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November 06
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APRIL 30, 2012 12:07AM

I (Don't) Love Lucifer

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I love Lucifer.

That's The Che-Rub

cherubThe Biblical version of Satan/Lucifer is not really some scarlet-clad sadist with a pointed stick tormenting lost souls in the fiery pits. He was actually the most beautiful of God's cherubs, the perfect being.

This "perfection" meant he had (depending on which part of the Bible you're reading) four/six 8-foot wings, each with extra hands beneath them to "carry things". He had four faces/heads, either man-cherub-eagle-lion or man-ox-lion-eagle. His body was completely covered with eyes and he adorned himself with precious stones.

And he was 18 feet tall. Why 18? Who knows.

He also had "whirring wheels". I have no idea what that means.

BTW, these cherubs, or "angels", could come down to Earth and take human form, but could only appear as males. Just another classy example of the low regard that the men who scribed the Bible held for women.

Not unlike the low regard I hold for anyone who takes that crappola seriously.


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What? You mean he looks nothing like Jack Nicholson in the "Witches of Eastwick"?......Nahhhh....How about Peter Cook in "Bedazzled"? Damn why don't conservative do with the Bible like they want to do with the Constitution and just rewrite it to suit themselves?