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May 24
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JUNE 17, 2010 2:07PM

Trying to make injustice sexy one post at a time

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Eventually, the story will come out in a lyrical way. Eventually, it will end in a stunning and gorgeous denoument.  Eventually, it will be not only be a masterfully wrought cautionary tale but the pulitzer prize winning tract that overshadows   Solzhenitizin's . Scratch that, it will be win the Nobel prize- because it transcends your story. It is our story. It is the story of our time. You're not selfish.

 Till, then, you'll struggle with ways to package the truth so you can be unbanned and unbanished from your supposed potential.You do deserve that, and Mathilde Notaro should be in jail . These are facts- not opinions.  She can't be jailed for being a cruel wasteful monstrous liar. No, that is legal.

But, she is a perjurer and she has suborned perjury on many occassions. There are literally dozens of torts and transgressions of law that occur in case 8CA10541-  and before - all growing out of the  arrogant evil of Judge Gerald Rosenberg in the civil court in Santa Monica. Perjury and its subornation is a felony and you are so fed up with watching the parade of perjurers walk so freely.


The nutshell version gets a little easier to tell with time. Sadly, the nutshell fo this nut is bigger than you'd expect out of a nutshell.

 This is one big fat nut(to crack?) and so it's a big fat nutshell: 

Fat Nutshell part 1 and a quarter:

Alisa Spitzberg does not know or care about Notaro and was sure this would be a mutual state of affairs. Spitzberg goes to a comedy show on April 7th 2008 and when she is ready to leave, is signing her credit car receipt, Notaro is standing right over her at the bar. She is surprised but this doesn't mean much and so she says, " Good show."

Notaro's mug scrambles and she sputters.... " You ... uh... you.... uh... pushed me.... uh... uh.. last time."

Notaro then walks a few feet away and Notaro is now pretending to be in deep conversation with a woman we later learn to be Heidi Feigin, her talent agent at the time. Alisa Spitzberg, knowing full well that she never pushed this Tig Notaor, much less said a rude word to her, walks the few feet to where Notaro is now talking to Heidi Feigin and says softly, " Did you just say I pushed you?"  At this point, Spitzberg thinks she misheard as that could happen and the place was mildly noisy at the end of the show.

 Notaro's rank visage scrambles once again and she very swiftly goes to the guy who collected the 5 dollar cover charge and says,  "Remove her,she's being aggressive with me."

 Spitzberg is observant(or likes to think she is) and something about the expression in Notaro's Charles Manson peepers gives her the creeps- There was pure hatred in those eyes and Spitzberg truly would not or could not understand why but it she is sure that something is wrong and this explains the strange and unfreindly experiences she's been having in the comedy "world" of Los Angeles.  She leaves with out the slightest argument and she thinks of how she will get this resolved in some civil lovely way because she fancies herself some wonderul communicator.

Now, the risk of hopeless tangents occurs: Now I want to discuss Peaceniks vs. Hawks and how nice it is to purport to be peace loving rather than a war monger.  Sure, I'll give peace a chance but you are forgetting.... it's supossed to be a scary fact: Hmmm what do they say are the percentages? 4 percent? That's what this they say. And, meaninful dialogues are said to be impossible with Sociopaths. Jeez, if you don't believe me-- GOOGLE.  There has never been a story called the Reconteur and the Rapist. You're supposing because... even the most verbally agile individual doesn't have much hope against such forces.

It's doubtful a sociopath will spare your life ,over a well turned phrase ,much less take back a false accussation. Still, you'd try. At least, you  now think, your  last words would be .... impresssive.

But, you'd still leave the place a corpse.

Where was I? Yes, Notaro has Spitzberg removed  from Largo On April 7th 2008. Spitzberg can have no good idea why. She only knows that now this Notaro is saying things- strange things- things she not only didn't do but wouldn't do. She just knows it's unacceptable.... She knows that this kind of lie(These kind of lies?) will make something very possible- impossible.  So she tries to make Notaro's mistake... better.  In the course of doing so she never commits an illegal act. Yet, soon after Notaro lies and very suspiciously- right after she sues Notaro for defamation(after she finds out that her gut on April 7th 2008 was right) she is being charged with a crime.  When her mother calls Gregozek and says, "How could you do this blah blah justicecakes." Gregozek replies- " you sued her, didn't you."

