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May 24
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MARCH 22, 2012 12:29PM

Zuma's OS Million Hoodie March- Justice for Trayvon Martin

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    Another bad  pic. Damn webcam but for a cause:



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You kick ass, girl! Wish I were at home and could photograph myself in hoodie. xo
Woo Powerful pose. Thanks for supporting this march. You rock.
This whole story doesn't make any sense and I suspect that a large and important portion of it won't come out for a long time.

Something about this and many other things going on just doesn't make sense but they should still arrest him and throw out that law for starters.
If it weren't for those big beautiful baby blues of yours, you'd have some serious street cred behind this photo, fernsy. Love it. Don't forget your Skittles for protection when you go out. Thanks for joining in.

What a good idea--a virtual march.
Those eyes! Glad they're not looking straight into the camera or I would melt.
Thumbs up on the pic! You are scary...
Yes!! Go woman.
This is a Great idea!!
Good cause, fernsy, be safe. R
I have a super terrible one from this am. Will post it anyway.
I had a really hard time putting it on, but as you say, its for a good cause.
rated with love
I don't even see a photograph.
Yes. Justice. Demand Justice.
The DoJ won't help a sad dog.
Sad, Shame. See Shame. Sad.
Lawyers care (some will). Sad.
Sometimes the image appears.
I will try again. Thanks. Care.
Care is simple courage. Care.
Silence is nor always a Option.
The picture is gone:(
Dont listen to anyone
I came back a second time.
I see just two sentences.
No image. I wonder.
I Be sad as hound.
A basset sad cat.
no image, i sad as a , uh, hound, too.
vanity is thy name, lady!
"terrible" from mother?
she said?
silly malapropistic mom.
she looking out for you.
if you gotta, make it black & white.
that usually helps....../?
bump for good causes, and for slightly better pics where C berg doesn't get frightened. Also to clarity --this was Zumalicious's idea!!!
amazing liquid eyes, serious but not too heavy-look,
bone structure & lips perfect!
no wonder people bothering u/ha
Great picture, mean looking~