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May 24
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DECEMBER 17, 2010 5:02PM

Larry King and Oprah leaving- my ass - a tiny rant

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So I'm supposed to feel wistful for the departures of Larry King and Oprah Winfrey.

My real feelings... shhhhh:

Larry King is a not very useful male crone/yenta as far as I'm concerned.  He's kind of tactless and soulless  so he asked some tactless questions along the way . Some celebrities said some shit in response. End of story.

Good riddens to  bad  garbage is too harsh, yeah, but no loss to society as far as I'm concerned. Bring back David Susskind somehow. I'll even take  Dick Cavett or the awful Charlie Rose at this damned point.


Like Obama should have turned down the Nobel , Larry should say, " I ain't all that." and slink away with his billions and his suspect wife. 

I saw Larry King walk by a coffee shop, I was sitting at for a memorable reason , and I felt he looked like a  well dressed salamander. Lea Lane has a different take and was an editors pick. Life continues.

 Foolish dreadful governor Shwartzenegger(who employs an evil law firm that I'm suing etc) is announcing, against my will, once more, a " Larry King Day."

So different from Martin Luther King day, no? Will they make me wear suspenders on this very special day? I can foresee it.California is a mess inside a disaster.I will refuse the suspenders under threat, I am telling you. 

Hairs somewhere have  just turned prematurely gray.

Larry King day when there are so many better days. Oy vays.


Oprah Winfrey day on the way:


Then big dumb old Oprah is leaving some time slot with Gayle in tow.  Stedman is also in tow.  OH NO! What will the mediocracy due to fill such a  TIME slot? oprah-john-tesh

Everywhere I turn she is  hailed for her contributions which include, in my estimation, Rachel Ray, James Frey , Dr. Oz and Phil and I guess .... Jenny McCarthy????


And yeah a lot of non readers supposedly  read her picks and so are not total non readers.

Tributes out the ass,  and Paul Simon(a guy who kind of does deserve a day) slip sliding away on the action in some nightmare episode tribute to Oprah show, that I was forced to see . Tell me lord I dreamt it?


Lord, Lord?? Woohoo Lord. Is this on, Lord? OS, can you tell the Lord I need to speak to him.


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Please let the culture of Oprah end... what will we do? what will we read? cook? worry about? Larry King is very boring and please don't leave me with visuals about he and his six wives and their sisters, how did he get one woman let alone so many?
I love you for seeing the emperor for his nakedness, Fernsy - or calling him "a well dressed salamander ". Yes, that describes him better - with suspenders.. ~r
I hope that you will not have to wear suspenders. I will pray that it doesn't come to that.
I was sure I would be run out of OS as the grinchiest of grinches.
Rita: I had a feeling you would know what to do with that time slot.I will however leave you with visuals of his ancient lizardly body arched over his young prey fornicating and grinning and such.
Fusie: Nudies all of em. Stark raving naked. Thanks for not labeling me a premenstrual grinch and disregarding my impotent rant.
Alysa: If so please document it from France. Please save us when it comes to that. ;) Prayer too always feels useful. Thank you.
ewww thanks for that Ferns.....
People liked him specifically because he was a regular guy. You could trust him to say whats on his mind and not have a lot of hidden agendas. He was an old school newsman. And Charlie Rose is even better. The people out there now can't fart without an ulterior motive.
Los Angeles ... HELLO

(see, I could do his job)

So are you reading Dickens as a fial toast to Oprah?
I am not hahaha
But I will miss her..:)
rated with hugs
Bonnie: No one will tell Oprah anything. I will but she won't give me a pick or whatever it is that would save me from this ... thisness.
Rita: My pleasure.
Snoreville: Sure like him some-- all you like. He was kind of old school. But for him to have a goddamned DAY because some austrian actor says so.... It's atrocious.
Leepin: Let's have a movement to make you the next Leaping Larry King.
fernsy~ I don't know what all the fuss is, but then again, I just suspended my Cable TV. I never know what any fuss is about, really, pop-culture wise. I'd love to see you fill either slot! (Suspenders or not).
Linda: I am a scrooge inside a grinch. I know many adore the woman and now mourn the temporary loss of larry but I truly don't get it.
Dreidel: God bless ya. I would love to fill those slots. That was my fantasy growing up - to be a talk show host. Sigh .It just occurred to me that no way Shwartzenegger has the power to make all americans celebrate this day. I'm feeling better. Always a thrill to see you.
I told my favorite (unflattering) Larry King story in Lea's comments. My only other comment is that he often talked about hanging out with Sandy Koufax back in Brooklyn, and Koufax insists he barely knows King, so what does that tell you.

I have a grudging respect for Oprah, but the only time I ever watched the show was a year ago when a friend of ours was one of the guests. I'm a little uncomfortable with someone who puts her own face on the cover of every issue of her own magazine. That's something Donald Trump would do.
I have maybe watched five installments of Oprah total. I do like that Nate Berkus interior decorator fellow I saw on Oprah once.
As for Oprah, yeah she does have a cultlike following, but I was encouraged that she read a book that was not written this century.
The LORD here, to answer yr queries...

1. oprah was an expediency to ...well....glamorize being black and beautiful and unashamed...unfortunately she took the "unashamed" thing too far. Gayle will correct all that, believe me.

