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MARCH 13, 2011 3:12PM

a most unwelcome british invasion

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 It seems unseemly that I'd want to discuss the apocolypse on Good news Sunday. Then again, maybe, unseemliness is underrated and this is just an impending disaster rather than an apocolyptic indicator. 


  Possible indicator of the Apocolypse:  The English overtaking our talent judge and host jobs .

It's the most ubiquitous British invasion since the Beatles.

 I love the Beatles. Only the most clueless of contrarians would not love the Beatles and I meet those types all the time- ;>(

This post is not about my bad luck with people or with the Beatles  welcome invasion awhile back. It's about the  usurping of host, cohost and talent show judging jobs on all the TV channels.

Didn't us Americans win a monumentous war against the Brits?


Yet, 2/3rds of the hosts of Americas Got Talent were English.  2 out of 3, my friends.



The lone American( or Yank )was David Hasselhoff.

david hasselhoff1

I wrote a searing post awhile back where I said I wouldn't miss these two larry and oprahBut I had no clue that  Piers Morgan  - a limeypiers2 would slink into the  place of Mr. King,  and scoop " he who  possesses our mental landscapes due to CNN."

charlie 2


This is only a small sample of hosting and talent show gig pillage that I have witnessed in the last few years.The reality dance programs have a  host and ... a talent judge that are english!!!



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outsourcing issues bump into the feed.
I'm going to go look for my torch in the boot then fire up some fish 'n chips (with peas) for dinner.
I thank the moon and the stars and the ants and the worms that I have somehow missed all of these pip pip chin up popinjays on the telly! Maybe they work cheaper.

Good to see you back, Fernsy. Pip pip chin up...AAAAAAACK!!
LOL mhold hahahaha
I do not understand it myself. Do you think there is some underground spy work being done? Some sabotage afoot?
Will we be drinking tea out of cups and saucers soon?
Chin up Ferns as my Grammy used to say..:)
Rated with hugs
Wow, didn't know it was Good News Sunday. Can't say that for Japan. Thanks fernsy.
mhold:It's a war, I tell you.
Matt: pip pip to you too!!!! I love that you thank the worms and the ants. They are all over the telly and I swear it- I can't escape em. I will try harder, my friend.
Linda:I do possibly think that we will all be having the tea from the saucers soon. This was a nonsense post but nevertheless it hints at a spy network that may or may not need to exposed, as they say. Will raise my chin for you, Linda.
Sheba:you are right- bad news for Japan and many others.
Oh! Oh! I'm so glad I don't wear much make-up, that's frightful. You might consider putting the fritter at the end of the horror posts to reduce our trauma. It gets harder to look at the TV every year, if it's on I turn it way down for white noise. Some of the commercials are good though.

I'm leaving my last post up for a while so I have a happy place to run, feel free to look at the maimed crab or my freakishly long toes if you need good news. My other blog may become icky, beware. Apple fritters to you love.
I got nothing....Just wondering myself now that you brought it up.
fernsy, fernsy. . . weren't the brits put in for the element of comic relief in these troubling times? I shouldn't really speak, 'cause i skipped all those tv shows. nice to see you stick your head into the cyber.
"Bloody English, bloody Brits, bloody, bloody Cromwell!"-Scylla's Grandfather
Grand to see ye lass.
Come on, you gotta admit the accent is sexy! :) Seriously, that pic of Hasselhoff.with the pups is kinda disturbing, lol


Hey Fernsy! it that you ?
I can't watch those shows Ferns, no patience but glad to see something has got you out and about.
I am sure that we have socialized healthcare to thank for this....and people are enamored with the accents...having married into a half brit family...perhaps I am jaded.
I am an English accent it's hard for me to be completely against the invasion.... Also, about the Hoff picture: How many years of therapy did those poor, once-innocent puppies need after that?
My maiden name was Downing, but some of these loonies deserve being called out. The Brits you mention are only missing the black lines to qualify as real comicbook characters, but the most offensive is Hasselhoff...Where's the Animal Planet PETAPolice when you need them? Those Sharpei pups are probably still traumatized... LOVE TO YOU!!! xo
Lheure: Don't think I"m not reaching for a fritter. I went to your post and felt so much better. Thanks, sweets.
Lunchlady:I think it might be something to investigate.... someday
Fusun: Sticking the old head in the cyber. These brits aren't funny, dear.
Skylla!!! great to see you lad.
LadyMiko: Piers Morgan and this lot aren't too sexy-accent or not. Isn't that picture a horror?Thanks for dropping by my nonsense.
Rita: It is me and this is an exclusive! Happy Sunday to you hon.
Snarky: I'm yearning for Larry King and that sucks.
Alysa: Poor poor pups. I've downgraded this from a disaster to a social nuisance due to your comment. Poor Poor pups.
PersistentMuse: I think they weren't originally sharpeis. I think they wrinkled up because of Hasselhoff. This is not an indictment against the brits but only of thier hosting gig thefts.Love to you, dear Becky.
Naomideplumemypal: I too find that plummy accent preferable to most but 2 talent judges out of three is a bit much, I say, doggonit!
How did I miss this??
If we beat the Brits Fernsy, why is it that they are now our talent judges instead of the other way around??
My own thoughts on this recently was that the talking heads needed new faces with different accents. CNN now has the talking head with the weird name that has got to be at least a Arab. Heaven help America if he is one of them Al Quida types spreading a different view than the standard Anglo/white standard party line..laughing...
I'm furious. My chest is just as hairy and flat as that limey Piers Morgan, and I can speak without an accent, if you define "without an accent" as "American."
Nice POV and images. Enjoyed this greatly. Yeah we did win a big war against them!
A plummy accent is an aphrodisiac? What else do women want?
Yah and there is a job shortage - sheesh!!
What is this aging thing called rock, Brit or otherwise?