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November 06
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APRIL 16, 2012 12:15AM

The Capital Hillbullies (NSFL)

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Bully, Washington Edition.

Steam Heat

blowing her stackThe pleasure of creating a non-syndicated cartoon, like The Far Left Side, is that I can do and say whatever I want without some Features editor in Dubuque bursting a major blood vessel and demanding a re-write.

On the other hand, it's a bit unprofitable basing a gag on a relatively little-known film like Bully rather than a blockbuster title like The Hunger Games. But if South Park can do it, so can I.


And, yes, I know I should be doing some insipid gag about how horrible it is to pay taxes but, you know, see above. Besides, with taxes we buy civilization.

Which unfortunately explains why America is going straight into the shitter since the rich don't pay doodly-squat in taxes these days.�


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Don't hold back Mike, tell us how you really feel!
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