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December 10
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JANUARY 12, 2012 10:19PM

Views from my windows while traveling the world

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I love to travel.  Here are some of the views from my recent travels.  I would've posted more photos, but they exceeded the size limit.  

From our terrace in Siem Reap, Cambodia, August 2010 


From our tuk-tuk (moto powered "rickshaw"") at Angkor, Cambodia. 


 An elderly monk on his morning walk collecting alms, Siem Reap, Cambodia.  From the terrace of the restaurant where we worked (good wi-fi). 


From my hotel in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.   


The view from our vehicle.  A small store in Negele, Ethiopia 


View from our hotel room in Brugges, Belgium 


 The sunset view from our hotel in Frankfurt, Germany (the man on the scaffold is a mural).



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Nice photos. Like the tuk tuk! Hope to go to Angkor one day.
odd to compare East and west. why the heck, for instance,
is a man on a scaffold made into a mural/
/ seems easier to handle in the East..
Very nice photos but you should make them larger.
I love these! The first Cambodia picture surprised me; I would have said it was somewhere in the Caribbean. Thanks so much for sharing these views!
I've always wanted to visit Asia. Thanks for the tour!
TaosGirl -- You really should go to Angkor -- amazing, but many of the temples are sinking, so go before they do!

James -- Yeah, go figure. What a weird thing to put on a mural. I dig eastern philosophy.

sky -- thanks for the PM tips!

Alysa -- Cambodia is very tropical. The first time I went it actuall reminded me a lot of north Florida.

Polly -- I never thought I'd like Asia, but I LOVE it. The people are the best. Thanks also for the PM tip.
eastern philosophy rocks!
that Boo-dah, old Low-Sue, inventor of the Dow,
also Confucius in small doses (he was like a cool Square)
and let us not forget those Zen masters.

Boo-dah ism alot like Christ-ism, it spread.

Boo dah said,
Ruin in the world is caused by ignorance;
friendships are broken off by envy and selfishness;
the most violent fever is hatred;
the best physician is the Buddha;

Siem Reap is a place I have recently pinpointed for future, thank you for sharing these marvelous photos. The monk is a favorite.
You have been to such beautiful places so different and full of contrasts. How generous that you shared some of them. Thank you.
Your photos are beautiful. You make me want to go and buy a ticket.
Love your photos. I do the same when obsessed with photography. Since you've been to Ethiopia, have you read Abraham Verghese's book Cutting for Stone? You'd like it.
Really love your pictures. Make us a journal of the East -West. You have the sensitivity to pull this together, I feel;people would love to know how it is, the varying speeds of cultures through your lens, sensibility. Like your stuff, always.
Could have asked that I join you on your trip ...
♥╚═══╝╚╝╚╝╚═══╩═══╝─╚for making me forget myself and feel like I was there with you.
James -- I love the Buddha. You wouldn't believe how beautiful the temples are in Asia -- the story of the Buddha painted in very bright, vivid colors on the ceilings of every temple.

Rita -- You must go to Siem Reap and also see the temples at Angkor. Breathtaking.

FusunA -- Thanks!

messygal -- buy a ticket, to anywhere, right now!!! Oh the travel bug.

Elizabeth -- I read that book just before I went. LOVED it. And it is so accurate and helped me. I ALWAYS have my camera with me, but still try not to intrude. The best is taking photos of kids and then turning the camera around so they can see themselves. Priceless.

inthisdeepcalm -- Thanks for the really nice words. Maybe I will give that a shot. Well, heck, come with me the next time!

Algis -- Thanks! Now that skypixeo has helped me with posting photos, I am going to do more.
Thank you for sharing your travels with us. I miss traveling. The photo from Ethiopia almost looks like a painting. Cool.
Lovely photos. Thanks for letting everyone see so much of your world.

And thanks for your comments on my skating piece. Much appreciated.
Wow! Cambodia is so beautiful! Who knew? I really want to go to Ethiopia one day. It's the only nation in Africa that has never been conquered.
Erica -- Thanks. I wish I could travel more. Work seems to get in the way, but work finanaces travel. Vicious cycle.

Mary -- Thanks!

Wren -- Cambodia is my favorite. Probably because I have made a lot of friends there. Yes, GO to Ethiopia! They are very proud of bein unconquerable, as they should be. If you go back through my posts, I have one about my visit there.

What a wonderful trip
I hope it was as enjoyable
as your photos are beautiful
rated with love