then they all started to get upset with me, when we went out to the country bars.
I would say, "Hey look over to the right, black cowboy hat on. Now that is preferred stock.. Man!! I want him.."
They would tell me, "You can't go around judging men like they are live stock."
I said, "Why not? They act like we are pieces of meat, at least I am getting them while they are still breathing."
Then the saying stuck and all of us were saying it.
Thought I would give you a little back ground on the saying, "Preferred Stock."
{{{HUGE HUGS}}} I will find you a preferred stock cowboy.
This was beautiful! R
Preferred stock? People really say that?

I shudder to think what sort of stock I might be called. I don't even have papers.
Blu- That would be a long time away, once they it the rodeo mistress in their blood, it stays, until they can't do it any longer, due to injuries, death, or age.
But he will make a great friend. Thank you very much.

DrSpud- Yes some people are lucky in this but some are not. That is okay the ones who are unlucky in this kind of thing, we at least can have a blast doing whatever we want to do. Right?
One of my favorite saying are "Be Good. But if you can't be good. At least be good at it."
Thank you very much.. Glad you like the story and the poem..

Kim- Thank you for thinking I am incredible. But bust my bubble cuz I thought I was incredible all the time.. teehee..
Thank you very much..
Well done, Kiddo. I is embarassing and jealousing at the same time over good writin'!

That Tinkertink won't get no man of preferred stock until he quits taking up with those private message wimmin.
Wschanz- It was either 10 or 12 years difference.
But if you want to call me a cougar, then I guess I will let ya.. MEOW!!! But I don't think cougars Meow... teehee...
OH one more thing; I am only a cougar when dancing under the sheets.. giggles..
Thank you for coming by and also for your comment.

Askme- Things do happen for a reason or because they are supposed to happen. Writing this more than likely just got it out of my mind.
It isn't the life style I would ever want to be a part of one, or even date someone who is in it. We decided friends, which is the way for both of us.
I am not into playing games, and I want something more in life that life style. Doesn't matter what someone looks like on the outside, it really is the inside that matter the most.
So since things happen because they are supposed to, then if we have made anything more than what we had and the friendship we can have... Maybe the two of wasn't supposed to be together anyway.
xenonlit- You shouldn't be embarrassed and I know you shouldn't be jealous over my writing. Because you are a way better writer, than I am by a long shot. I am just a little country girl who like to write stories, poems and my opinion/ my 2 cents on things in life.
I would not consider myself a good writer..
But I will just keep writing..
Thank you for the compliment and also thank you for the inspiration.
Love and hugs
kateasley- Glad that you thought is was great and that you also loved the was I wrote it..
Thank you very much..
hey, fireeyes! This post is like a really great country song! And I'm talking Classic Country, not that new shit...

There's not much better than the bed of a pickup, stars & dawn, with a cowboy! Or even a not-cowboy!
Your last statement is a great summation! Thanks! I love rodeos and I love rodeo love stories, no matter how they come out!
Love with cowboy under the stars... jealousing here. Sounds simple and romantic. I like your poem as the moon and the stars are inspirations to me also and always. Watch your back in the bed of those pickups FE!
wow this is wonderful-woke up this morning at all hours-with thoughts of typing (left and right brain) and now this 3x7 dude has taken all the rhinestones, casting them to the sky: he'd a penchant to neatly fold the red and blue bandannas before he travelled, as though they were old maps like those in the sprung loose glove box of that Kansas Hwy Dept salt rusted pickup. He'd a bouquet from the grocery store, the bachelor buttons, other flowers he did not know. Her eyes, the stars the moon did glow.
beautiful. happy for you.
Made me think about the time when The Redhead was an ocean away and how much I missed her. ... Good to see you again, FE.
What a lovely, lovely love story. Please let us know when he comes back to town.
Suzie- You are right there is nothing like laying in the back of a pick up talk, looking at the stars, the moon, and watching the sunrise.
With a cowboy or even with a non cowboy, it one of the best memories you will never forget. Thank you so much {{HUGS}}
Wonderful story telling and I love the poem.
Glad to see you back! Great story and I will never again think of preferred stock in the same way! R
Rita- It was very simple and romantic. Bed of a truck, under the stars, with great company. Who could ever ask for more.. Oh! I will watch my back in the bed of a pick up truck. The moon and the stars, are such a amazing, beautiful, inspiration. Thank you very much.
I will be back on in a little while, to reply to everyone.
Thank you!!
I am not really that big on I told you so but in your case I told you things would get better. Great news I hope this time it works out.
Loved the poem!
Great story. I once dated a rodeo man...he was very good "stock" also. I do know what you mean about not wanting to live that lifestyle though. I'm glad you got reconnected, sounds like you will be friends for life.
I have just read your PM this is fiction? I am sad again but I still love the poem.
JackHeart-No it is Non-Fiction.. I looked back on the pm I sent you, that was a typo... Sorry... Now you can be not sad anymore.... Thank you

