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had to flee Los Angeles, s.o.s, Disgruntled state of Dystopia as the kids say
May 24
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And, a different version of a piece I posted a few weeks ago.  More exhaustive or exhausting,  or whatevuh!

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Kroll seems to have no problem advertising themselves as the leading company for a myriad of mega sounding  responsibilities - global risk management, litigation support, corporate investigations, compliance,due diligence, asset recovery-- global and national.  They are either preeminent, pRead full post »

On a Podcast, released on July 31st 2012,  a comedian named “Tig” Notaro had discussed a series of bad breaks.

What she would describe as a “four month period,” had culminated in a doctor telling Notaro that she thought it… Read full post »

So despite an aversion

I’d log in for second.

Nothing like the  immersion

Years back, now,

when OS beckoned.


Do second and beckoned

work as a rhyme?

I really don’t think so?

What do you think?

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As the title indicates, the project is far superior to sex. No depraved orgy can compete. No nationally televised Trojan vibrator can compete. (FYI this refers to the shocking commercial that keeps showing up at all hours of the day. Network censors!!! Woohooo!!)

That said,


I wanted to do… Read full post »

There is something idiotic to me about Facebook, and even more idiotic-- Faceook likes. Firstly, being liked seems something that only a business based on profit should aspire to. Not something a regular human should invest any desire in. To be loved or admired sounds great, but liked? Like is like… Read full post »

Modern martyrdom is not awesome fun. Well, perhaps sacrificing oneself for the greater good, has always been a recipe for dissapointment.


Crucifixitions, and assassinations, might make your post mortem life a blast, but post humous props don't seem too enticing. 

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I was never an Obamabot. Didn't like him for a long time. He was cool, and charismatic, but I saw in him overarching ego -- more than anything.  I didn't percieve evil. Could never picture him cackling over the dinner table with Michelle, Sasha, and Melia. Even now, after reading about … Read full post »


 I finally found it. The only picture my mother has of her long dead brother, as a man. A picture in a fallen soldier booklet. In Hebrew.yakovmemorial2


I was looking it, for a reason. I could swear that the picture I remembered, resembled someone else. Someone whose image had… Read full post »

Oprah was there. Jamie Fox was there. Lots of big shot celebrities there to  make speeches on civil rights. Such speeches were penned in mega mansions. Such speeches were met with applause, as American men and woman were denied all civil rights on American soil. The crowds cheered Jami… Read full post »

I wanted to see if it was cruel to mock Miley Cyrus's seeming Tongue control issues.  What if it was a Tourette's type symptom?

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As Edward Snowden cools his heels in his temporary asylum, Syria explodes, and teens kill from boredom, Miley Cyrus takes up airtime for her simulated sex with Alan Thicke's son on some VMA show.

Not the TV son, Kirk Cameron.

He is a devout Christian.


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 There has been a shortage of folk singers. We need them. Yoohoo, Dylan, the times are a changing... again. Woohoo!

I am here to try and fill the void. Since if you stick a fork in me, I am done, and since I can't sing and am clearly stealing from Joni Mitchell toRead full post »

AUGUST 23, 2013 9:35AM

Antoinette Tuff, I love you.

In case anyone missed it-- a "creepy lone gunman," was literally disarmed by love and compassion. A screenwriter posing such a storyline, would be laughed out of the room.

The goddess, Ms. Tuff, ignored all the outer voic… Read full post »

AUGUST 22, 2013 1:32PM

The Un-manning of Manning

I was writing a post called, " Tuff Love," about the magnificent Antoinette Tuff,and then I googled to make sure. The Christian Monitor took it. DAMN!

 So, I'm just claiming this title for my anticipated(anticipated by me, and possible a few others) piece about Bradley/Chelsea Manning. Read full post »

thetransitzonelaurenspitzbergREV22 Illustration of Edward Snowden, and fellow travelers,  in the Transit Zone copyrighted @Lauren Spitzberg

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AUGUST 5, 2013 9:44AM

Ed Snowden and Madonna do Russia

Times have changed

in a lousy way.

Back then,

the Material girl could sass Russia.



Now , she


(Or, anyone acting gay)

better stay away.


Wanna know what Madonna and child

have to say?


Just buy their e-mails

from the NSA.


Illustra… Read full post »

AUGUST 3, 2013 8:42AM

Edward Snowden is not a hero

He strikes me more as a possible savior.

The word "Hero" has been overused to point of effectivelessness. It pertains to cases where no sacrifices are made, when trying to survive on a personal level , to where epic sacrifices are made for the greater good.

I'll go with savior… Read full post »


Yesterday, if I knew what it meant to blow a gasket, I could assure you I blew one. As it stands, I'm not going to even google "gasket." Knowing the exact meaning of gasket is as important as a rat's ass. That is to say unless you are a rat--not very… Read full post »

Yesterday, Don Lemon, again, held court on CNN. I caught the tale end of his lecture to "Black People."  He was clearly impressed with his courage-- in addressing what he thought was an honest appraisal-- of  "issues" pertaining to "Black people." I imagine since he is African American… Read full post »

Lots of chatter here and there about the demise of OS. The servers are working, but new membership is closed.... so whatever was the "community" is stuck together in some cyberplace that resembles Snowden's transit zone digs in the Moscow Airport. Lesser evils are the new rich.

Constant fl… Read full post »

I'm not a Wiener, I'm a Hawt Dawg.anthonywienerlaurenspitzberg3Illustration of Anthony Weiner copyrighted- Lauren Spitzberg

OJ Simpson, a black man, was acquitted by a jury composed almost entirely of African Americans. The victims were white. Much discussion of how money buys verdicts or justice or whatever the hell happened that led a jury of supposed peers to vote not guilty.

Along the way, he memorably made plans… Read full post »

Adrian Schoolcraft

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The truth died with Trayvon Martin--- if the truth that lives in George Zimmerman's conscience is never told. The public trial  is nearing its end...Trayvon's death was a tragedy and the private trials of his love one's will last until they die. Nothing that came out in this trial made Tray… Read full post »