Dallas, Texas, USA
November 06
My Googlable name is Mike Stanfill. I'm an illustrator, animator, web designer, cartoonist, cranky old geezer and much, much less. If you like my comic, or are easily influenced by people you don't know, then you can find lots more to overstimulate your neocortex at farleftside.com.

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APRIL 27, 2012 12:51AM

Complex Persecution, Part Two

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Complex Persecution Part 2

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Do you think there is enough space to contain all of the circular thought dwellers?
A true saphatic query that.
Another amazing cartoon. The guy in the cage could be a Socrates or a Jesus or a Thoreau or a Wilde. Did you have any particular personage(s) in mind?
Daniel, it's specifically about anyone who has had to dispel the notion of imaginary friends using reason, but the idea applies to anyone, anywhere who has ever confronted instutionalized ignorance.