So, as the judge said when he dismissed the charges with prejudice against the prosecution on March 23rd 2010- " This was a civil matter than never should have been in a criminal court." That's on the record. They can never take it away now. But, not before 2 years of kafkaesque hell for the Spitzbergs, very possibly about a million dollars of wasted money for the city of Los Angeles. And, as far as the Spitzbergs know,  they still are free, some real sociopaths like Martin Boags, Felise Cohen Kalpakian, Jennifer Waxler, Dr. Khaushul Sharma, Dr. Francisco Velarde, Judge Samantha Jessner. Holy shit- the list is too big and it makes one look uncredible. No, that four percent sociopath figure seems too small.

And, as of today,  they have not paid us for all that concrete loss-  not to mention the intangibles. I still cannot walk into one comedy club and tell one joke with the slightest security that Notaro and her cronies won't do it again.



To be continued.



The E is Back, dear Doug Socks.

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People really don't get turned on by injustice, it seems.
Wow! Tell us more. This is incredible. R
Ok I posted a comment earlier and it ate it. This was a great read Ferns. It flowed. Stay strong hon, you have backers here that adore you. xxxooo
I stand behind my comments on your eaglebeagle post. And fully in support of you ferns. Waiting for more after today's events. ~R
You know what fernsy??
This would make a great mini series.. Start writing.
Rated with hugs
I love serial telling of stories. I look for more.
Fernsy, mercy... this injustice has my inner thighs quivering. Cranky is sure to need several cold showers after reading this one.
I get it, the problem from here is that if Notaro is a sociopath, then Notaro would be adept in hiding it form authorities. I think you've been a victim of someone who was working the system to punish you.
Most do get turned on by the "bad boy" or "bad girl"....keep it coming :)
E! I read through this whole thing but that missing E at the beginning was driving me nuts...put it back! Put back the E!

Anyway, good post Fernsy. Fight the good fight and never quit!
Hopefully karma will work its magic someday soon. Tell us more!
Your voice is coming thru loud and clear and pure Fernsy. You're getting the right pacing here, the story's flowing naturally and with your usual ironic whimsy. That's sexy enuf for me. Keep writing. They will...come. ;-|
I've been following you Frensy, and people do get turned on by injustice. It may take awhile, but you'll get em'!
Some sweet relief, thank you. Please, do listen to this story. It's important.
Ok, people I got to tell you something. And, I do hope it is only happening in Los Angeles. But, I'm not so sure. Listen, I was told by the supervisor of the public defender, Robin Ginsburg, a fresh faced supervisor of the Public defenders who witnessed my travesty that she and other PD's would sign affidavits to confirm the crimes they saw in Division 40 of the Clara Folz Courthouse. So, a reporter (not supposed to reveal who) said , go get them- let them testify to the total crimes they saw on august 12th 2000- When a competency barbarity occured. So, hey I though maybe this Robin Ginsburg would keep her word. But, instead her supervisor named Mr. Hoagie was there and he said, " No way we will not sign any affidavits." And we (may sister and I) said that is not fair we came here because we were promised to it. Hoagie who should be on our side was not and he said, " No affidavits will be signed. I don't care what robin Ginsburg promised." So I go, " that's not fair. Why doesn't Robin Ginsburg come tell us that. And, he is truly evil eyed and he is not a real Public defender. He truly is some phony political pawn like Judge Maria Stratton is.
So, we say to Hoagie, " aren't yo ashamed. How do you sleep at night."