I will be back.. soon...
It is nonfiction she says, typo please ignore my second comment and I am smiling once again
Cowboys who can dance...especially when the moon plays satellite to the longing between you...those types of good animals do keep a girl on her the best of ways...
OMG, fireeyes, there is something about those bull riders! I watch PBR on TV every chance I get. I love it. Sorry it was such a fleeting flutter, but keep that heart warm for him. He'll be back.
This was lovely. Just lovely. R
What a great story... you made my mind go back to the time when I was happyly in love with someone who always smiled at me with love and passion but also with that tender look that says: I DO LOVE YOU BUT I CAN NOT BE WITH YOU... damn... life is unfair sometimes...
I loved every word of your story RATED
J.P Hart- Thank you so much for such a beautiful comment. Well he knows to bring daisies or wold flowers, because they are my favorites.
Thank you very much..
BrianB- It is just going to be a friendship. Too many obstacles standing in the way. But I can handle friends, I think it is all I can handle right now. Thank you very much {{{{HUGS}}}}

lschmoopie- Thank yo very much..

boanerges- It is that missing, longing, and desire for one another that makes a relationship stronger.
It feels great to be back on a little more than I have been lately.
Thank you very much.
Trilogy- Thank you I am so glad that you thought it was a lovely lovely love story. I will keep you updated the next time he is in town. But honestly the relationship will only be friends, for a long time.
Not only is that life style is a rough life style to live and be a part of. But to have a relationship with someone who is in that life style is very hard to handle, all the time. So friends it is and will be.
Thank you very much.
Romantic- Glad you thought it was wonderful story telling and glad you loved the poem. Thank you very much.

Libmomin- LOL you know what? Since I started that saying I have never ever looked at "preferred stock" the same again. So I understand what you are thinking.. giggles.. Men actually don't like it when you use that term to compared a them too.. It feels great to be on here again. Even if it might be a little at a time still, but at least I am here. Thank you very much..

OWL- OMG! It is great to see you around here again.. I have missed you.. Glad you liked the story.. Thank you
Jackheart- Not that big on "I told you so?" But you do it so well... giggles..
This time it will only be friends, and have fun when he comes back through the area. It truly isn't the kind of relationship that I am looking for. But I will never stop having him as a great friend..
Thank you very much...

Buffy-Glad you agree with me that the rodeo life isn't the kind of life to be a part of. It can be a great time while it last, either for a short period or a long period of time, it is still fun. But still there isn't anything like those "Preferred Stock" Cowboys.. Thank you very much..
Jackheart- SMILING and giggling at your other comments. Yes I am giggling at myself too, because I did the typo...
Thank you so much.

Catch-22- Yes those types of animals do keep a girl on her toes. smiling..
Oh yes he could dance. The longing and desire was there, very strongly on both sides. But like I said it will be only friends now, and a great friendship it will be.
But it does make it nice when the thoughts of him cross my mind and make me smile.. Thank you very much..

Tomreedtoon- This is a nonfiction piece. Most of the stories that I write are "true real life" stories, of things that have happened in my life, the good, the bad and the ugly. Yes it doesn't happen very often in life, but when it does it makes a home in the heart, and the memories will never fade.
There probably isn't any tragic stories that, would shock me or bring me down. Thank you very much.
L In the South- You are so right there is nothing like those bull riders.. Any of the rodeo is something great to watch. And mmmmm!! Those cowboys,..... My heart will stay warm.. Thank you very much.

Natalie- Thank you very much, glad you thought it was lovely..

Mauricio- Oh! I know that look, it is really bad when it fades away and everything changes. I am happy to hear that you hung on to every word of my story. Thank you very much
I feel like I just woke up in the middle of a dream about a bunch of people I don't know and I feel very disoriented and a little woosy. I need to get my bearings and figure out where I am. Where am I? I know it's not Kansas, but sheesh! I need coffee first.
So, are you looking for someone permanent to stay around or are you going to be happy with this arrangement? I suppose you could wait for this guy to retire from the circuit, at which point I assume you'd be able to have your cake and eat it, though I don't know the working life span of rodeo riders.

In terms of the "preferred stock" thing: Men are like that about women all the time (myself excepted - my own upbringing and peculiarities). That's why there are pinups and centerfolds. Turn about is certainly fair play - if objectification is the game, there's no reason not to be in. In addition, I'd imagine the guy on your fridge would probably be flattered to be there. (Actually, I'd almost guarantee it.) I might not let your own rodeo guy see that picture, though. Of course, he might try to give you one of his own to replace it.

Enjoy it while you can.
Did you all see this pic of the two of them after that night?