2. King was a salamander with a message: tis ok if you are fast and famous to use tv to push your ungodly narcissistic agenda. Tis ok.
Now the door is open to non-unctuous
mediators of intra (or inter-) communication.

Oprah's culture brought one fine thing to the Light:
womens' complaints about our well-organized Patriarchal Hegemony.
We are taking that into consideration...
Throw out your TV. I did.
Cranky: Good story about Kofax. Tells you a lot. confirms my suspicions more like it.
Both seem hollow to me. But then I am a grinchy scrooge of a fogey and only like lesley stahl and morley safer and that nice young fella - anderson cooper. I watch my share of tv and like no one but those three. WTF.
Ms. Jolie: I've never seen the nate berkus fellow but perhaps he is wonderful. But, to stick us with dr phil and rachel ray for all time... I'm in a mooood. harumph!
Snoreville: That's how i see it. It's as if she's the cream of the crap and so we all should be satisfied that she's not the total bottom of the barrel. Yeah,she's not say.... kim kardashian but she's no leading light as far as I'm concerned. Harumph sigh etc.
Mr. Sunshine: loved your comment. I think you absolutely nailed it on both ic(k)ons
Larry King? Blech!
Oprah: I dunno but glad she is moving on. She has too many followers who remind me of zombie movies; they scare me.
I will do quite fine without them as well.
this gnome doesn't do suspenders.
i'm firm on that.
"Things happen in threes"

I just found out that

mark R. trost is leaving Open Salon.
Deborahy: I'm pleasantly surprised not everyone is so nuts about them. Yes, the followers worship of big old O is frightening.
Romanticp: Cool :)
Gnomeythehomey: Will jail be punishment for refusing to do so is the question -- considering the sorry state of California.
Are you sure it was a well dressed salamander and not some sort of newt ? ...and I'm with Cranky about the weirditude of O covers always sporting herself...When My magazine debuts, I promise that I will at least have the decency to wear a different mask every month. (or seasonal of which may be a salamander) rant away fernsy girl! r xo ;}
Fernsy, I'm with you. I will refuse to wear the suspenders also. Perhaps some acts of civil disobedience? Funny post.
"I will however leave you with visuals of his ancient lizardly body arched over his young prey fornicating and grinning and such."

Arghhhh!!! That messed me up, really messed me up. How am I supposed to get rid of the image I now have of a lizard body with Larry King's grinning face arched over some young sprite? Shame on you fernsy, already I have nightmares.
I am glad to see the ass end of the pair of them. Good riddance.
Next to the entry for "logoarrhea" should be a photo of Oprah who didn't ever mention that her real name is Orpah from the Book of Ruth. I can see her on the toilet letting go a Cleveland Steamer.
Oh you have capture the life and times of our Entertainment quite wonderfully.
I just don't do TV Fernsy. But I have at least heard of these two.
Some other talking head will just take their place. And probably be worse....
Why do you bother with these people? Better things to get upset about. They're not substantial enough to met your concern.
Sheba Marx: If only it were that easy. I actually have a situation where I can't avoid the tv on many occassions ;(.

Leepin: I thought it was "bad things happen in threes."
Apersistenamustingdear: Newt sounds too cute for the ancient reptile I saw that day. ha ha on Oprha at least wearing mask-- for the sake of pete. delicious comment, as usual.
Janice comrade wood: Civil disobediance sounds like fun . But, will we resist when Arnie sends his suspender enforcement teams ??
Blue: I do apologize and won't go on an on as I am most able to do ;) ..."dessicated shlong hanging above the frightened eyes of the ingenue" ? I do apologize in advance, dear woman.
ablonde: yep
David Price: Oh my ha ha ha ha... cleveland steamer from the queen.
Algis kemezys: Thank you. I had to vent somewhere that there had to be a fuss over martin luther king day and yet larry king day now a reality with one word by some crooked austrian.
Mission: I don't doubt the replacements will be worse. TV gets in whether I like it or not, as of late. looong story.
Leon: I find the time to get upset about them and more important things.
Fernsy--The Lord told me to tell you that he really doesn't want to speak with you at this moment. It ain't in the divine plan. Sorry, don't shoot the messenger.
I'll confess that I've never seen Larry King's show. So...I win! I have watched Oprah on occasion, and I'll confess I kind of like her. She does seem out of touch these days. Still, I respect her rise and her work ethic, and the fact that she made reading popular again -- even if I haven't always agreed with her choices. More than I'll miss her, I fear the kind of blatantly vacuous talking head that will certainly replace her.
MsLee: Perfect!!!!
Dr. Spudman: No messenger scolded much less shot. I strongly suspected that the Lord was feeling this way ;(
Bells: The post was good for my health because they are being lauded like they were the beatles or something similarly grand. There's worse than Oprah. She's mostly Ok. It's the praise vs value quotient that wears on me. Larry King Day announced??? That can't be ok when MLK day was such a struggle. Harumph ;O(
i stand on my principles. do your worst, CA!
=') }
I will not miss either of them, I have only seen their shows a handful of times when I was visiting with a friend who watches both. I could not see the reason for either's fame.
rated with empathy