And he goes.... " You have threatened me. I have called the sherrif. I go and talk to all the people waiting and they all give me there names and phone numbers and confirm that we never threatened this Hoagie monster. We are about to just leave and there are 12 friggin deputies all over us, and thank god we some how got free . I think it was because I got the witnesses 's numbers.
Pure harrassment. OSer's , there is no real America in Los angeles. I am here to expose it, I guess. Oy oy oy.
Dave R: Thank you. I want to. I appreciate your interest.
TME; I adore you . You are the best.
Fusun: The minute I get a first born it is yours. Seriously.
Linda: You will have to fight over the first born with Fusun, sorry.
A woman somehere: I going to find you. Thanks. This is my big story that I can't keep inside so any encouragement is very much appreciated.
Amanda: thighs quivering. Cold showers for Cranky? I'm not following but hey I've reached that unconditional love shit with both you and cranky and it doesn't really matter.
Bobbot: good to see you. To be honset, just between me you and the missing Rita Shibr- I really dig the Irish. They are funny and I don't give a damn that I met a few bad ones. I've met tons of crappy jews too and I can't hate them....
Joy on board: No! don't get turned on by tig notaro the sociopath! I don't like that result.
Doug Socks: the minute I finish these comments I will return the E to it's rightful place. I totally can relate to your stress and i apologize.
Hadrian: I don't know if you know it but one day me and you are going to have a gorgeous toast.
Clarkk: So appreciated. So encouraging. You my mumber one OSer for sure.
Hey, Scanner: i thought my pro Isreal stance lost you forever. Great comment and thank you for following it. Happy birthd,fella. I think you are a swell guy, from what I can tell.
I am begging to understand and I think you understand the experience well. I am with you, Fernsy, you know that. R
You will never be able to make sense of injustice. Best not to try. In other countries, you'd hold your tongue, serve your time, die in jaul. In the US, you hope things are different. But maybe not? This is your story to tell, and I'm glad you're telling it.
Bless you, fern girl, for all the time you've spent trying to outline for those of us here your story. I like the idea of a written expose' in book form. Take care, woman. We want to see a peaceful conclusion with the right attitude a judge might give you.
Breathe. It may help you.
Did this thing with Hoagie happen recently? I'm assuming the PDs are paid with tax money, so they're beholden to the governing body - or the local courts.
Toth: And, it is so appreciated. I can't wait to wake up tommorow and really get going. The gloves are off- re: the public defender . I think they are the worse of the lot, in the end. I
Bell: Today, I was in soviet russia or Iran or ... Not america. I wonder why I have to see this and I big shottily think there is some special cosmic reason relating to my history- mother in the holocaust etc. I don't like to ask favors but please try to spread the word some(Facebook or twitter. Anything) This story is not supposed to happen here. I am so not impressed with America,anymore.
Poorwoman: Glad you think it's reading ok. I plan to write it all by the end of this month.
Matt: This happened today. I just got up from a nap cause it was too much. It was truly a "just following orders" nazi thing. Then, for no valid reason about 10 deputies are there and thank god I was smart enough to get witness phone numbers after Hoagies " You've just threatened me." What a nightmare. Then I called my PD asking her why she or Robin would promise to give me affidavits and that would happen. She gave me the " I am just following orders" things. It's too nauseating for words. These people are just immoral crap. This is what taxpapers are paying for??????
Sorry I am late...but I am with you. God speed to you.
Thanks, JD. Injustice tales don't fare well. Hope you are well.

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Reading this puts knots in my stomach. I've known for a long time that the justice system is the pits. I am so so sorry that you are having to deal with it.
Hey Fay. I didn't really know. And, it bugs me. I would love for you to share more.
It seems more, or at least, equally as important as ... Health care. Sure, we need to be healhty to fight injustice... but the idea of America collapses when we learn the truth about what is going on in some of our courts.
Listen, I'm not convinced that Los Angeles isn't some exception and I hope it's not the same anywhere in America. It could be that my story all comes down to hollywood, really. This fig notaro has a hollywood law firm and she did who knows what to ingratiate herself with such clowns as sarah silverman, jimmy kimmel, and zack galifinakis. I have nothing against those three- except, of course, for their poor choice in friends. Tig Notaro must be pleasuring them somehow.
That's my theory.
I really do hope it's just L.A But, through my googlings- I've alread heard about Contra costa county ,and Ohio ,and New York being tainted by judicial corruption.