Check out the evidnce

Shannon- While you were reading this story, you took a short trip to Missouri and back home again. Kind of like "Alice in Wonderland."
Go have you a couple cups of coffee and the disorientation will soon disappear. Giggling... Thank you very much
Some memories of certainpeople who come into our lives keep us going forever. I'm sure this one will do it for you. Glad you're feeling better.
I like this:
Making a crystallized haze

Hypnotizing glow from

The Man in the moon
Wonderful to have you posting, fireeyes. While this is a sad piece in some ways it reminds me that there are always bright, unexpected shooting stars in our lives. They are things of great beauty, things to put into the memory bank and revisit now and then. Things that are for a while but are not to be part of our regular lives. Things to treasure for what they are, not for what we would like them to be. But you know that, don't you?

Glad that you are doing better. That is VERY important to me.

Isn"t Zuma a treasure?

Wow. He certainly has you on fire. And that's a great feeling isn't it?
You romantic you, I am glad you lived in your moment - Ah such a memory. Thanks for sharing. Just Jali Smiling.
Kosher- I don't think the life span of a "Rodeo Cowboy," is not very long at all. They don't retire, they either get killed riding in the rodeo, or they get so injured so badly, that they may as well shot them like they do lame horses. In order words they don't quit the rodeo, once it is in their blood, there is no turning back to a normal life.
OH! NO! I want someone who will stick around, to enjoy life with, and can't forget to be my lifetimes fishing partner. Someone to be my companion, partner, best friend and lover.

This young man will only be a friend, nothing more or nothing less, that is not friends with benefits either, I don't play that game..

All or nothing! "Turn about is fair game," and "what is good for the goose is also good for the gander," and "All is fair in love and war."
I don't like lying, cheating, dishonesty, betrayal, verbal or physically abuse.
He most LOVE to fish or be really to learn.. giggles.
A man who comes and goes, in the heat of the night, and expects you to drop everything, and be at his beck and call, or his puppet.. That kind of man could never make me happy, or even come close to satisfy me.

Thank you for the awesome comment.. Nice to see you are here in "The world of Fireeyes24." Hope to see you more and read some of yours.
XJS AND ME--- Howdy stranger.... How have you been, great to see you back around, my neck of the woods.. giggles.
Oh I do have say I just loved the picture. What tree where laying under or sitting up in, to get such a great shot. Grins..
You Northern boys!! ~~ shaking head while giggling~~
Have to keep in your mind that I was raised in the great Northern parts of this country..
SMILES!! Come back around more often..
Thank you very much..
Ahem.... preferred stock ? Wow, sounds kind of sexist to me. Sorry but words matter.
Wonderful heart wrenching story and beautiful poem.
If you are still me.
Good memories stay with you forever.
Thank you for bringing me to your blog, fireeyes24. What a nice read for a rainy afternoon in Cheltenham UK. Soft, touching and tender. And I was so hoping you'd get your cowboy. You know, I try to be "totally fucking preferred stock" sometimes, then I read something like this and I'm glad it will never be; a real cowboy wouldn't have a tear in his eye right now. Thank you so much.
Struck pretty much dumb with wonder right now. Maybe it's just as well. I talk too much anyway. Rated.
Christine- You are so right.. People come in and out of our lives all the time, but they leave a piece of themselves behind with us. Like a treasure to glance back, once in a while, to make you smile when you need it most.
Thank you very much..

Sheba- Glad you like those phrases. Those are some of the simple things in life, that keep us going. Thank you very much.

Monte-- Yes Zuma, is one of the best treasures..
I have missed being on OS, posting, reading, etc..
One day I will get better and life won't be so hard.
Your comment gave me goosebumps, and got me crying..
Thank you so much for always being here for me..
You are the Best!
Love and hugs...
Thank you everyone for coming by and reading my post. I appreciate it very much. I love all your comments..

I will be back on later, to reply back to the ones I haven't replied to yet..
Thank you
Geraint- Yes I am on fire.. Oh! It felt great! Thank you

Jali- Yepper!! I am a romantic, hopeless some people say. I am lucky that gotten the chance to see him again. It will be one of those memories, that cross your mind and make me smile.. Thank you

Rosy- You are right it is kind of sexist, but at the same time men do it also. It was just a funny phrase my friends and I used. Thank you

Happy- Glad you liked it, Thank you

Tai- Thank you! Love ya!!

Mr E.- Yes good memories last forever. We should make sure that we do remember the good ones, and not the bad ones. Thank you very much.

Jane-Yes! No matter where we are, we all are looking at the same moon. Many hugs to you ... {{{HUGS}}} Thank you

Vince- Glad to see you over here in "The World of fireeyes24."
You got me in tears now. You are right, real cowboys, would have tears in his eyes, while reading this. Thank you very much and Welcome to my world.

Aj-Thank you very much for your comment and for coming by my post..
Cowboys make great lovers. Or so I hear. But they travel much, missie. . .

rated, for being heartfelt, and underrated quality today.
Dom- We have a lot of fun, but friendship is all it will ever be. Sometimes things work out, or they don't. Thank you for you nice comment. It was nice seeing you over here, I hope you come back again. Thank you

BOKO- Thank you for the rate for it being heartfelt, and underrated today. Yes they do make great lovers, but the staying on the road almost a year, is no place for any relationship.
Thank you